Makeup with eyelash extensions

Methodical chest of a professional lashmaker 2022: how to properly disinfect tools (with photo examples)

The main rule of a successful girl is an impeccable appearance under any circumstances. The right make-up gives self-confidence and perseverance in overcoming life’s troubles. Nevertheless, the rhythm of life of a modern fashionista does not always allow her to devote enough time to daily makeup. In this case, the services of a beauty salon come to the rescue.

Makeup with eyelash extensions

Lush, coquettishly curved eyelashes are an invariable attribute of the makeup of a sophisticated lady. An open, exciting and mysterious look will become your business card if you take care of the long-term hair styling.

Makeup with eyelash extensions

Permanent coloring is the best way to enhance the beauty of bristles by adding color to them. This procedure is suitable for girls with naturally thick eyelashes with a graceful curve.

Coloring eyelashes with paint

When heredity or long-term mechanical damage has thinned and weakened your hairs, but you still want to be on top, you must perform the following manipulations:

  • restore the damaged structure of the cilia with the help of vitamin Botox;
Botox eyelashes

  • laminate the hairs if you want to keep the effect of naturalness or
Eyelash lamination

  • perform extensions to achieve instant volume.
eyelash extension

One way or another, before trusting the master, ask about the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards in the beauty salon. And to help you figure it out, in this article we will tell you what rules for disinfecting work tools every lashmaker must follow.

Hair extensions with tweezers

Microbrush for eyelash extensions

What is the difference between disinfection and sterilization of instruments

Disinfection in the usual sense means a partial reduction of pathogenic microflora on work surfaces by treating them with special compounds. However, as can be seen from the definition, the method does not give a 100% result, and a small number of microbes remain alive.

Eyelash extension tools

For the final elimination, a more serious measure is suitable – the sterilization of the instrument. Both procedures are described in more detail below.

Eyelash extension tweezers

How to disinfect eyelash extension tools, surfaces and hands

First you need to distinguish between the rules for processing hands, tools and surfaces.

Eyelash extensions of different lengths

Disinfection of the lashmaker’s hands before and after the eyelash extension procedure

By treating hands before and after the procedure, the master does not allow pathogens to come into contact with unprotected areas of the client’s skin.

Fact about eyelashes

The longest natural eyelashes belong to the Indian Phuto Rav Mauli, who lives near Delhi. The result of 4.7 cm is recorded in the Guinness Book.

Steel eyelash tweezers

First of all, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap (preferably liquid, as lumpy may not have time to dry after previous use) under running water, and then evenly distribute the disinfectant on your palms.

Tweezers and eyelash brush

As for the choice of antiseptic, there are no special restrictions. Suitable as a gel composition in a disposable dispenser, and alcohol, which is applied using a sprayer.

Types of tweezers for eyelash extension

As you know, frequent disinfection of the skin greatly dries it, and in some cases contributes to the appearance of microcracks and bleeding wounds. To soften the effect of an aggressive agent, add a little glycerin or lanolin to it.

Lashmaker hand disinfection

Disinfection and sterilization of eyelash extension tools 2022

Disinfection of tweezers for building is carried out in stages.

  1. Mechanical restoration. At this stage, the tool is cleaned of the remnants of the adhesive mixture. Solvents such as acetone, which is contained in a regular nail polish remover, and a remover, an artificial hair remover, will do a good job.
Alcohol antiseptic for tweezers

  1. Antimicrobial effect. Pathogenic microflora is eliminated with the help of special antibacterial compounds, such as alaminol, gigasept or blanidas. These are professional antiseptics that are used even in medical institutions. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use. Often you need to do the following:
Disinfection of work surfaces

  • pour the product into a specially designated container;
  • lower the tools there for half an hour;
  • dry the tweezers after removing them from the disinfectant solution.
Instruments in disinfectant solution

As a rule, it is not necessary to rinse the instruments with water after treatment.

  1. Sterilization. For this purpose, special equipment is provided – sterilizers, more about which you can read below. They differ in functional features, exposure time and cost. Critical selection conditions are more related to the instrument itself than to the hygienist.
    When buying eyelash extension tweezers, give preference to models made of high-quality durable steel, since processing at high temperatures can damage the working tool or render it unusable.
Sterilization of eyelash tweezers

  1. sterilizer processing. At the final stage of the complex, it is necessary to take care of the disinfection of the device itself.
    To do this, it must be placed in a special tray, protected from dust and moisture or under ultraviolet light. When processing is carried out using a kraft bag, do not open it until the next use of the sterilizer.
Sterilization of metal eyelash tweezers

What types of sterilizers are suitable for disinfecting eyelash extension tools in 2022

It is convenient to process eyelash extension tweezers with the help of:

  • a dry-heat cabinet, a classic salon equipment that heats the surface of working tools up to 260 degrees Celsius for 1-2 hours, leaving no chance for bacteria;
dry oven

  • a steam autoclave that heats distilled water above the boiling point, ensuring the death of pathogenic organisms;
Steam autoclave

  • glasperlene ball sterilizer, processing in which takes from 15 seconds;
Glasperlen Ball Sterilizer

  • ultraviolet sterilizer, the functionality of which is designed to store the instruments that have been processed.
UV Sterilizer

Expert advice on sterilizing instruments for eyelash extensions

In this section, we provide additional recommendations for eyelash extension stylists to make disinfection and sterilization even better.

Sparse eyelash extensions

  • Purchase a replacement set of tweezers. Since sterilization is a rather time-consuming process, it is necessary to have an alternative instrument set with you so as not to keep visitors waiting.

  • Do not forget about the disinfection of improvised materials. Disposable masks, wipes and cotton pads should also be treated.
Ray extension

  • Take care of the destruction of pathogenic microflora on work surfaces. Spray a small amount of antiseptic onto a piece of fluffy cloth or sponge and wipe down the table where you store your tools. Auxiliary material must be discarded after use.
Mascara on extended eyelashes

Classic extension with an arrow

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