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Mirror manicure at home with gel polish: photo and video

How to make a mirror manicure at home

Trends and fashion trends change daily, but the desire to make your hands bright and attractive, eye-catching never fades in the hearts of fashionistas. In the proposed article, we will get acquainted with the various options for caring for pens at home. We will provide recommendations from leading experts on creating and reproducing techniques from leading experts (a feature of the technology and a description of how to do it yourself), as well as video tutorials, photos and pictures on the topic with step-by-step instructions.

Mirror manicure at home

Under this concept, it is supposed to create the effect of a mirror on nails with a real ability to reflect, its distinguishing feature is shine – shine. He fit in perfectly with spectacular glamorous trends of today’s realities (Hollywood nail art trend is now becoming more in demand).


Of the color leaders included in the top, we can note: gold, silver (silver or steel sheen) and black. And of course, many women are interested in topics: what you need for a mirror manicure at home and what varnish to choose for a mirror manicure. Read on for answers and suggestions.

How to make a mirror manicure at home?

The most common option that many women tend to choose is mirror polish manicure. To create it, varnishes with metallic shades are taken. Most often, girls prefer standard enamels that are easy to use at home. The bottle is labeled mirrorwhich speaks of its purpose. But their main disadvantage is that they adhere poorly to the nail surface.

Quite another thing – glossemi gel paint, which is designed specifically to create the perfect treatment at home. Its main advantage is stamina. You can read reviews about its application and watch a video on YouTube or a video master class in our publication a little lower.


Create a perfectly resistant mirror manicure – step by step

The most labor intensive option with foil. Therefore, we will describe it. Note that foil does not have its own adhesive surface and attached to the nails with a special glue or gel polish. To perform the procedure at home, you will need five materials:

  • varnish base;
  • varnish in the color from the foil (not necessarily mirror, the main thing is that the color matches the shade of the sticker);
  • glue for foil (can be replaced with gel polish Corazon, Bluesky, etc. is an excellent tool);
  • orange stick;
  • buff or nail file.

The following is a step-by-step instruction (step by step the easiest method):

  1. Do standard manicure and degrease your nails.
  2. Cover marigolds basis and wait drying out.
  3. Application varnish in tone with foil and also wait drying out.
  4. Apply glue for nails and at that moment when the glue becomes viscous (it will not dry, but it is the viscosity that forms!) place a piece of foil on the nail with the metallic surface down.
  5. Press the foil and spread it evenly over the entire surface with a stick.
  6. Remove the film from the surface and start manipulating with the following fingernail (follow the procedure for each unit separately).
  7. After manipulations with all nails buff them up or standard file.


Mirror manicure gel polish

The shellac procedure in the salon is one of the most costlybut its positive points are obvious: does not violate the nail plates, fast in execution and gives a long lasting effect. Today entered the trend shellac mirror manicurewhich can also be performed at home. This will require the following set of materials:

  • UV lamp or LED lamp;
  • degreaser or disinfector;
  • shellac gel polish (color);
  • the foundation for shellac;
  • tone (mirror);
  • nail file (polishing) and napkins (lint-free).


With the help of sequins

Stylish mirror manicure at home is insanely beautiful and easy to do, golden manicure with a mirror finish with glitter. They are sold in jars, you need to choose the smallest, similar to dust or sand, with their help you can achieve an incredible effect. It works best when done with gel polish.


Sequins are applied on a sticky gel with a plentiful layer (experts recommend waking up several layers until the glitter completely covers the nail). Next you need spread the glitter evenly over the entire surface with a light brush or fingers and remove residues from the side rollers.

Stylish mirror manicure at home

Their trend does not go away and patterned manicure. There are a lot of variations on this theme – it remains only to choose the right one. Experts recommend choosing varnishes or gels for drawings in this wayso that the pattern is clearly visible on the main surface, but did not overshadow the main mirror tone.


You can create an unusual pattern on one’s ownin this option, you can get different patterns on each finger, or use pre-made stickers (they just need to be glued) and the new design will sparkle with new colors and reflect light in a new way.


How to make a mirror manicure at home: video

We invite you to familiarize yourself with mirror manicure technique video tutorials with step by step photos. This will help you in creating your own masterpieces at home.

Mirror manicure: various ways of execution

You can achieve the desired effect in several ways:

  • varnish (preferably gel polish);
  • mother-of-pearl sequins;
  • transfer stickers (gluing is the easiest way);
  • foil.


Whatever option you choose from all that may exist, it is preferable to do it at home, since the cost in beauty salons for this procedure is too high. When done at home – minimum cost and maximum pleasure. For example, here are a few pricing options:

  • St. Petersburg and Moscow standard procedure is rated on average from 600 rubleswith build-up (including shellac) from 1500 rub;
  • Irkutsk, Volgograd, Samara, Krasnodar and Nizhny Novgorodfrom 300 to 1500 rubles.;
  • Yekaterinburg, Kursk, Rostov, Kazan, Saratov and Barnaulfrom 400 to 1800;
  • Kazan, Almaty, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Tomskfrom 250 to 1600 etc.

A similar situation is in Minsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of neighboring states.

Make a mirror manicure at home from foil

Foil for mirror manicure is sold in certain sizes in the public domain, i.e. does not represent a deficit, but you can also order through online stores, which simplifies the process. Note that it can be used in several ways: standard using one option or decoupage from several species an original ensemble is created …

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