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Modern but strange: celebrity hairstyles that not everyone dares to repeat

Modern but strange: celebrity hairstyles that not everyone dares to repeat

Today, women are so passionate about the ideal appearance that they do not notice how in the pursuit of it they lose their own individuality. Everyone has the same style, except for Zivert and Klava Koka. But no one forbids experiments, why are celebrities so afraid to try something new? One was dyed pink, as everyone repeated after her. How about inventing something of your own?

We have collected for you inspiring examples of celebrity coloring, which at first glance seem strange, but then, after looking closely, they begin to like it.

Blond, like the singer Dua Lipa

dua lipa hairstyle

British singer and model Dua Lipa has built a dizzying career in just 5 years. She already has a Grammy and two critically acclaimed studio albums. At the beginning of her career, the girl looked beautiful, but ordinary: dark hair, standard outfits, an ideal model figure. But later she reconsidered the approach to her own image and began to experiment, which helped her to start to stand out from other young singers.

Dua Lipa dyed her hair
Dua Lipa dyed her hair blonde

The clarified crown and wide strands near the face have become the hallmark of the singer. Her hairstyle looked strange on the one hand, and on the other, it instantly attracted attention, because everyone was tired of perfect blondes with Hollywood styling.

More recently, Dua Lipa has slightly changed her hairstyle. She dyed the light part of her hair in a juicy strawberry shade.

Hair like Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish at the Oscars

Another popular American singer Billy Eilish also prefers a non-standard hair color. She had gray, black, blue hair, but she settled on light green. Moreover, only the roots at the crown are painted.

Billie Eilish hairstyle
Billie Eilish blue hair

It looks strange, but in fact it is quite a complex staining. First you need to lighten the overgrown part, and then paint it green. Moreover, the procedure is required to be repeated as the roots grow, and this is at least once a month.

Curls like Julia Zivert

Julia Sievert hairstyle

Singer Julia Zivert has wavy brown hair, but like any real woman, she does not like her own hair and constantly experiments with it. Sometimes they are perfectly smooth, sometimes blond, but most often she curls them to achieve the effect of African curls.

Zivet curls
Zivet on stage

By the way, this style is now very popular among young people, but this hairstyle has been done for a long time.

Nastya Ivleeva and her pink hair

Nastya Ivleeva with pink hair

Pink hair this spring has become a real trend among Russian celebrities. True, only Nastya Ivleeva decided to really repaint in a juicy raspberry shade. But the rest, sometimes they wear wigs, sometimes they apply filters on Instagram. Not serious in general. But Nastya is honest with herself and with her fans: she wanted pink hair – she dyed it. Until now, the remnants of this luxury are visible on her hair.

Style of Nastya Ivleeva
Hairstyle Nastya Ivleeva

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