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Mask for oily hair at the roots and dry hair at the ends

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

Most of humanity and not only women face the issue of oily hair. There are many special tools in stores, but it will be more effective to make them at home. Let’s take a look at which masks are the best, according to those who have tested them.

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

Kefir mask is very popular. Before bathing the head, you need to apply kefir or yogurt over the entire length. It is better that these products are homemade. Hold for 30 minutes and then rinse off. Kefir will help moisturize the curls themselves and reduce sebaceous secretions.

Mustard will help solve the problem of oily hair. Prepare the mask as follows: in a glass of hot water, put 2 tbsp. l. mustard and liquefy. Mix the solution with another liter of boiling water and wash your hair, rub your skin well. Wash off the residue with warm water. Reviews say that the fat content quickly disappears, but the skin may react poorly to mustard.

Good to get rid of fat at the roots of bread. Dry 150 gr. white and black bread. The recipe is based on bread crumbs. To grind bread, you can use a blender or coffee grinder. After the crumbs, pour a cup of herbal decoction and let cool. Then filter and rub the roots with the resulting broth, warm your head for half an hour. Wash off with warm water. This mask is also good for hair volume. She quickly get rid of oily sheen. It is used not only for oily hair, but also thin. Reviews about her are positive.

Mask for oily hair at the roots and dry hair at the ends at home

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

Usually you can get oily roots and dry ends in the process of regular staining. However, natural hair can also be affected by this problem. In this case, it is important to make a mask at home with an egg and cognac. If the curls are light, then cognac should be replaced with vodka. Mix the yolk, 20 g of cognac and the same proportion of hot water. Shake until smooth so that the yolk is not lumpy. It is necessary to lubricate the entire length with the tool, and more abundantly the tips and rub into the head. Rinse with warm shower after 30 minutes. Apply the prescription twice a week. Alcohol dries the skin very well, and the egg replenishes with vitamins.

Another decoction based on chamomile will help get rid of fat and dry ends. Pour 40 g of dried inflorescences with 150 ml of boiling water, cover with a saucer and send for 3 hours in a dark place for tincture. Now beat the egg until foamy and mix with the broth. You need to apply to the entire head of hair and rub it well into the head. Hold until the mixture is completely dry. Use a shampoo to wash it off, because the hardened egg is difficult to wash off.

Recipe for hair loss and growth

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

A mask for oily hair against hair loss and for growth is made from an egg with honey. Shake 2 yolks with honey in the amount of 2 tbsp. l. Apply to the roots for at least 2 hours, but it is better to do it at night.

The following remedy can be done daily. Take 1 tsp. honey, lemon juice and agave and a medium clove of garlic. Skip the garlic on the garlic maker and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Apply to damp, for a quarter of an hour and insulate. At home, preparing such a mixture is much easier, and reviews about it are only good.

Mask for oily hair at home for hair growth and density

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

Perfectly in this case, the mustard mask has proven itself. But if its use brings terrible discomfort, use an aloe remedy. Form a gruel from several sheets and pour 100 ml of vodka. Send under the bed for 7 days. Then generously rub into the skin, you can up to 3 times a week.

Also at home, it is recommended to use an oil-alcohol mask that is suitable for any type of hair. Combine equal parts castor oil and alcohol. Rub into the head 2 r./week.

Recipe with oil for split ends

Masks for oily hair at home recipes

The recipe for a mask with oil for oily hair is also prepared with yolk. Connect the yolk, 0.5 tsp. camphor oil and 2 tbsp. l. water. Lubricate the roots and do not forget about the tips. Hold 10 minutes.

Since ancient times, folk doctors have treated damaged hair with burdock oil. They say that burdock quickly strengthens curls, heals the skin and prevents dandruff. To do this, the oil must be slightly warmed up, rubbed into the head and lubricated with dry ends. Oils work well under heat treatment, so wrap yourself in polyethylene. If possible, do this procedure at night.

Which shampoo to choose for oily hair at the roots and dry hair at the tips?

If at home it is not possible to make masks, then use medicated shampoos. Any shampoo based on coconut oil, olives and avocado will be a good helper.

Hair cosmetics from grandmother Agafya, a clean line and Herbal Coctail received good reviews. The main thing is to choose a shampoo for the combined type and it is advisable to supplement them with herbal balms. For dry ends, there are good sprays in the Timothy brand.

Trichologists recommend buying care products exclusively from natural herbs and oils. Such cosmetics are represented by Siberian Cosmetics, Green Pharmacy, Genera and Else.

Masks for oily hair reviews

Praiseworthy reviews deserve fermented milk products. They are preferred by those whose head does not tolerate “hot” masks. For greasy roots and dry ends, honey and egg mixtures are mainly used. And of course, oil procedures are in great demand. Women noted that it is best to do them at home, and the desired results appear after a couple of applications. According to reviews, we can say that herbal infusions do well with oily hair.

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