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Manicure with hearts: ideas, types, examples, photos

All in hearts: choosing a manicure for Valentine’s Day

For many women, a manicure is not just a way to decorate their own hands, but an opportunity to make them themed. someone is drawing Christmas tree on nails for the New Year. Others acquire by March 8 floral manicure. Well, the most romantic and gentle ladies do not forget about such a holiday as St. Valentine’s Day and decorate their nails with hearts.

Beautiful romantic manicure photo

We have collected the most stylish ideas for a manicure with hearts. We tell and show how to draw a heart on the nails in different ways to look cute and gentle on Valentine’s Day. And such a manicure is a great idea for a photo on Instagram, which will collect a large number of likes.

7 ways to draw a heart on your nails

The original drawing on the nails for the holiday of St.  Valentine

The heart on the nails can be drawn in different ways. There are simpler options, for example, stickers. There are special devices that allow you to apply hearts of the same size to all nails. This is a metal stick with a ball for manicure, which is called “dots for nail art”.

Heart on glitter nails

Heart glitter on nails photo

Heart glitter on nails

Beautiful nails with hearts

The easiest and surest option to decorate your nails for Valentine’s Day is to use glitter. Thick gel with a lot of sparkles makes it easy to draw a heart. For this you need only a thin brush. The drawing is applied to the base shade of the gel polish, and fixed on top with a top. Usually use glossy.

The heart depicted with glitter can be small, with a contour, without a contour. By the way, to highlight it and make it more unusual, the contour is drawn with black or white gel polish.

upside down heart

Manicure design - inverted heart

French manicure in the shape of a heart photo

A stylish design option for nails that is associated with Valentine’s Day is an inverted heart. This pattern is suitable for ladies with oval, almond, natural or sharp shaped nails. For design, you can choose any color of shellac, but usually red or white is used.

How to draw a heart on nails

On the prepared nail, covered with the base and the main color, a drawing is laid out with a regular gel polish brush. Then the edges are smoothed with a thin special brush and fixed with a base.


How to draw a heart on nails with gel polish gossamer

Real craftswomen got the hang of doing the design of the heart on the nails with gossamer gel polish. It turns out a stylish pattern with several contours. You can add a stone or a few drops of glitter to the center.


Manicure with hearts photo

Delicate nails with hearts

Cute nails with hearts

The simplest, yet no less fashionable way to put hearts on a nail is to choose stickers. Usually this option is used when the client asks to depict more than one heart, but to decorate the entire nail plate with them.

Stickers are applied to the base (usually transparent or nude) and fixed with a top. You do not need to dry the stickers separately in an ultraviolet lamp.

Micro-drawings in the style of minimalism

Delicate manicure with hearts Delicate manicure with hearts

What hearts to draw on nails

Nails for Valentine's Day

The minimalist style has been popular in nail design for several seasons now. It involves the application of small simple images on the nails. It can be geometric shapes, contour drawings and, of course, hearts.

Hearts on nails in the style of minimalism are applied with a dots or a thin brush. Usually they are located near the cuticle, if they adorn each nail. Closer to the free edge, the drawing is performed in cases where it is presented in a single copy.


Nails with rhinestones in the shape of a heart

A manicure with a lot of sparkles and rhinestones has long lost its relevance, but this does not mean that women have ceased to like it. Many people cannot imagine a design that does not include at least a few cute pebbles.

To update the unfashionable design with rhinestones, the craftsmen have to come up with new designs. One of these is a heart broken into two nails. It turns out stylish, attractive and not at all vulgar. The main thing is to choose a neutral base.

How to draw a heart on nails?

Beautiful nails with hearts

So, if you decide to put hearts on your nails for Valentine’s Day, you should get a special metal stick with a ball at the end. It will help you quickly draw hearts of the same size. Follow instructions:

How to draw a heart on nails step by step photo

  • STEP 1: We prepare the nail; we push back the cuticle, cut out the desired shape, remove the roughness from the nails of the plate;
  • STEP 2: Apply primer and let dry.
  • STEP 3: We cover with a transparent base and dry in a UV lamp;
  • STEP 4: We apply the selected color of gel polish and dry it in a UV lamp;
  • STEP 5: We take the dots and dip it in varnish, with which we will draw a heart. In the selected place on the nail plate, we put two points. We connect them with a sharp tip of a metal stick or an ordinary needle. We dry.
  • STEP 6: The final step is to apply the top coat and dry it in a UV lamp.

A beautiful manicure with hearts is ready! Write in the comments if you managed to repeat the design.

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