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Mistakes of adult women when choosing an elegant dress: Top 8

Mistakes of adult women when choosing an elegant dress

Summer is the season of beautiful ceremonies and events where you want to look bright and attractive.

Well, when the figure is perfect. In this case, you can choose an outfit that you really like. But, when age takes its toll, it is important to follow not only fashion trends, but also the features of your own figure. After all, it is not for nothing that stylists often talk about which styles of dresses suit certain types of figures.

It is worth listening to the advice and then it will turn out to be transformed in a couple of minutes. And if you ignore the recommendations, the effect will be the opposite.

Top 8 Common Mistakes

Brukhunova in a hat and striped dress
Dress with voluminous sleeves

In order to look elegant and solemn at an important event, you should study the trends and give preference to the option that adorns the figure.

Stylists advise paying attention to color, style, length and decor. These elements should be in harmony with each other, not contrast and not look old-fashioned. It is also important to think over the whole image and not spoil it with irrelevant hair and makeup.

We tell you what flaws can ruin a festive outfit.

Incorrect length calculation

The actual length of the dress for a woman 50+

The most common mistake women 50+ make is choosing the wrong length dress.

  • If the figure allows you to wear short things, it is important not to neglect the rule: 2 palms above the knees. This is the maximum that an adult woman who wants to maintain proportions can afford.
  • If you need to stretch the silhouette, choose the length to the knee.

Read more about how the length of the dress affects the proportions of the figure, told in this article.

Fear of being too young

Beautiful Kate Middleton

When choosing an elegant dress, many adult ladies avoid modern styles, believing that only young beauties can wear them. And they, out of habit, go to an unknown store, but so dear. After all, there is everything to create the image of the Queen. And today, even representatives of high society do not wear magnificent outfits. Everything is very restrained, concise and practical.

You definitely shouldn’t avoid simple cut dresses, don’t make such mistakes!

It will be boring

Woman in a dress with a scarf

Another typical mistake of all moms is the decision to refuse an outfit that they like because it looks too simple. But this is the other extreme.

Any outfit can be complemented with the right accessories and transferred from everyday to festive. The main thing is that the style is appropriate, the fabric is noble, and the tailoring is of high quality.

Accessories for those who do not have gold

Fashion look 50+

It happens that the dress is chosen correctly, fits the figure well, but the image does not look good. Usually the accessories are to blame, or rather their absence.

Gold is good, but if it is of current models. Outdated chains, earrings and rings should be kept as a family heirloom, but not to “weight” the image with them. Try on a large metal necklace or congo earrings and see the difference.

Sandals only black

How to look like a woman in 60+

Not every elegant dress is combined with black sandals, although most ladies 50+ are confident in the opposite, and do not even consider other options.

If the dress is not the maximum length and the shoes are clearly visible, you should be guided by stylistic principles that maintain proportions. For example, beige or flesh visually lengthens the legs. Black with black tights too, but not without them. Bright shoes or sandals are something that can save any image from the stigma of “boring”, “faceless”, “dim”.

The dress must be slim

what to wear with a polka dot dress

When choosing an elegant dress, you should not give preference to the option of dense fabric or with a corset, in the hope that it will slim. Firstly, these are not always comfortable models, and secondly, slimming underwear slims better. It is he who should be entrusted with such an important mission.

Light colors are full

Bridget Macron in a white dress

A light-colored dress does not make you look fat, just as black does not slim. It’s all about style. Many adult ladies have been following this myth for many years and deny themselves the pleasure of wearing light shades all year round. It’s worth trying something new at least once.

Black is too dark

Fashionable look for a woman 50+

A black dress for an adult woman is a great option. The main thing to remember is that you need bright accessories or jewelry. The style of minimalism in black at an interesting age is not welcome due to the fact that there will be increased attention to wrinkles and other changes in the face and body. Therefore, distracting elements are needed, like a necklace, clutch, rings, scarves.

How do you choose a dress for an event?

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