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Masks for oily skin: TOP 10 homemade recipes

Masks for oily skin: 10+ best recipes

In adolescence and young age, oily skin causes a lot of problems. This type of skin is characterized by enlarged pores, black sebaceous plugs, oily face and many other cosmetic troubles. Interestingly, at a more mature age, it retains freshness and youth much longer. Signs of aging and wrinkles appear much later than those of other skin types.

If you choose the right methods of care, then there will be no problems with it. An excellent solution will be creams, tonics and masks against oily skin. Another thing is if the skin has a high fat content. This is pathology. The sebaceous glands intensively produce sebum (sebum), which reduces protective functions and leads to the development of bacterial rashes (seborrhea, acne, etc.). In this case, in addition to cosmetic care, treatment will be needed.

Causes of oily skin

Oily skin type

Oily skin is also called problem skin. Indeed, this type is characterized by increased production of sebum, as a result of which various rashes appear, pores become clogged and sebaceous plugs or “black dots” appear. The following factors may be the cause of this type of skin:

  • Genetic tendency to oily skin. Oily skin will differ from person to person due to the fact that the tendency can be partially transmitted;
  • Hormonal changes. Especially the problem of oily skin and associated rashes is observed during puberty. Sex hormones affect the regulation of the sebaceous glands and they actively produce sebum. The active phases of the production of sex hormones for women of mature age are the menstrual and perinatal periods. With age, the production of hormones is gradually inhibited, and with it the activation of the sebaceous glands decreases;
  • Incorrect nutrition. In the process of research, scientists have proven the relationship between the use of certain products and the activation of the sebaceous glands. Such products include all dairy products and those containing fast carbohydrates. A series of reactions in the body leads to an increase in the level of androgen, which is responsible for the activation of the sebaceous glands;
  • climatic factors. With oily skin, the pores are enlarged, dust and dirt get in much faster and easier, carrying with them a lot of microbes, which causes inflammation. Polluted air is unacceptable for owners of this type of skin. Also, the pores will become even more clogged in a humid climate, which occurs due to an excess of moisture. The sun also negatively affects the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • Violations and pathologies of liver functions. In this case, the liver is not able to fully remove metals and radionuclides from the body, which affects the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • Diseases associated with disorders of the endocrine system. Thyroid dysfunction provokes serious changes in the body, incl. and in the work of the glands;
  • Dermatological diseases of any etiology;
  • Incorrectly selected, old or low-quality cosmetics;
  • Stress can also trigger increased sebum production.

Masks for oily skin

Homemade mask recipesOily skin needs intensive daily care. Face masks against oily skin are auxiliary care products that can be easily prepared and used at home. They do not require expensive ingredients and a lot of time.

Home care involves solving various problems of moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing, in conjunction with basic facial skin care. Subject to all the basic rules, masks can solve the following problems:

  • Reduce the activity of sebum production;
  • Eliminate sebaceous plugs and reduce pores;
  • Align the tone of the face and eliminate oily sheen;
  • Get rid of inflammation and rashes;
  • Improve skin quality.

For home care for oily skin, the following moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing, healing, night are used. Moreover, you can prepare useful compositions for application to the face from simple products that most housewives have in the kitchen. Consider the best masks for oily skin.

Moisturizing mask for oily skin with banana


Oily skin, oddly enough, is prone to dehydration. Therefore, one of the important stages, which in no case should be missed, is the moisturizing process. Women often make mistakes in care, not considering this important factor. Trying to get rid of oily sheen on the skin, they use harsh cleansing and overdry the dermis.

Due to such actions, the hydrolipid layer of the dermis is disturbed and the natural protective barrier against pathogenic microflora is eliminated, and the cells of the dermis cease to retain moisture. Pores due to dehydration begin to actively produce sebum, which leads to the appearance of redness, pustules and acne. It is important to use moisturizing gels, creams and other products, including masks.

Ingredients: 1 banana, 2 tbsp. honey, 1 tsp lemon or orange juice.


  • Melt honey in a water jar;
  • Grind the banana into a puree;
  • Mix ingredients, add lemon juice;
  • Apply to face for 20 minutes;
  • Wash off with warm water. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Mask for problem skin with aloe


A moisturizing mask with aloe is prepared on the basis of the leaves of the plant. Place 2-3 large leaves of the plant in the refrigerator overnight. Extract the juice from the leaves and mix with 1 tbsp. honey. Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil extract. Apply the composition for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Beer mask for oily skin


A popular beer moisturizing mask helps to eliminate oily sheen from the skin. To prepare it, you need to mix 2 tbsp. with 1 tsp grapefruit juice and 1 tbsp. liquid honey. Add 3-4 drops of lavender to the mixture. Apply for 10-15 minutes.

Sea buckthorn mask for problematic skin types

Sea ​​buckthorn

For sea buckthorn moisturizing and healing mask you will need 1⁄2 cups of sea buckthorn berries to puree. Then…

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