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Manicure with sliders: new photo

Manicure with sliders: 50+ cool ideas

Today, the beauty industry is developing at a rapid pace, in the field of nail care and manicure as well. Slider nail design is one of the new developments that not only makes life easier for a manicurist, but also allows you to make a completely new, very unusual design.

Types of sliders

Slider for nails "Orchid"
Slider for nails “Orchid”

Slideshow nail designs are a great option for active women who don’t have time for long visits to a nail technician. Such a decorative decoration of the nail plate can be done quickly enough, while it will look very original. You can even come up with your own pattern if what you want is not available.

Slider – a coating of nail plates that can be easily glued to the entire nail or to part of it. The basis for the decorative pattern is gel polish. Slides are convenient in that they do not need to dry for a long time, they are easy to apply, and the drawings are all clear and uniform.

Types of nail slide stickers:

  • Whole;
  • Dense;
  • With a transparent base;
  • Contour.

The slider looks like a small piece of thick paper, which must be moistened in water and attached to the nail, then secured with a transparent gel polish or top. A special composition for fixing patterns is not needed.

Whole and tight

Tight nail slider
Tight nail slider

One-piece type of slide stickers is glued entirely to the entire nail, under the pattern there is already a solid color base, mostly white, pink or beige. One-piece sliders last much longer than other elements.

With the help of sliders on the entire surface of the nail, you can create a 3D design.

Basically, both dense and solid types of stickers contain images:

  • Colors;
  • nature;
  • Unusual art;
  • Complex patterned elements;
  • Varieties of painting.

The dense version of the slider is somewhat similar to the solid version, but there is an insignificant difference. In this case, the image on the slider is dense, that is, it completely composes a certain design. The dense subspecies is considered universal, as it fits any color base.

With transparent base

Slider with transparent base
Slider with transparent base

There is a kind of slider in which the drawing on the film is located on a transparent basis, and the image itself is in color. The advantage of using slides with a transparent base is that it can be applied both over the entire surface of the nail, and partially.

Sliders with a transparent base are:

  • Floral;
  • Animalistic;
  • Geometric;
  • Patterned.

These transparent base stickers allow you to combine different patterns and elements to create completely new and unusual designs.


Contour nail sliders
Contour nail sliders

This subspecies of sliders is distinguished exclusively by contour drawings, usually golden, white or black. Elements can be painted on their own or applied to a selected base.

Outline sliders are basically combinations of different elements of geometry and abstraction:

  • squares;
  • Diamonds;
  • triangles;
  • stripes;
  • corners;
  • curls;
  • patterns;
  • Inscriptions.

Contour sliders are mainly used when creating a manicure with geometry and asymmetry, or in cases where additional decorative elements are required. The advantage of this type is that it allows you to create smooth patterns without special devices.

How to apply on nails?

Sliders for nails with a transparent base
Sliders for nails with a transparent base

Applying the sticker is not difficult, but technology is required, otherwise the manicure will not last long. There are several types of stickers that can be attached to an uncoated plate or to a plate with a colorless or plain light varnish. With the help of stickers, you can create a very unusual nail art.

Today, sliders with floral ornaments, as well as with animals, single figures, inscriptions, and emoticons are popular. The main thing is that your image is combined with nails.

It is possible to use the printer to print the pattern that you yourself want. It is not necessary to buy special coatings for nails. White French manicure with drawings looks beautiful, you can glue various figures of people or even whole small paintings, make compositions from several patterns.

Creating a manicure with sliders at home is quite simple, if you stock up on the necessary materials and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: preparation. Prepare materials for work and apply a layer of gel polish. Choose the base for the slider depending on the existing pattern. For a contour slider, it is better to choose a contrasting base.

Applying the first layer

Dry the gel polish in the lamp, and then apply a layer of transparent gel polish.

Drying and applying clear varnish

Step 2: preparing and applying the slider. Pre-cut the slider to the desired shape. Dip it in water for 5 seconds, then pull it out and wipe off excess water from its surface, no longer following the sticker.

Gently slide the slider off the backing using tweezers. Then apply to the nail and smooth the wrinkles that appear.


Step 3: correction. Spread the slider with a wooden stick so that there is a space of 1 mm between the cuticle and the varnish. Trim the edges if necessary, being careful not to create new creases. Dry 5-10 seconds in the lamp.

Nail slider correction

Step 4: fixing. Apply the topcoat slightly beyond the edges of the slider. Dry in an ultraviolet lamp.

Drying and finished product

If you want to make a slider design on gel polish, first just apply gel polish as usual. After that, degrease the surface of the nail plate and, having measured the shape of the sticker in advance and cut it to size, stick it on the nail.

This is followed by one of the most important processes – apply a transparent layer of varnish on top and dry it again in a lamp, or simply fix the gel and pattern with ordinary varnish. To properly use the drawing, the picture must be wetted and prepared for application.

Fashionable manicure with a slider

Golden manicure with sliders
Golden manicure with sliders

Slider design is an ideal offer for those women who lead an active lifestyle and at the same time manage the house. Indeed, with the help of this method of nail care, you can make not only a high-quality, but also a beautiful manicure that will really stay on the nails for a long time.

The most fashionable base for manicure with sliders in 2019 is white gel polish or ivory. Pale pink or blue flowers look especially beautiful with this color.

Delicate nail sliders
Delicate nail sliders

No less fashionable base color is blue, especially the sky shade. It is recommended to choose not bright, but calm and gentle tones.

Manicure with a delicate blue tint
Manicure with a delicate blue tint
Gentle manicure with slides
Gentle manicure with slides

Sliders with geometry are especially popular and relevant. Moreover, they can be both contour and solid. You can choose pictures from…

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