Manicure designs for long nails shape and color

Long nails are great because they are a great canvas for nail artists. The length and space allows you to perform any pictorial masterpiece on the nails. Nevertheless, manicure designs for long nails should be chosen correctly and without busting, for example, a large number of rhinestones.

In addition, long nails should not be too sharp or curved, it is important that the length is adequate. In this article, we will talk about the most fashionable design options for long nails this year.

The form

This year, three forms are in fashion.

pointed long

pointed nails

They look most luxurious in combination with pastel colors, moon design and a jacket. It is not recommended to use dark colors when designing nails of this form.


rectangular long nails

The most natural look, but they are not very suitable for owners of short fingers.


almond nails

The most fashionable form. It is universal, therefore it is combined with both classic design and nude shades, as well as with newfangled options and bright colors.

Trends in manicure design

This year, the usual nude range will be replaced by bright combinations, for example, red with black, pink with blue, blue with white and others.

In general, white is one of the most fashionable colors of this season. If you wish, try making a white and pink ombre jacket.

Lunar manicure

moon manicure

moon manicure

The same shades are relevant as for the jacket, but there are also new trends. For example, a moon manicure with glitter, openwork and imitation lace. The lunar cavity can be black, and the rest of the nail can be pink.

gradient manicure

gradient on nails

gradient on nails

He also does not give up his positions. This season, such combinations and colors as gray with gold, different colors of gold, metallic, as well as pink with lilac are relevant.

negative space

manicure Negative space

manicure Negative space

Another hit of past seasons, which does not let go in the current one. Among the fashionable colors are a combination of yellow with white and black, pink, as well as yellow with lilac.

pixie crystals

pixie crystal manicure

pixie crystal manicure

Long nails are good because both large crystals and small ones look great on them, but small pixie crystals have become the hit of this season. Do not give up their positions and kamifubuki.

Matte design

matte manicure

matte manicure

The most relevant shades this year are graphite, gray, black, pastel, lilac, brown.


geometry on nails manicure

geometry on nails manicure

This season it is simple: triangles and straight lines on the nails. Another interesting trend is 3D geometry on nails. Black and white geometry will also be fashionable.

Bright design

bright manicure design

bright manicure design

Also relevant. The hit colors of this winter are yellow, milky, neon, silver, eternal red, gold (and red, pink, and white), wine.

The most “spring” colors of 2021 will be blue, pink, peach, blue neon, burgundy and all the same yellow.

color blocking

Color blocking manicure

One of the trends of the upcoming spring. This design is similar to negative space. Its essence lies in mixing different colors that allow you to create a bewitching and most stylish manicure.

Emphasis on the ends

bright manicure design

Great idea for long nails. The accent may be different, but here you can use the brightest colors of the season. For example, as in the photo.

Creative chaos

Creative mess bright manicure

It looks like bright strokes on the nail. You can use any number of colors here. Just fantasize!

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