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Manicure trends summer 2021: review of new products, ideas, photos

Lettering, children’s drawings, flowers and 7 more manicure trends for this summer

Manicure trends this hot season promise to be “juicy”. Although lovers of gentle tones may not be upset, because their favorite nude is still relevant.

Top color palette trends

Nails with drawings in gold
Purple nails with cage design

When choosing a manicure for the summer, it is important to decide on its three main components:

  • shape and length;
  • main color;
  • design.

This year there are two extremes regarding the shape and length of nails: natural and very long.

Beautiful summer blue nails
Orange nails for summer with gradient design

Natural nails have a small length and a natural free edge: oval, soft square. And long nails, on the contrary, are as extravagant and eye-catching as possible – a square, a ballerina, claws (although the latter are less popular).

The main color can be bright or soft pastel. A design made on a transparent background is considered especially fashionable.

Summer 2021 nail designs are a little weird. The ideal and complex images of roses, tulips and animals have lost their relevance. Now the trend is slight negligence and naivety, which is expressed through children’s drawings. Clouds, rainbows, cartoon characters and emoticons are what fashionistas ask to depict on their nails most often.

Neon (pink, orange, green)

Juicy summer manicure with gradient design
Neon ombre manicure
Neon nails with a cage pattern
Neon manicure with design

Summer is the period when you can look bright. In the hottest time of the year, you should not refuse a juicy manicure, because this is one of the main trends of the season.

Neon yellow, green, pink and orange can be used as a background for a specific design or be the main elements of a manicure.

  • In the first case, juicy marigolds should be supplemented with drawings in a minimalist style, without overloading the composition.
  • In the second case, they will become an accent detail of the image, so you should take care of their compatibility with the rest of the outfit.

pastel shades

Yellow pastel manicure
Delicate cornflower blue manicure
Multicolored green nails
Lilac nails

Women who prefer a delicate manicure can pay attention to pastel shades. They, like neon, can be part of the design, or an independent shade applied to all nails.

A stylish option this season is a multi-colored pastel manicure. All ten nails can be different or repeated in a certain order. For example, the big, ring and little fingers are one color, the rest are another. The addition of sequins and stones is irrelevant, and a matte top is welcome.

“Edible” tones

Trendy pumpkin nails
pumpkin french manicure
elegant olive nails
Olive manicure

Red manicure is not in trend this summer season, but lovers of “delicious” shades should not despair, as there are a number of gel polish colors that can replace it. Mustard, pumpkin, olive, plum – these are just some of the bright tones of varnish that the masters recommend applying to all nails or combining to create a multi-colored design.


Two white dots on a nude manicure
Delicate elegant manicure
Short manicure in light color
Nude manicure with holes

Hit manicure “summer 20212 – transparent varnish. On the one hand, this idea seems boring, on the other hand, it suits those who, due to work, cannot afford neon nails or children’s drawings on them.

Transparent manicure is stylish, sophisticated and elegant. The length of the nails should be small, the shape should be natural. If desired, you can complement the manicure with a simple design – dots, cage, stripes, waves, etc. The main thing is that the drawing should occupy no more than 1/3 of the nail plate, otherwise the image will be overloaded.

Design trends: what to draw on nails

Having decided on the main color, do not forget about the possibility of making the manicure unique. To do this, we ask the master to apply certain patterns to one, several or all nails.

This year, ideal pictures resembling a work of art have lost their relevance. So, one of the main trends of 2021 is authenticity and uniqueness, it is necessary to build on this.

Choose a simple nail design. It is desirable that it symbolizes something. For example, vegans can add tropical plants to their nails, animal advocates can add animal prints, and moms can add drawings of their own children.


Beautiful matte manicure with flowers
Delicate manicure with flowers
Manicure with flowers in the style of "minimalism"
Shellac manicure with flowers

Floral manicure every summer it gains popularity, however, the requirements for it change. Once upon a time, fashionistas chose watercolor technique, then there were stickers, after – perfect pictures.

Today, everyone values ​​their own time, so they are not ready to sit in the master’s chair for more than 2 hours. And this means that the flowers will have to be drawn very quickly.

One of the simple and quick techniques for applying colors to nails is spotting. They talked about it in detail in this article.

Animal print

Leopard manicure
Olive manicure with leopard design
Black shellac manicure with leopard print design
Red manicure with animal design

Animal design nails look bold and trendy. The main thing to remember is two simple conditions – we do not apply the animal print to all nails, or it should occupy no more than one third.

See photo examples to understand what a fashionable animal print manicure looks like. Get inspired!

Children’s drawings

Rainbow design on one nail
Pointy nails with cloud design
Cloud design nails
Delicate floral manicure with daisies

One of the main hits in nail art this summer is children’s drawings. Remember what your kids draw most often, but rather take one of the arts with you to the master and ask him to draw something similar. It will be extremely cute and will definitely please the baby.


Stickers-inscriptions on nails
Obscene inscriptions on the nails
Manicure with logos
Trendy logo nails

The trend of last summer – inscriptions on nails continues to be in the top of the most popular ideas.

What to write on nails?

In fact, you can write anything on your nails: from the question “how are you?” to the name of any song, listing dishes, or even obscene expressions. The main thing is that the type of activity allows you to come to work with ambiguous inscriptions on your nails.

Color jacket

Unusual jacket
neon jacket
Summer jacket yellow photo
Summer jacket yellow

Remember how in the noughties, when the opportunity arose gel nails extension or on tips, did we choose a colored jacket? So. time to remember it!

In the summer of 2021, real fashionistas will make themselves a colored jacket at least once. It can be of a classical form or unusual: occupy only one part of the free edge, be very thin, wide, sloppy.

Cell, dots, zigzags, curved lines

Beautiful manicure
Red geometric manicure
Gentle manicure with drawings
Checkered Nude Manicure

Another stylish and simple nail design for summer 2021 is geometry on a transparent background. We ask the master to diversify the manicure with a cage, dots, zigzags or curved lines in order to stand out from others. You can use both the main colors of the palette and bright neon shades when creating drawings.


Manicure trends for summer 2021 are controversial. On the one hand, classics and tenderness are in fashion, on the other hand, very long neon nails are considered relevant, to which it is extremely difficult to choose an outfit. But this is the essence of the trends – everyone can find something of their own in the proposed list, supplement or change it, taking into account personal preferences and wishes.

Manicure is not a trifle, but an important detail of the image. Sometimes it is the nails that can save the situation by showing that their owner is with a fashion for “you”.

Manicure with daisies photo
Manicure with daisies photo
Transparent manicure photo
Short transparent manicure photo
French manicure in the shape of a heart photo
Manicure design - inverted heart
Yellow manicure photo
Design on a matte olive manicure
Manicure in yellow in French style
Multi-colored manicure in autumn colors
Autumn manicure with cage design
Stylish geometric manicure photo
Waves and milk manicure
Summer manicure with ombre design
Very neat manicure
Cool youth manicure
Yellow pastel manicure
Summer nude manicure
Lavender manicure
Very gentle idea for a manicure
Manicure with many points
Hello Kitty Manicure
Neat french manicure
Noble manicure
Matte nude manicure with foil
Manicure with abstraction
Manicure for the summer with the design "abstraction"
Nude manicure with holes on the contrary
Manicure with ombre design
Orange manicure with tropical stickers
Blue manicure with mats
Peach manicure with pearl powder

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