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Matte lipstick Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink: review, shades, nuances

Features of Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink – Super Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick

girl with purple lips

When we say “super-lasting,” we mean 16 hours of flawless color that will last through coffee breaks, kisses, and events up until the Oscars. Long lasting matte finish stays on lips all day long!

What else do you need to know about this lipstick?

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Two coats of lipstick – if you want to achieve a rich color. The effect of a tint – if immediately after staining, thoroughly blot your lips with a napkin.


Another benefit of being super resistant is no marks on the cups. Lipstick does not fade and is not eaten, and the contour remains clear throughout the day.


There are 34 shades in the palette at once! From classic and nude to fatal colors: blackberry, dramatic burgundy and deep blue.


Beauty no longer requires sacrifice: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick gives a velvety, sensual finish without dryness.


Everything secret will remain secret. Lipstick fills cracks, hides roughness and does not spread into wrinkles around the lips even without a pencil.


The lipstick applicator has a teardrop shape with a notch in the center. The sharp tip allows you to perfectly draw the contour of the lips, and the lipstick accumulated in the recess is evenly distributed over the entire surface. This form, combined with a liquid texture, allows you to use lipstick very sparingly.


The lipstick has a pronounced caramel smell, which disappears shortly after application to the lips. All that’s left is the perfect color!


Due to the democratic cost, you can afford to order even more shades.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick palette

Shade palette

A palette of 34 shades creates an almost infinite number of make-up options. In addition to universal tones that have become instant bestsellers, the line also has unusual shades that can emphasize your unique style.

Ready to explore swatches? Based on the reviews, we chose the TOP 5 shades:

Lipstick shade 15, Lover

Lipstick shade 15, Lover

The “dusty rose” of your dreams. Nude pink with a cold undertone suits almost all girls, regardless of the season. Elegant, calm and delicate shade will get along well with trendy pastel shadows.

Lipstick shade 65, Seductress

Lipstick shade 65, Seductress

The same nude! Warm, caramel-coffee, discreet and at the same time alluring. In daytime make-up – the perfect everyday shade, in the evening – a neutral tone that will allow you to make a bright accent on the eyes.

Lipstick shade 50, Voyager

Lipstick shade 50, Voyager

A deep burgundy shade allows you to adjust the shape of the lips and may well become a self-sufficient accent in makeup.

Lipstick shade 20, Pioner

Lipstick shade 20, Pioner

Classic red lipstick like a little black dress – should be in the wardrobe (more precisely, cosmetic bag) of every girl. Thanks to the velvety and moderately liquid texture, the lipstick does not “strip” and falls on the lips in an even layer.

Lipstick shade 180, Revolutionary

Lipstick shade 180, Revolutionary

Despite its “revolutionary” name, the lipstick has a soft berry-pink shade, perfect for every day makeup.

How to choose your Super Stay Matte Ink shade

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First, about the main thing: in summer, red, burgundy, berry and pink neon are among the top shades. Does this mean that you have to part with your favorite nude? Of course not!

Shades of Super Stay

  • Like any other cosmetics, liquid matte lipstick is best tested in daylight.
  • Consider the shape of the lips: too dark shades are not suitable for thin ones, and flashy neon shades, especially with a satin finish, are not suitable for full lips.
  • Focus on your color type: if it is cold, you need lipsticks with a bluish undertone, if warm – with red-orange.
  • Eye color also matters. Blues and grays will become even brighter next to pink lipstick, and any shades of bronze and brown will emphasize greens.
  • Everything has its time and place: for the office and study – nude, for parties – any bold shades. And red is always appropriate!
  • Still in doubt? Before you buy Super Stay Matte Ink longwear lipstick, try it on here: .

How to use Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick correctly: makeup artist tips and tricks

Top tip: do not rush to wash off lipstick if the outline is sloppy. Better fix it up with Fit Me Concealer! And our beauty guides will help you correctly apply your favorite shade and perform a make-up removal ritual.

How to apply

Lip Balm Baby Lips

Step 1. Beautiful lip makeup starts with moisturizing. Apply Baby Lips and pat it dry with a tissue.

Girl paints her lips

Step 2. Apply lipstick on the “Cupid’s arc”. Draw a contour and only after that paint over the main surface of the lips. One layer is enough.

Girl paints her lips

Step 3. Blot your lips lightly with a tissue to remove excess lipstick.

Young woman

Step 4. Keep your lips open for 20 seconds to allow the lipstick to dry.

How to shoot

To remove persistent lipstick, you will need a hydrophilic oil or a two-phase product with oils in the composition.

Step 1. Apply makeup remover to a cotton pad and leave on lips for 1-2 minutes.

Step 2. Gently, without rubbing, remove the lipstick.

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