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Modern bride: 10 fashion trends for 2021

Brides and current trends: what is hot this season

The wedding season is in full swing, but many brides have not yet decided on their own image. Stylists were asked about how to look better at the main celebration of life. The answers and recommendations surprised us, because fashion has changed a lot compared to the trends that were followed literally 5 years ago.

Do you remember your wedding, what was the image like?

Trend 1: laconic outfit

Laconic wedding dress
Wedding dress with bare shoulders

The first thing that brides are interested in is fashionable styles of wedding dresses. By the way, there are only two of them at the moment – with a straight, fluffy, multi-layered skirt or a tight-fitting one with slits. Then you can beat the image as far as the imagination of the customer and the master is enough.

Trend 2: no lace

Wedding dress with trendy sleeves
The actual style of the wedding dress

When choosing a wedding dress, it is important to remember that lace has completely lost its relevance. Instead, dresses made of smooth and dense fabric or transparent in several layers are now popular. It may also have embroidery or pearls. Rhinestones, sequins, stones are left in the past.

Trend 3: natural makeup

Beautiful makeup for green eyes and blond hair
Invisible makeup for the bride

An important role in the image of the bride is makeup. This season, it must comply with all fashion trends, namely, be light, with smooth transitions, shimmering and not annoying.

Brides are not recommended to create an image for the celebration that is different from the one in which they are every day. It should not be difficult for guests to recognize this elegant woman as their beloved daughter / girlfriend / sister or colleagues.

Trend 4: one accent in the image

bride with red lips
Red bouquet for the bride

Previously, a wedding look was created by combining various accent items – a dress, shoes, a hairstyle. Today, stylists and designers are strongly advised to focus on one thing. They chose – a dress with a complex cut – which means the hairstyle and makeup are neutral. And if you prefer a lingerie-style outfit, you can indulge in red lipstick so as not to be pale.

Trend 5: collected hair

bun hairstyle for summer
Hairstyle "bun"

One of the main wedding trends of this year is the collected hair. Moreover, the hairstyle should be as simple as possible – a low tail, a bun, a braid. We refuse hair accessories, even very delicate ones, and give preference to naturalness. And collected hair in the summer is convenient.

Trend 6: open socks

Fashionable white sandals zara

Fashionable square toe sandals

Previously, there was a sign that the bride’s shoes should be closed. Today, most young beauties do not pay attention to this superstition and increasingly prefer sandals and sandals. They are elegantly combined with laconic dresses and give the image an additional touch of sophistication.

Trend 7: puffy sleeves

puff sleeve wedding dress
wedding dress with puff sleeves photo

If you are afraid that the dress will be too simple due to the current fashion, give preference to a product with puffy sleeves. This will definitely be remembered by guests, and you will be made a real queen of the evening.

Trend 8: “no” French

Delicate manicure
Very gentle matte summer manicure

Well, what bride can do without a fashionable manicure? By the way, today the jacket is among the wedding anti-trends. Instead, it is recommended to choose a plain light or delicate manicure.

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Trend 9: cuts

wedding dress with pleated skirt
Fitted wedding dress with slit

The modern bride simply must be aware that slit dresses are at the top of fashion styles. If you want to do without extreme sports, choose an outfit with a slit on the thigh. If there is a desire to look more unusual, we stop at a dress with cutouts at the waist, stomach, and back. All this looks gentle and attractive at the same time.

Trend 10: no to corsets

Bustier dress
Dress in a minimalist style

Despite the fact that many women of fashion choose corsets for a festive appearance, it is recommended to abandon them for a wedding. Instead, we prefer a light dress that resembles a sundress or a laconic product, which is made of a dense fabric that retains its shape.

How do you like the current trends: what do you like the most from the presented?

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