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Mask with burdock oil for hair recipes

Burdock oil for hair loss and hair growth

Saturate the hair with moisture and enrich it with essential nutrients, enhance growth, prevent brittleness and minimize hair loss – this is one of the global problems for many. With all these problems (if they grow poorly, fall out, for density and strengthening), an inexpensive and very effective remedy will help – burdock oil.

It is able to create a lush, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy hair for both men and women / girls in a short time. In this regard, a lot of questions arise: how useful is this miracle remedy, how to use it correctly, how to apply and wash off, how to get rid of the smell, what it affects and whether it can be harmful. Let’s figure it out together.

Hair oil – burdock oil

The culprits hair problems are:

  • environmental impact;
  • stress can also significantly damage;
  • pregnancy and feeding – the change in hormonal levels is to blame;
  • wrong way of life;
  • genetics and other things.

Basic plus of this toolno contraindications. Exception – allergy (individual intolerance). Having such a tool at hand, the beauty of the hair is easy.


The benefits of miracle oil

What benefit miracle means? The main component of this tool is burdock. It contains:

  • tannins;
  • inulin;
  • flavonoids;
  • vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, PP;
  • organic acids and other trace elements.


Components nourish the scalp and strengthen hairincidentally restoring its structureby deep penetration and gluing of small scales formed during the cut along the entire length (mainly split ends), also helps to get rid of from dandruff and others inflammation. Is used for growth, structure restoration, from falling out etc.


It improves circulationnormalizes work sebaceous glands (they are the main culprits of hair loss and as a result of baldness), restores metabolic processes and nourishes the epidermis (scalp) and themselves hair. It is also used to restore eyelashes and eyebrows. According to practitioners, men are also used for better growth of mustaches and beards (face masks).


How to use burdock oil for hair

Usage standard – masks based on burdock oilwhich are easy to make yourself at home. The selected composition (burdock oil in its pure form, or with the addition of auxiliary components) must first be applied to root, gradually moving to the tips for the entire length, along each curl. It is more convenient to do this by dividing them into strands.


The composition can be prepared from various foods and medicines.
Having studied the reviews of trichologists, we can summarize that the most effective way is alternation. Great oil options: jojoba, castor, sea buckthorn, linseed, olive, etc.. Also matches well with nicotinic acid, gelatin, yeast (make sour cream like gruel) aloe, cinnamon, keratin, golden ginger root, etc..


Can be purchased at a pharmacy and mix the composition with dimexidehelps a lot glycerin, evalar etc. In this option, you must follow the instructions for use. Masks can be smeared on clean or dirty hair, dry or wet – the therapeutic effect of this does not change. This is confirmed by feedback from practitioners.


Important!!!! The composition is best used slightly heated (warm mask).

Suitable for these purposes steam bath. Help enhance the effect cellophane shower cap, you can wrap a towel on top. In case of serious problems, consultation with a specialist will help. The doctor will set the course necessary for your situation (various options for growth, recovery, from falling out, etc.) and prescribe the right treatment and tell you how often the procedures should be done.


How long to keep the mask

Depending on the problem, medical masks, regardless of the composition, should be kept from half an hour to 8 hours (it is better to leave overnight). According to user reviews, the average period is two hours. This does not cause problems when used at home, because it allows you to do current business at this time (the mask does not have the ability to spread).


How to flush

To get rid of from the greasy effect should apply double shampoo wash (wash twice, preferably with a balm). User reviews give a recommendation – when rinsing after washing, add some vinegar (if you wash it off with it, there will be no unpleasant smell left). Works great and enhances performance Shampoo Mirrolla, in the line from TM Pure Line there are also similar cosmetic care products.


Masks with burdock oil for hair at home

We recommend recipes for masks for home use, based on reviews from practitioners and experts. Please note that when drawing up the composition, the type of skin should be taken into account:

  • for dryundesirable recipes with pepper (it dries the skin a lot), but if necessary enhance growth, it is recommended to add fatty components, you can even use face cream (1 tsp for medium length);
  • for fatty – add to the composition components that help in the normalization of the sebaceous glands, for example, lemon (juice), honey (universal component), with onion (juice), etc.

Magic recipe for hair loss with egg and honey

The proportions are arbitrary, about the same. Egg should be used raw honey slightly heat (preferably on a steam bath). Honey can be replaced propolis or mummy. According to experts for dry hair recommended to use proteina for fatty – confine yolk. Recipe improves growth, minimizes shedding. The effect is based on improved blood circulation and awakening dormant bulbs.

Mask with red pepper and burdock oil for hair growth

The recipe is great for owners oily hair to improve growth and prevent falloutbut the main thing here is not to overdo it with the quantity pepper. To prepare a mask with this ingredient (you can use ground, capsicum, pepper tincture, etc. variations) at home, add no more than 1/2 teaspoon of medium length. These recommendations confirm the opinions of experts.

Recipe with mustard and egg

Recipe fits for any typebut as in the previous case with mustard you should be careful (no more than 1 tsp). Representatives with dry hair is recommended to use proteina for fatty better fit yolk. It is recommended to start applying from the root.

Recipe for masks with nettle, yolk, kefir and cognac

Great recipe for any type. After reviewing the reviews, we allow ourselves a few recommendations:

  • nettle is best used fresh (green), an alternative is an infusion from a pharmacy composition;
  • for fatty use kefir with a low fat content;
  • cognac enough 1 table. spoons;
  • egg use…

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