Маски для увеличения объема волос

Masks for hair volume at home

Masks for increasing hair volume

Beautiful, voluminous curls are one of the secrets of female attractiveness. Luxurious mop of hair has always attracted the interested glances of men and the envy of rivals. The daily stress to which we subject our hair leads to weakening of curls and loss of volume. Proper hair care will help restore damaged hair in a short time.

Why does hair lose volume?

Beautiful hair

Thick, voluminous hair is always in fashion. Some beautiful hair is bestowed by nature, other people have to resort to tricks to make their hair look visually more voluminous. But, at the present time, even those who are lucky with the type of hair cannot keep healthy curls.

The volume of hair directly depends on the density, that is, on the number and diameter of hair. Every day, the hair is exposed to both internal and external factors that lead to thinning and loss of volume.

The reasonsthrough which hair loses volume:

  • Lack of vitamins and microelements. When the body suffers from beriberi, this primarily affects the condition of the hair, nails and skin;
  • Chemical impact. Regular coloring and lightening of the strands leads to the destruction of the protective layer of hairs. When the aggressive components of the dye penetrate the hair, the natural pigment is washed out, acquiring a new one. After the procedure, the micro scales of the hair are in an open state. Therefore, they become more sensitive to environmental influences and lose the ability to fully absorb the vitamins they receive;
  • Thermal impact. Every day we use electric hair styling appliances. High temperature dries the curls, after which the strands lose volume. Not everyone knows, but high temperatures are harmful not only from appliances, but also from water. It is necessary to clean the head in warm, but not hot water;
  • Wrong way of life. This item includes all bad habits that affect not only healthy hair, but also the state of the whole organism. Smoking, alcohol and an unbalanced diet lead to thinning hair;
  • Stress. Constant worries lead not only to a bad mood and stress, but also to health problems. First of all, traces of stress remain on the hair and skin.
  • Oily scalp. Violations of sebum secretion lead to the fact that the hair gets dirty very quickly and looks thin and unkempt just a few hours after washing. In such cases, you need to consult a trichologist.

The problem with the volume of hairstyles can be solved in different ways. Both salon procedures and folk recipes will help.

Ways to increase hair volume

Weakened hair

To increase the volume of hair, you need to radically change two things:

  • Cosmetics for hair care and styling;
  • Styling and haircut methods.

To clean and care for your hair, you need to choose light products that will not weigh down your hair. Lightweight shampoos help keep volume longer.

When choosing a care product, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • Use products that contain silicone. This component envelops each hair, making it denser. However, such shampoos have one drawback – silicone attracts dust, so you will have to wash your hair more often.
  • It is better to choose shampoos that include protein and keratin, as these are natural substances that strengthen hair. Such products are sold more expensive than conventional ones, they are often used in beauty salons.
  • You should not use shampoos containing oils, as they weigh down the hair roots and make them visually more oily;
  • Instead of nourishing hair balms, you should use conditioners. It is necessary to apply the product not at the root, but along the length and tips.
  • When styling hair, it is recommended to use creams and sprays for volume at the roots. They retain volume for a longer time.

It is recommended to regularly carry out salt peelings for the scalp. This will remove dead skin cells, the remnants of hair cosmetics, and also allow the skin to breathe, thereby accelerating the growth of hair and giving volume.

voluminous hair

You can add volume to your hair during styling hair. There are several simple methods for this:

  • Bouffant. If you use this method on important occasions, it will not cause any harm to your hair. The main thing is to bouffant only at the root and not overdo it with hairspray;
  • Curler. Slightly damp hair should be wound on curlers. It is important to try to wind the hair closer to the root and then the volume will be preserved;
  • Waves at the root. In order to make it seem that there is more hair on the head, you can wind the lower strands of hair at the root (using a curling iron or ironing), and leave the upper strands straight. As a result, the lower curls will not be visible, and the hairstyle will become more voluminous;
  • Perm. This is a radical method that will really add volume to the hair, but will also bring a lot of harm to the strands. A more loyal procedure is “carving”. In this case, the result is stored for 2 months, and the curls do not suffer from chemical exposure.

Also, the right haircut will help to add volume. To do this, you need to contact a specialist who will select the ideal option for your type of face and hair.

Return hair health and well-groomed appearance will help folk recipes for masks for hair. The combination of natural ingredients will help restore volume to the hair. Mask recipes can be prepared at home, and a positive result will be visible after 3-4 procedures.

Recipes for masks for hair volume

Hair mask features

In order to prepare a homemade hair mask, you do not need to spend money on expensive ingredients. For the tool, you will need products that are easy to find at home or on store shelves at the lowest price.

In order for the effect of the masks to frown after a minimum amount of time, you need to be guided by several recommendations for use:

  • Apply the mixture only to damp, but not wet hair;
  • It is recommended to wash off the mask only in warm water, as hot water spoils the hair structure;
  • In order to create a greenhouse effect during the procedure, you need to wrap your hair in polyethylene and a bath towel;
  • Observe the procedure time. Some recipes may contain products that cause skin irritation during a long procedure;
  • Before using any composition, it is worth testing for an allergic reaction. To do this, a small amount of the mask should be applied to the wrist or elbow and left for 15-20 minutes. If no discomfort appears, then the mixture can be safely applied to the head.

It is important to choose products suitable for your own hair type. Owners of fatty roots are more suitable masks with products that dry hair, such as mustard, cognac or pepper. Dry or…

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