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Mask and shampoo with mummy for hair growth: recipes, photos

Mumiyo for hair loss and hair growth

What is mummy and what is its use for hair? Its true origin has not been scientifically proven to date, there are theories about its origin from amber resin. This is an ancient natural product that is actively used in cosmetology and medicine. Previously, it was widely known as an Indian cure for all diseases.

Composition and useful properties of mummy


Shilajit is mined from grottoes of caves and rocks, and mining and processing companies are involved in the development. Outwardly, the mummy is very similar to dark-colored resin and has a similar structure, but the smell has a significant difference. It is a mixture of chocolate, bitumen and resin. Its chemical composition includes:

  • Fatty, organic and inorganic amino acids;
  • Minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, etc.);
  • Vitamins of groups A and B;
  • Essential oils.

Its richest healing composition includes a lot of elements that help with various problems. With its help, they lose weight, remove scars and scars, relieve inflammation, etc.

The main advantage of the mummy is to update the body’s regeneration functions.

Shilajit has a number of different effects on the human body:

  • Anti-inflammatory (relieves various irritations);
  • Wound healing (with its help they hide and / or completely remove wounds, scars, stretch marks);
  • Antibacterial (will help remove dandruff, other fungal diseases);
  • Restorative (affects regenerative functions, restores damaged structures).

Due to these healing effects, the mummy is widely used in trichology, where it was called the “magic / golden remedy.”

An incredible effect has been noted in the treatment and healing of human hair, as an addition to shampoo, masks, etc. Mumiye is suitable for men and women. But do not overestimate its medicinal qualities. We recommend that you conduct a course of treatment and prevention under the supervision of specialists.

As a health remedy for hair, it is used in the following cases:

  • For growth and density (strengthening effect, helps to quickly grow chic hair if they grow poorly);
  • To strengthen the roots and from falling out;
  • To combat fungal diseases (dandruff, etc.);
  • To improve and restore the structure of curls, split and damaged ends and scalp;
  • To restore metabolic processes, improve blood circulation and awaken dormant bulbs;
  • To facilitate the combing process;
  • To reduce fat.

This tool is great for oily hair, owners of dry hair are advised to supplement the composition with fatty (moisturizing) components, since the substance dries the skin.

Application methods

golden mummy

To date, the most common methods of using mummy according to user reviews are three main methods:

  • External application. Masks, shampoo, balm, paste, spray, lotion, tincture – 2-3 grams per procedure, used with the addition of auxiliary ingredients;
  • Internal use. As decoctions, infusions and tinctures, you can take tablets (there are many options in the pharmacy). In this case, you need to follow the instructions;
  • In cosmetics (shampoos, balms, creams). When used at home, add 10-15 g per 250 ml of product to shampoo / balm.

Recommendation for blondes (dyed or natural): when using a natural substance (shampoo or mask), light curls darken a little, so this fact should be taken into account when coloring. However, it helps to hide age-related manifestations in the form of gray hair.

Mummy in tablets and capsules

Mummy in tablets

On the packaging of tablets, it is listed as “golden mummy.” In tablet form, it is used orally or topically, crushed into powder. With a course intake (internal), an improvement in the general condition of the body is noted, which immediately manifests itself in the condition of the hair. A positive result can be seen in a short time.

To speed up the process, two types of use can be applied at the same time: external (for example, shampoo) and internal. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking it so that he can prescribe a course and dosage.

Products in tablets and capsules (plates) are offered by various manufacturers: Evalar, Skimed, Meytan, Pharm Product and Altai Pharm. Basically, you can find the mummy under the name: “Golden product of the mummy.”



With proper use and dosage, Illyrian resin has practically no contraindications. In small quantities, mummy is even prescribed to children or during pregnancy. However, people at risk are:

  • with cancer;
  • Elderly;
  • Under the age of 12;
  • Suffering from alcoholism.

The only contraindication for healthy people to the use of mummy is the presence of an allergic reaction or personal intolerance to the product. Therefore, we recommend that you first contact a doctor (in this case, a trichologist) for a consultation in order to exclude possible negative consequences.

Folk remedies with mummy for hair

Making a mask with mummy

Shilajit has the best effect when added to homemade masks and shampoos, both personal and purchased. When using it, there are many positive aspects, including hair healing, elimination of hair loss and strengthening of the roots.

Homemade mask recipes

The preparation of masks with mummy is indicated both for the treatment of hair problems and as a therapy. Depending on the desired effect, the composition of the mask may be modified. The most effective and effective recipes for hair masks with mummy:

  • From hair loss and for hair growth – mix 30 ml of castor oil, a teaspoon of vinegar (it is better to use wine), raw yolk, 1 g of mummy;
  • For restoration, a mixture of aloe, egg yolk, honey, garlic is used (all components are 1 tbsp each);
  • To feed the roots, a recipe from cranberries (100 g) and water (boiling water 100 ml) is suitable. First you need to infuse cranberries for half an hour, add a gram of golden remedy to the resulting infusion;
  • For split ends, you need to use the recipe: kefir (100 ml), oil (you can use burdock, castor oil, etc. 30 ml) and 1 g of gold remedy.

For a therapeutic effect, aspirin can be added to any ready-made masks. For enhanced lamination effect – dilute the mummy in water and add gelatin, for dry hair – glycerin.

Masks should be applied with even strokes, smear / rub from roots to ends and leave for 1-2 hours, overnight. To enhance the therapeutic effect, a “double blow” is recommended, i.e. one-time use of both masks and tablets inside.

magic shampoo

Homemade mouthwash with mummy

When adding mummy to shampoo on your own, it is recommended to use a natural product at a dosage of 10-15 g per 250 ml of care product (including balm). The most relevant is the recipe for a hair rinse with …

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