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Miss elegance: 7 hairstyles for a sophisticated look

Miss elegance: 7 hairstyles for a sophisticated look

Women’s hairstyles can be divided according to different criteria: youth, age, modern obsolete. There are also bold, extreme and even sexy hairstyles. However, when it comes to going to the theater, a restaurant, a dinner party or the red carpet, everyone remembers elegant hairstyles. And this is not bad, because no curls, volume to the sky and braids can create a more sophisticated image than a classic smooth tail, shell, spikelet.

We tell you what hairstyles are considered to be elegant and show all the options using the example of model Alena Shishkova. After all, before dyeing her hair brunette, Alena had a luxurious platinum blond, which she finally stopped twisting and complementing with kilometer-long strands, and decided to collect it in elegant feminine hairstyles.

An elegant hairstyle for a woman implies the absence of a ton of varnish, shiny elements. It is also, as a rule, collected hair without a pile. The bangs are also pinned up so that the face is as open as possible.

Idea 1: Low wavy ponytail with parting

Beautiful elegant hairstyle

The first version of an elegant hairstyle is simple and practical. Many for such a celebration as a wedding of friends, an anniversary or a christening put on luxurious dresses that require a hairstyle. Most women decide not to collect long hair, but only twist or straighten it, believing that perfectly smooth strands are also a hairstyle. This, of course, is the case if you are 18-20 years old. Older women do not need to be afraid to collect long hair. This way the image is even more feminine and sophisticated.

Idea 2: Smooth tail at the back of the head

Neat ponytail - fashionable hairstyle

A lighter version of an elegant hairstyle that any woman with medium to shoulder length hair will look festive. Remember that an elegant hairstyle should be without a ton of varnish and sticky strands.

Idea 3: Tucked hair behind the collar

Idea to look elegant

We completely forgot about such an elegant reception as hair tucked into the collar. To do this, they must first be laid, and then choose a sweater with a high neck, but not narrow, like a turtleneck. A jacket thrown over her shoulders will organically complement the image of a sophisticated lady.

Idea 4: Sleek Diagonal Combed

Fashionable hairstyle for the office

Elegant hairstyles are great for the office if there is a strict or restrained dress code that involves the hair being tied up. In order not to repeat itself every day and not to walk only with a smooth tail, moving it from the back of the head to the top of the head, we are trying to make a shell. To do this, you need to prepare a gel that fixes the hair and a pair of invisibility. The main thing in such a hairstyle is to gently comb the hair from one of the frontal depressions diagonally.

Idea 5: One spikelet

Alena Shishkova in a beautiful way

Today, many celebrities practice such a hairstyle as two classic spikelets or two spikelets inside out. But this option does not apply to elegant hairstyles. This is a stylish youth hairstyle, mainly for the summer period.

But one spikelet is already a classic. The image turns out to be elegant and sophisticated, especially if the ponytail is stabbed with invisibility into a bun.

Idea 6: Invisibles on both sides of the parting

Fashionable prom hairstyle

An elegant and stylish hairstyle for invisible girls is a great solution when a magnificent dress is chosen for a celebration (wedding, prom).

Idea 7: Malvinka on the back of the head

Elegant hairstyle - malvinka

Many girls last year drew attention to the hairstyle with which Olga Buzova and Kim Kardashian went. A tall Malvinka, if the hair is very long, looks stylish, but is not elegant. But the collected hair in a malvinka at the back of the head is a completely different matter.

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