Гель лак со сколом

Mistakes in the sock of gel polish, due to which it does not hold well

Mistakes in the sock of gel polish, due to which it does not hold well

Manicure with gel polish or gel is considered to be a long-term coating. Correction is usually required after 3-5 weeks (depending on length and shape). It is believed that by the time of correction, the nails should look like this:

  • The free edge has grown a few mm;
  • The cuticle is soft but elongated;
  • The coating has been preserved in its original form: there are no cracks, chips, detachments, etc.

Units come to correction with such hands. For most women, the nails look like the master has not touched them for the last 2-3 months. Experts assure: in most cases, the cause of poor wear of the coating and manicure is improper care at home for one’s own hands.

We have collected the most common mistakes of those who complain about the carelessness of the masters and disappointment in gel polish. Study the list and do not repeat what is said in it.

Mistake 1: being your own master

How to file your own nails

A few days before going to a specialist, many people have a desire to correct the cuticle. Yes, it grows back and does not look as neat as it was after the procedure, but this is not a reason to take scissors.

  • Firstly, it will be difficult for the master to fix anything;
  • Secondly, it hurts to work with the device on a freshly cut cuticle.

How to be?

Do not cut the cuticle yourself. You can use an orange stick to push back the skin and give it an attractive look. It is also important to sign up for correction in a timely manner. When you visit the master once every 2 months, you should not count on perfect nails during the entire period.

Mistake 2: Excessive hydration on the day of the procedure

Bath for nails

Masters say more than once that before visiting the procedure, you should not carry out any manipulations with your own hands. This applies not only to cutting the cuticle, but also to various hand baths using oils, creams, etc.

Mistake 3: cleaning up after the procedure

Gloves and manicure

What do most women do immediately after a visit to a beauty salon? – That’s right, they start wet cleaning, and without gloves.

How right?

After applying a resistant coating, it is recommended not to wet your hands at all for 4-6 hours, and many manage to do wet cleaning and do laundry. This leads to a deterioration in the adhesion between the nail plate and the gel polish. The latter “flakes off” ahead of time, due to moisture entering the cracks.

Mistake 4: homemade hand care

hand washing

On the day after the manicure procedure, you should not additionally take care of your own hands. The oil that the masters suggest applying to the cuticle after the finish coat is enough.

When you come home, you should not do hand baths, apply a greasy cream, use peeling or scrub. Move it all over to the next day. let the gel polish “get comfortable” and get stronger, then cracks and chips will not bother you.

Mistake 5: shortening your nails yourself

Self cutting nails

It has been noticed that manicurists do not just paint the nail plate, but “seal” the free edge. This is necessary so that there are no detachments. But it is worth cutting or cutting off the free edge, as the gel polish begins to move away. This is due to the fact that moisture can easily penetrate into the cracks formed, separating the coating and the nail.

How to be?

Carefully choose the shape and length during a visit to the master. If it seems. that the nails have grown strongly and interfere, visit a specialist for correction, and do not try to change the shape yourself.

Mistake 6: tearing off gel polish

Gel polish with chips

Unfortunately, no one is immune from chipping. If a piece breaks off from the free edge. many women begin to pull on it, completely clearing the nail.

  • Firstly, it is harmful, since the protective layer of the plate is removed along with the gel polish;
  • Secondly, this is not necessary. It is enough to file the chipped area or apply a transparent varnish on top, smoothing the corners.

How long does a gel polish manicure last?

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