Means for eyelash growth and strengthening at home

Eyelash growth remedy at home

Not all female representatives can boast of long and thick eyelashes. And all this is the result of poor nutrition, poor lifestyle, poor ecology and many other reasons. Most often, they begin to fall out from a lack of vitamins in the body, so we will provide you with the most effective and effective ways to quickly grow eyelashes (and eyebrows) at home.

Such a tool can be bought at a pharmacy, quickly ordered online, or made by yourself. The best option on how to increase and ensure their rapid growth is to use folk remedies. So they will become long and beautiful as after extension. But you need to understand. That such a result cannot be achieved in a week – you need to be patient!

Eyelash growth agent: how to quickly grow at home?

In order to quickly achieve the goal – you need to eat well, sleep the required number of hours and take vitamins – then it will be even easier to grow eyelashes. Usually they grow at a rate of 0.13 – 0.15 millimeters per day. If carried out special treatments every daythen their condition will improve markedly, and they will grow faster. They need to be constantly nourished and moisturized, use only proven high-quality cosmetics, and do not forget to remove makeup at night!


Means for growth and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows

The best way to lengthen eyelashes and strengthen eyebrows is use natural oilsbecause without them rapid growth is simply impossible. It is believed that the best oil for this – castorbut many girls also prefer almond, peach and sea buckthorn. But it is better not to use all at once, but to find the right one for yourself. The most important thing is to take good care of your eyes: do not rub them hard, use good mascara, give your eyes a rest.

Careprost for eyelash growth

This is new Indian remedy made Internet users disagree: someone writes that eyelashes are noticeably grow back, if you smear them once a day for several weeks. They say that the remedy very effectivebetter than any other mask or balm. In addition, it also helps the growth of eyebrows.. This composition has replaced many of the burdock oil that they have used for years – they note that the composition of Careprost is more gentle, provides the most immediate acceleration of growth.


Others write that these drops cause allergies, redness. If you read the instructions, it will immediately become clear that this is – solution to relieve eye strain, intraocular pressure. Although the packaging says that this is a natural drug, many girls started dropping out.

The most important – rely on the opinions of their doctorspass the necessary tests so that they can determine whether this remedy is suitable for you or not.


How to quickly grow eyelashes after extension?

After extensions they will grow back just as fast as without it. The main thing is systematic. If you use oil, then do it both in the morning and in the evening: apply it with a cotton swab or used (thoroughly washed!) mascara brush. Not the last thing is to take vitamins for eyelash growth.

Folk remedies for eyelash growth

Very easy at home increase eyelash growth, you just need to follow the basic rules described above. To make the look more alluring and expressive, you can use special tools: serums, activators, oils and masks.


An indispensable assistant in this matter is the usual petrolatum. It is applied in a thin layer with a special brush, or a brush for brushing your teeth (but not the one you are currently using! Get a new one for this procedure !!!!) it can be mixed with essential oils or herbal decoctions.


In addition to vaseline, use vitamins A and E in capsules: just add them to any oil before applying.


Important!!!! If you often have bags under your eyes, then do not use such procedures for the whole night! Be sure to wipe off the oil before. How do you sleep! It will take effect in a few hours.

Castor oil for long eyelashes

The most effective oil for growth is castor oil.. They need to be used in the morning and evening using cotton swab. Need squeeze it gentlyso that only the right amount of oil gets on the eyelashes. It is considered the most popular. As it costs quite inexpensivecompared with new cosmetic products designed for these purposes.
But don’t forget that not only will it provide the necessary protection and growth. Most of the girls began to choose sea ​​buckthorn oil, because it’s even fatter almond. This procedure should be carried out a few hours before bedtime, then to remove the excess with a napkin.

Oil for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes: buy at the pharmacy

All the oils described above are very salutary affect your eyelashes. Which oil to choose is up to you. They are all the same in use, but different in composition. They can be purchased at your nearest pharmacy.


There is one cosmetic product based on castor oil, humic acids and coniferous extracts: therapeutic “Platinus Lashes”. This platinum is the strongest growth stimulant (it looks like a gel in consistency). It includes only natural ingredientsits special formula is designed to strengthen, nourish, give volume. It looks like a regular lip gel with a soft, comfortable applicator.


Faberlik eyelash growth activator: description of composition and application

This cosmetic product is very popular among young girls. Company Faberlic released a growth activator that looks like mascara. It works in exactly the same way as the tools described above, but is cheaper (compared to other tools in the article).


How to grow eyelashes with the help of vitamins and cosmetics?

Vitamins such as AND and E – they should be enough in the body. Folk remedies can be replaced with purchased ones, if it is more convenient.

“Alerana” for growth and strengthening: reviews

If you are not a supporter of such funds, you can buy “Aleran” of Russian production. It looks like mascara and, like vitamins, has a dual formula: day and night. One should be applied before applying mascara in the morning, and the second on thoroughly cleansed eyes in the evening. Ingredients contained in:ceramides, almond, castor and burdock oils have a beneficial effect on the increase in volume, the health of the eyelashes, thickening their structure, and help to revitalize the hair follicles.

Growth stimulator gel, mascara and eyelash mask

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