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Models of skirts that will correct a small belly

Skirts that cover a small belly

Who among us does not have a small tummy, especially after the holidays? In fact, correcting the figure in this area is not difficult, so we share working tips from stylists.

Today we rely on skirts that easily hide imperfections in the abdomen without causing discomfort.

What skirt model will help hide a small belly?

To begin with, the body shaping techniques presented below are only suitable for those who have a small tummy. To visually correct the silhouette in the presence of a large number of extra pounds, you should use other stylistic techniques.

So write down…

Smooth and dense fabric instead of thin and light

Fashion models of skirts

The first mistake that most women with a small tummy make is choosing the wrong fabric. This is especially noticeable in skirts. The belt highlights the waist, and then the thin fabric creates additional emphasis on the problem area. To avoid this, we choose products made of dense material that do not have an accent belt.

Lack of decor in the abdomen

What skirt to choose to hide the stomach

A skirt with ruffles and tucks is what many illiterate stylists recommend wearing to hide the stomach. In fact, the decor in the problem area only draws additional attention to the areas from which it should be taken away. This technique is suitable only for those women whose “roundness” is barely noticeable. In other cases, it is better to give preference to a smooth and dense fabric.


Skirt with or without print

It is generally accepted that a vertical print stretches the silhouette. However, when it comes to the tummy, it is better to give preference to plain things. They will adjust the volume, even if they are bright colors. And it is worth adding any drawing to them and the scheme will work against you.

Smooth waistband instead of elastic

Which skirt will hide the belly

A skirt with an elastic band will definitely emphasize the roundness in the abdomen. If possible, it is recommended to avoid such things, despite the fact that now this is the main trend. It is better to replace a product with an elastic band with a standard belt with a zipper or a smooth elastic band.

Medium fit

Skirt fit

At first glance, it seems that a high fit is a godsend for those who need to adjust their figure. As far as leg length is concerned, yes. But if necessary, adjust a small tummy, this style will only aggravate the situation. It is worth giving preference to a product with a medium fit.

Trapeze instead of splendor

A-line skirt example and anti-example

So that the style of the skirt does not attract additional attention to the abdomen, we choose a trapeze. A smooth transition from the belt down will get rid of unnecessary emphasis in the problem area. And it is worth stopping the choice on a product with a fluffy skirt and a belt, as the abdominal area will acquire an additional volume that no one needs.

Side slit instead of central

Skirt slit

Another accent that can divert attention from the tummy is a cut. Stylists recommend skirts with a side slit instead of a central one, which not only opens the stomach, but also makes the hips wide. By the way, the model “with a smell” is great.

Summarize: If you need to hide a small (this is important!) belly with a skirt, choose a product that does not have a print, without tucks, made of dense and smooth fabric. It is these models that will gently smooth out the “corners” and visually correct the figure.

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