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Masks for thin hair: recipes

Homemade masks for fine hair

Thin hair – this is a common problem of the owners of the weaker sex. Weakened hair spoils the appearance and does not allow you to create a voluminous hairstyle. You can mask the problem with a suitable haircut or styling. But it is better to fix the problem using homemade recipes and beauty treatments.

Before you begin to treat the problem, you need to analyze the causes of thinning strands, and after that choose a treatment.

Causes of Weak Hair

Weakened hair

The reasons for the weakening of the hair can be different. First of all, hair can be thin by nature, due to a genetic predisposition. But, most often, hair loses volume and strength due to a number of external factors:

  • Thermal impact. All electrical styling devices (hair dryer, iron, curling iron, etc.) adversely affect the structure of the hair, making it more brittle, sensitive and dry.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays. During the summer period, we subject our hair to a great test of the sun (on the beach). Ultraviolet light dries hair very much, so you need to wear hats. It is contraindicated to be in a solarium without a special cap.
  • temperature and water quality. The increased temperature not only from electrical appliances, but also from water affects the hair. You need to clean your head in warm water or at room temperature. Also, tap water can cause a deterioration in the condition of the hair, as it can contain a large amount of harmful impurities.
  • Wrong care. You need to pay attention to the hair products that you choose. It is necessary to select shampoo, balm, etc. according to your own hair type.
  • Chemical impact. Frequent coloring, curling, lamination undoubtedly adversely affect the hair. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia destroy the protective shell of the hairs, after which the strands become more sensitive to the environment.

External factors are not the only reasons for the deterioration of the hair. In addition to them, there a number of internal problems due to which hair suffers:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you notice drastic changes in appearance, it is better to have an examination by a doctor.
  • Bad nutrition. An unbalanced diet and a lack of vitamins often leads to emaciation and hair loss. To make up for the lack of vitamins, you need to eat more fruits, vegetables, and also reduce the intake of fatty, spicy and salty foods. It is necessary to monitor the water balance in the body, it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.
  • Bad habits. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs have a destructive effect on the whole organism and, in particular, on the hair.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth. During the gestation period, the mother gives a lot of vitamins and strength to the child, which affects the deterioration of hair and nails.
  • Stress. Daily experiences and failures are reflected in appearance.

Comprehensive measures can help restore healthy hair. You need to start by changing your lifestyle and getting rid of bad habits. Also, you can make curls thicker and healthier with the help of cosmetic procedures or folk recipes.

What can be done at home?

Girl with a nourishing mask on her hair

Expensive salon procedures will help restore thin hair. But you can save a lot of money if you provide proper hair care at home.

First of all, you need to take care of the right choice of cosmetics. Choose a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. It is worth giving preference to the products that come with the kit. Also, it is better to choose well-known, proven brands. Store-bought shampoo can be alternated with homemade shampoo made from natural products, such as egg yolk or baking soda with lemon juice.

We must not forget that head needs to be washed twice. First, the accumulated fat is washed off, the dirt is removed a second time. Also, the head should not be washed in hot water, but only in warm.

If you frequently use a blow dryer or other electric styling tools, use leave-in sprays (gels, mousses, etc.) designed to protect hair from harmful thermal effects.

Taking care of your own stomach will ensure healthy, strong hair. Prioritize during recovery following products:

  • Boiled red and white meat;
  • Eggs (chicken or quail);
  • Dairy products: milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream;
  • Vegetables, fruits, berries;
  • Nuts.

It is also worth excluding semi-finished products, carbonated drinks, smoked sausage, fast food from the diet.

In pursuit of beautiful hair, you can use folk recipes. There is a large number masks for fine hair from natural products that do not cease to receive positive reviews.

Recipes for masks for thin hair

Masks for dry and thin hair

Homemade masks for thin hair are affordable for every pocket and are also easy to make. In order for the mask to bring maximum benefit, you need to be guided simple rules:

  • Purchased products must be of high quality and have a good shelf life.
  • You need to be careful with masks that contain aggressive ingredients, such as mustard, pepper or lemon juice. It is worth paying attention to the proportion of the product in the composition, if necessary, the dose can be reduced.
  • Masks are applied to damp, but not wet hair. To do this, just spray your hair with a spray bottle. Rinse off the mask in water without using shampoo.
  • Observe the procedure time indicated in the recipe. It is not recommended to keep the mask longer than prescribed, as there is a possibility that some components may cause irritation or the composition will be problematic to wash off.
  • In order not to get used to the components, it is better to alternate the masks. The optimal length of the course is 1-1.5 months, after which it is worth taking a break.
  • During the procedure, a slightly elevated temperature on the surface of the head should be maintained. To do this, wrap your head in polyethylene and a bath towel.

Before using the mask for thin hair, it is recommended to test for an allergic reaction. To do this, a small amount of the mixture must be applied to the wrist or elbow bend. If after a while redness, itching or burning does not appear, then the mask can be safely used.

Recipes that contain only natural ingredients will help improve the condition of the strands. The most effective are masks based on eggs, onions, cognac, mustard, oil, etc.

With gelatin and egg

Hair mask with gelatin

Gelatin is a natural product that is obtained from the connective tissue and bones of animals. Gelatin contains:

  • Minerals – potassium, calcium, iron, sodium;
  • Protein;
  • Proline;
  • Alimentary fiber.

The lack of minerals leads to the deterioration of the hair, bones and skin. Gelatin replenishes…

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