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Men’s haircuts that are not suitable for a flirty man: an overview

Haircuts that are not suitable for balding men

Nobody wants to grow old: neither women nor men. And if the fair sex has long mastered modern beauty treatments for wrinkles, cellulite, strengthening hair follicles etc., then the strong half cannot even make a normal haircut that hides bald patches. What can we say about the transplant and other modern procedures that can save the hair. But hair plays an important role in the image …

We tell you what haircuts men suffering from alopecia should not do, and what hairstyle options, on the contrary, will improve the situation and hide such a disadvantage as baldness.

Haircuts that are better not to do with baldness

Matthew McConaughey is going bald

To be attractive to a man, it is enough to choose the right haircut and dress nicely. True, many have difficulty with the first condition of attractiveness, when the first signs of baldness appear. We tell you which haircuts for this period are “dangerous” and what should be replaced with them.

With long slicked back bangs

Brad Pitt is going bald

Today, haircuts that involve laying up are very popular among men. This:

  • Fade;
  • Pompadour;
  • Anderkat;
  • Half box.

A complete overview of popular short and medium length men’s haircuts HERE.

These hairstyles for men are united by the presence of an elongated bang – from 2 cm. Such a bang with alopecia looks scarce, especially if you comb it back. As a result, an emphasis is placed on the most problematic areas – the frontal depressions and the marginal growth line. It is with them that in most cases baldness begins.

If the hair has become sparse at the crown, these haircuts, on the contrary, are worth trying out, as they will help hide the formed empty islands on the head.

On a note: to mask the resulting voids in the area of ​​​​the bangs or at the temples, try out special beauty products created for such purposes. One of the popular options is hair powder, which paints the scalp in a shade of hair. The hairstyle looks as natural as possible.

How to use hair color powder to mask a bald spot
Example: how to mask bald spots with hair color powder

Medium length for curly hair

male pattern baldness

Men who have curly hair quite often try to focus on their own curls. Many have medium length hair, or even below the shoulders. Such a hairstyle looks luxurious, provided that there is a lot of hair on the head and afforestation is not expected.

But, as soon as the first signs of alopecia appear (especially in the bangs), it is worth getting rid of the length. Believe me: curly hair in short haircuts (boxing, crew cut, military style) looks no less attractive.

Ban and ponytail

Hairstyle male ban

A male bun (aka “ban”) or a ponytail gives the image brutality and relaxation. Such hairstyles are popular with representatives of creative professions or those who live most of the time on the coast.

However, both the ban and the tail must have density. As soon as they begin to rapidly thin out, it is worth getting rid of them as soon as possible, because the mouse tail looks extremely unattractive.

Hairstyle male ban

It is worth keeping them only on the condition that the hair falls out along the central parting, and not the edge line. Then you can easily hide the flaw by collecting the hair in the center of the head in a bun.

Medium length haircuts for straight hair

Medium length haircuts for men
If the hair is sparse, we do not do such haircuts.

Haircuts of medium length (more than 8 cm), which are suitable for men with straight hair, include: bob, page, grunge. All of them assume the presence of hair longer than 8 cm. They differ in the ways of cutting and styling:

  • Grunge is something wild, tousled. When cutting in this style, thinning scissors are used;
  • Kare is an elegant option;
  • Page is the perfect solution for those who have a model appearance.

All these options are good, provided that the man has medium or maximum hair density. As soon as they become thin, weak and sparse, the hairstyle loses its appeal. Therefore, it is worth shortening the strands and creating a more sporty and brutal image.

With bangs on the side

Men's haircut with side bangs

The decision to cover the bald head with bangs is not the best. Firstly, it looks unstylish, and secondly, it is still visible to others that there are voids on the head. This technique is more like saving a drowning man than a competent solution to the problem.


The first signs of alopecia in men can be hidden by choosing the right haircut. For instance:

  • If baldness started from the crown, we comb the bangs back;
  • If the bangs thinned first, we refuse it in favor of an ultra-short haircut. It is not necessary to immediately shave your head bald. It is enough to make a stylish short hairstyle in military style or “hedgehog”;
  • If the temples are thinned, we shave the hair on them to zero. Today, haircuts with shaved temples are in trend. Full review of such hairstyles IN THIS ARTICLE;
  • When there is a uniform loss of hair density, it is also worth abandoning the length in favor of a short haircut. But in this case, instead of a “hedgehog”, you can make a more stylish one – “boxing”. It is characterized by shaved temples and the back of the head. And in the area of ​​​​the bangs and on the top of the hair up to 12 cm.

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