Makeup for a man for a photo shoot

Men’s makeup 2022 for a photo shoot and not only: how to do it right (with photo examples)

The current trend of society is such that men are no longer idealized. They are no longer forgiven for epidermal defects, bruises under the eyes and stale complexion. They want to be seen with clear facial contours and ideally healthy skin color.

Makeup for a man for a photo shoot

Since it is not always possible to achieve such an effect with care products, you have to resort to makeup. In everyday conditions, it should be as close as possible to naturalness, however, there are images that need to be made brighter to make them brutal, masculine, or vice versa – subtle.

The perfect makeup for a man

For each of them, a separate make-up technology is provided.

When is makeup for a man?

Not every man is ready for bold beauty experiments with his own image, but there are situations when they are indispensable.

How makeup changes a man's appearance

Makeup on the face of a representative of the strong half of humanity is relevant in situations:

  • photoshoot;
  • wedding
  • public speaking
  • fashion show.

Makeup features for a photo shoot and other occasions in 2022

1. Planning to participate in a photo shoot, you should think about giving clarity to the outlines of your face and the ideal condition of the skin. The camera always captures all the flaws and they will be visible in the photographs, even if they are invisible in everyday life. Therefore, when preparing for participation in such an event, attention should be paid to makeup.

Help with men's make-up

For him you will need:

  • primer – to fill the pores;
  • foundation fluid to hide minor imperfections;
  • tones for contouring;
  • lip balm.
Male makeup for a photo shoot

2. Marriage – this is exactly the event for personal participation in which you should slightly change. You need to look perfect in order to make a good impression on guests, turn out well in photos and videos, and also please your sweetheart.

Preparing for the wedding: men's makeup

For this event, you should limit yourself to concealer and powder to match the skin, which will hide skin irritations, small rashes and give the face a fresh look. This and all that can be done so that a slight adjustment of the image remains invisible, since during the ceremony you will have to communicate closely with people who can see the fact that cosmetics are applied to the face.

Working with a male image: makeup

3. If a business meeting is planned, then you should not abuse decorative cosmetics. It is allowed to use a concealer to hide acne, rashes and age spots, followed by the application of loose powder.

The choice of makeup for a man for a serious event

However, it is better to get by with a corrector and spot-paint over the imperfections of the epidermis, since revealing the fact that the partner is wearing makeup can have an unpredictable effect on the outcome of the negotiations.

Eliminate imperfections in a man's skin with makeup

4. Public speaking speaker you need to look spectacular. Since listeners do not come close to it and cannot see in detail the specifics of creating an image, then it can be worked on without restrictions.

Emphasis on male eyes with makeup

Here you can apply a tone to the face, give a tint to the lips, sculpt the face, and even lightly emphasize the eyebrows and the lash line.

5. Participation in a fashion show requires focusing on the face. There are no restrictions for such an event, since bright male images in such conditions are accepted by society as normal. When forming them, the general mood of the program and its style are taken into account.

Eccentric male look with makeup

When showing models of men’s clothing designed for use in everyday life, natural tones in makeup will suit the models.

Creative male makeup

However, to present creative ideas to the audience, you can make the image brighter.

Working with chiaroscuro using makeup on a male face

When creating it:

  • the skin is moisturized;
  • imperfections are hidden;
  • the tone is evened out;
  • cheekbones are emphasized with blush, which also creates the effect of freshness;
Blush in natural tones for men

  • eyebrows are laid and, if necessary, drawn;
Drawing eyebrows for a man with makeup

  • eyes are emphasized with eyeliner over eyelashes and shadows;
  • apply lip balm or lipstick.
When bright colors in men's makeup are relevant

When creating make-up for a performance, the most daring tones can be used. The purpose of such events is the effect of “show”, which is difficult to achieve without bright colors.

6. You won’t surprise anyone with bright makeup in Korean cities. Men in them, trying to look perfect, do not neglect all kinds of decorative cosmetics. The face is densely covered with a moist texture that gives it a radiant effect.

Korean style male makeup

Attention is focused on the area of ​​​​the eyebrows and if they are not thick enough, then they are weighted by drawing. It is allowed to go out to people with arrows in their eyes.

Daily makeup for a Korean man

Shadows are applied to them using the smokey technique. In the area of ​​the eyelids, paints are applied to create a haze effect due to the smooth transition of light shades of certain shades of the color scheme into dark ones.

What are the features of male makeup

The main task of the male make-up is to emphasize facial features, hide skin imperfections, refresh the face and make sure that no one notices that all beauty is artificial.

To do this, it is enough to adhere to the basic principles when using cosmetics:

  • focus on natural tones;
Natural tones for men's makeup

  • accuracy of application;
  • use of the shading technique.

If the purpose of applying paints on the face of a representative of the strong half of humanity is to create a bright appearance, then all restrictions oriented towards maximum naturalness are discarded.

The wonders of male makeup

In this case, cosmetics should be used so that it is noticeable. In this case, the emphasis should be on those areas of the face that need to be done in accordance with the requirements of an established image.

Secrets and rules of natural makeup for men

If a man does not plan to be a model, not an artist and not an eccentric person, then makeup in natural colors will suit him only. It should be applied in such a way that others do not guess that the representative of the strong half of humanity has paint on his face.

Preparing male skin for makeup application

To do this, you need to follow the rules:

  • before applying the tone, the skin must be moistened with special compounds;
Makeup for a man for a photo shoot

  • apply foundation on the face with a brush;
  • refusal of concealer in the presence of small wrinkles, as it clogs in them and becomes noticeable;
  • draw eyebrows in a natural form, without going to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin where there are no hairs, since this will be visual for others;
Men's brow line

  • when forming the eyebrow line, draw its outer region without touching the inner and middle ones;
  • use only lip balm for lips and exclude shine from use, since it is visible on the lips, and excessive moisture does not look natural;
A man's concern for his own appearance

  • contouring is excluded so that the face retains its natural volume;
  • refusal of powder when creating an image for the whole day, because over time it becomes noticeable on the face, however, if the image is created for a short time, then the loose tone will ideally complement the make-up and give a healthy complexion.

What you need to create men’s makeup

To independently apply paint on the face, a man will need special tools.

  • Tone and powder can be applied with brushes. They can also be shaded ….

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