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Manicure trends that are not suitable for plus size women

Manicure trends that are not suitable for plus size women

Today it is customary to divide trends into standard and those that suit plus-size women. This applies not only to models of jeans, dresses and skirts, but also to hairstyles with manicure.

There are a number of haircuts and hairdressing tricks that allow you to correct chubby cheeks or a double chin, but today is not about the face. We propose to discuss manicure trends that masters do not recommend choosing for women plus size, so as not to create disharmony in the image.

Trend 1: Short square nails

Marine manicure for short square nails
Gentle short nails with a gradient

Plus size women rarely boast long, thin fingers, but this is not a problem. Everything can be adjusted with the right manicure. In this case, the most relevant options are: almond, oval, soft square. But a manicure with clear angles, which is so popular among young people, is better not to do with plump fingers.

Short square nails are suitable for owners of long and thin fingers. The rest of the fair sex is better to give preference to a rounded shape.

Trend 2: Pearl Rubbing

Peach manicure with pearl powder
White manicure with rubbing

Pearl Rubbing – a coating that the masters apply to the finished shade before the finishing layer. Rubbing slightly changes the base shade, making it shine and shimmer even in cloudy weather. But such a coating has a minus – it visually expands the nail plate. And, when the main goal is to make the hands more elegant, it is better to abandon such a design.

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Trend 3: Checkered design

Checkered manicure
Checkered manicure with minimalistic drawings photo

The cage design has lost its relevance this season, giving way to blots and abstraction. However, many plus size women continue to choose this pattern, believing that the complex design on the nails is the very accent that stylists talk about.

In fact, if necessary, to correct the figure and divert attention from problem areas, it is definitely not worth highlighting the nails. It is better to choose a delicate nude coating, which will add elegance to the image. A large metal necklace, earrings or headdress will help divert attention from lush hips or belly.

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Trend 4: children’s motives on nails

Pointy nails with cloud design
Cloud design nails

Today, many popular bloggers support the trend for children’s motifs in accessories, clothing prints and nail designs. Stylists once again remind that plus-size women should avoid such controversial new items.

You can replace children’s drawings with a fashionable animalistic pattern. For example, in the fall of 2021, the cow print on nails is considered the most popular. Ask the master to apply it on a few nails and instead of a cute look, you will get a stylish, modern and feminine look.

Trend 5: horizontal stripes

Stripes on nude base nails
Metal nails with stripes

Geometric nail art is not suitable for owners of puffy fingers, as it visually expands the nails. You can replace it with vertical, diagonal and curved stripes. By the way, the last option this season is in the top. It is suitable for creating a creative jacket.

Trend 6: cat claws

Sharp long nails with design
Nude long nails

Sharp nails, like the square shape, are controversial trends. On the one hand, they look unusual, on the other hand, they visually deform even an elegant brush.

A good alternative to cat claws is an oval or almond. By the way, with this form it is much more convenient to handle and the tights will be intact.

Summarize: Puffy fingers are not a problem. The main thing is not to chase the latest trends, but to choose what visually gives the image status, restraint, luxury. Do not try on dubious novelties if you want to draw additional attention to the image. It is better to do this through bright accents in makeup, clothes.

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