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Mistakes of women plus sair when choosing clothes

Mistakes of women of non-model physique when choosing a casual outfit

Most of the fashion collections are shown by women with ideal parameters. They, as many joke, even if they put on a bag, it will still be beautiful, because there are such trump cards on their faces as: youth and harmony.

But what about those who have not looked like a schoolgirl for a long time, have acquired a couple of extra kilograms and centimeters in the waist, chest, hips? In fact, women with non-model parameters should not despair, since the modern recommendations of stylists “work” for them only with some adjustments.

We tell you what typical mistakes ladies make when choosing everyday outfits and how they can be corrected.

Mistake 1: too boring tones

Fashionable / unfashionable

So, let’s start with the most typical mistake of most women 40+. This is, of course, a choice of practical clothes for every day. And this means that there is no more room for light shades in the wardrobe. Everything is gray, black, dark blue. And many still believe that black is slimming, so dresses and trousers are the only ones.

In fact, stylists have repeatedly said that a plus-size lady in white trousers can look even slimmer than the one wearing the black version. The reason is in style. It is necessary to pay attention to the fit and length of the legs, and also not to overtighten the hips and groin area.

Mistake 2: aggressive prints

Fashionable / unfashionable

Once you tell someone that their wardrobe consists of overly dark clothes, the choice falls on a product with a “fun” or “aggressive” print. Both options are incorrect.

It is worth giving preference to things with neutral patterns. No cartoon characters or huge roses on the buttocks. It is better to pay attention to geometric prints. For example, vertical stripes perfectly stretch the silhouette.

And do not forget about the reception of one print in the image: they chose trousers with stripes and stopped. This is quite enough to look new. No need to dress up in all the colorful at once. Combining prints is a difficult task, especially if there is a problem figure.

Mistake 3: too tight textures

Fashionable / unfashionable

How often do we try to fit into the size from which we have long grown? And all in order to prove, first of all, to herself the absence of any changes in the figure. But, the sooner we accept our new body and start “packing” it into things that are suitable in size, the more harmonious the image as a whole will be.

Tightness and stiffness have not made anyone more attractive. Yes, and stylists have been saying for more than a season that loose things are in trend, allowing the body to breathe.

Mistake 4: Excessive passion for oversized things

Fashionable / unfashionable

And again about extremes. Someone who decides to abandon skinny and turtlenecks fills the wardrobe with baggy robes. But the plus size is not about solid dimensionless things in the wardrobe. It is important to find a middle ground and learn how to combine products according to the figure and free cut.

Mistake 5: lack of accents

Fashionable / unfashionable

for a woman with a non-model physique, it is important to create additional accents in the image, diverting attention from problem areas. For example, a large decoration on the neck will divert attention from broad shoulders. And voluminous hips will hide the layering and straight cut of the jacket / cardigan / coat.

Mistake 6: wrong choice of length

Fashionable / unfashionable

For women who have extra centimeters and kilograms, it is important to remember that a thing should not only be a mini, but also a maxi. In the second case, you get the perfect image of a grandmother and plus a couple of kilograms. But that’s not what we were looking for…

So, the ideal length is one that does not end at the widest part of the body. For example, we choose a jacket or cardigan that does not slightly cover the buttocks, but descends 10 cm lower. Choose midi skirts to the ankle, and not to the middle of the calf. Short sleeves are best replaced with 3/4.

Mistake 7: Always flat shoes

Fashionable / unfashionable

Ladies plus size shoes with heels are not only not contraindicated, but also recommended. True, the heel should be low (4-5 cm) and stable. The shoes themselves are free and comfortable, nothing squeezing or rubbing.

Did you recognize yourself? Then it’s time to review the wardrobe and become brighter, more confident and attractive. The main thing is to be in harmony with yourself, and not to chase after the model parameters, while at the same time complexing due to their absence.

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