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Maybelline New York lipstick: a palette of colors, popular shades and tones of lipsticks

Top score: the main benefits of Maybelline New York lipstick

Since its launch in the mid-1970s, Maybelline New York lipsticks have advertised the best of the best. Among them are the star of the Wonder Woman series Linda Carter, actresses Kristin Davis and Kim Basinger, supermodels Kristin Turlington, Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid. But you don’t have to be a superstar to try the brand’s lipstick, such luxury is available to everyone – and this is the number one advantage. There are others:

  1. Rich palette
  2. The palette of colors includes lip products in hundreds of shades. So Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Mulan have an equal chance of finding the lipstick of their dreams.

    Maybelline lipsticks

  3. Fortitude
  4. All lipsticks have phenomenal durability. They are not afraid of either the vagaries of the weather, or long feasts, or passionate kisses.

  5. Texture
  6. No matter what lipstick you choose – matte, glossy or satin – it will show itself in the best way. The products do not tighten the skin of the lips, do not spread and behave exemplarily when applied.

    Benefits of Maybelline lipstick

  7. Compound

In the list of ingredients, you will definitely find moisturizing and caring ingredients: for example, nourishing oils, collagen.

Now that we’ve discussed the similarities, it’s time to talk about the differences. Based on the reviews, we have compiled a list of the brand’s most popular lipsticks and talked in detail about the merits of each.

Bright accent: matte lipstick Superstay Matte Ink

A few seasons ago, the pendulum of beauty trends swung towards glossy textures, but this does not mean at all that matte should be postponed until better times. At least not Superstay Matte Ink. This super-fluid long-lasting lipstick has a thin sponge applicator that picks up the right amount of product and easily distributes the composition on the lips. The pigments are very rich, so one layer is enough (even if we are talking about the hot pink shade 30 Romantic). There are no “gaps” on the skin, the product lasts up to 16 hours, does not dry out the lips: checkmate!

Maybelline lipstick matte palette

Popular shades of Superstay Matte Ink

Superstay Matte Ink lipstick is like a person who is thrown from one extreme to another. The collection includes soothing beige colors, as well as quite eccentric ones, such as deep blue (105 Explorer) or lilac (110 Originator). But if beauty experiments are not in your plans, pay attention to these classic colors.

  • 5 “Loyalist”: a safe nude that will suit everyone
  • 170 “Initiator”: soft pink – as cozy as your favorite cashmere sweater
  • 25 “Heroine”: peppy coral is a great solution for summer (this tone perfectly emphasizes the tan)

Advice: Within one or two minutes after applying lipstick, try not to move your lips. The tool should be properly “fixed”, then the durability will be maximum. When applying lipstick, did you accidentally go beyond the contours? Moisten a cotton swab with Expert Eyes 2-in-1 Bi-Phase Makeup Remover and gently correct any imperfections.

Maybelline New York lipstick

The Easy Way: Superstay Ink Crayon Matte Stick

One of the brand’s latest releases. Ideal for those who are always in a hurry: a thin stick allows you to apply lipstick literally on the run, in one stroke. And you can do without a pencil, a thin pointed applicator outlines the lips strictly along the contour. Delicate matte texture is distributed quickly and evenly, does not spread and stays on the lips for up to eight hours, and special pigments are responsible for rich color. It’s funny that even after months of use, many do not realize that the miniature Superstay Ink Crayon sharpener is “built” right into the shaft! It is located in the “tail” of the pencil and gives the rod its original shape in a matter of seconds.

Superstay Ink Crayon Matte Stick

Superstay Ink Crayon Color Palette

Superstay Ink Crayon is a matte palette of 15 highly pigmented shades, mostly nude. An interesting feature is that all colors look very noble on the lips – even those that seem too bright in the stick. Therefore, feel free to try the most non-obvious options. We like these ones.

  • 50 “Own your empire”: perfect red with cool undertones visually whitens teeth
  • 20 “Enjoy the view”: Sweet toffee shade brings back fond memories and is great for everyday makeup
  • 25 “Stay exceptional”: soft pink “girlish” tone for romantic dates

Advice: Thanks to the supple and soft texture, the lipstick blends perfectly, you can easily mix different shades of Superstay Ink Crayon within one look. Try to create a trendy lip makeup with an ombre effect. With a darker lipstick (for example, 65 “Settle for more”), outline the lips along the contour and fill in the corners, and apply a few shades lighter (for example, 20 “Enjoy the view”) to the center of the lips. And do not forget to shade the borders properly so that the transition from one shade to another is smooth. By the way, within the framework of one image, you can use not only similar, but also contrasting colors: it’s even more interesting that way!

Superstay Ink Crayon Color Palette

Proper Care: Hydra Extreme Lipstick

It is not in vain that the word hydra (from English hydrating, moisturizing) is included in the name of this lipstick, as part of a whole scattering of care products. Natural collagen, nourishing shea and jojoba oils – this is not a complete list. Lipstick is perfect for beginners, the texture of Hydra Extreme is not capricious at all. The tool is easy to apply (or rather, literally glides over the skin), the possibility of error is minimized. It is important that the formula is enriched with UV filters that protect the skin of the lips from the harmful effects of sunlight. So Hydra Extreme will come in handy during the summer holidays, and it won’t be superfluous in the “urban” cosmetic bag.

Hydra Extreme Lipstick

Popular Hydra Extreme Colors

Don’t know what to give your sister or best friend? Hydra Extreme lipstick in one of 16 shades is a good option. Take a look at these.

  • 815 Black Cherry: a languid wine shade for special evenings
  • 165 “Shimmering Rose”: a cheerful color that will suit a summer dress
  • 721 “Beige-pink”: classic nude will not annoy even the most strict teacher

Advice: The face of Maybelline New York, supermodel Gigi Hadid, advises you to apply lipstick first – and only after that outline your lips with a Color Sensational pencil to match. The scheme is unusual, but the model assures that it is much more convenient. Seems worth a try?

Strong Base: Color Sensational Creamy Lipstick

Perennial Maybelline New York bestseller and all-time all-in-one. Color Sensational is the classic lip balm we imagine it to be. This should be in any basic cosmetic bag: compact, creamy, with a glossy finish. In the composition, it is worth highlighting sesame oil and beeswax, which nourish and smooth the skin of the lips, and in general give them a more well-groomed appearance.

Cream lipstick Color Sensational

Color Sensational color palette

The highlight of Color Sensational is the most extensive palette of colors from all the Maybelline New York lines. Choose from more than 30 shades, from chocolate and dusty pink to rich wine and coral. The collection is regularly updated with new shades, so it makes sense to go to the official website of the brand more often. In the meantime, take a look at three of the most popular Color Sensational shades.

  • 987 “Tea rose”: calm peach from the category “to the feast and to the world”
  • 527 “Girl…

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