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Modern design tricks that will complicate cleaning

Modern design tricks that make cleaning more difficult

Creating comfort in the house with the help of various decor items and design solutions, it is important to remember not only the aesthetic component of the project, but also the practical one. The more small objects and corners. the more difficult and longer it will be cleaning, because dust accumulates everywhere.

We have collected the most popular design techniques that give the owners a lot of trouble.

Reception 1: baguettes on the walls

Light baguette on the walls
Baguettes in the bedroom on the walls
Baguettes in the living room
Ultramarine color baguettes

One of the fashionable modern solutions is decorating the walls with baguettes. To do this, initially the coating is brought to perfection. It must be perfectly even. After that, baguettes made of gypsum or polyurethane are glued, creating a certain pattern. Today, imitation of picture frames is in trend. Then the baguettes, along with the walls, are painted in the desired shade.

Looks attractive, doesn’t it?

Such a design solution has one significant disadvantage – dust collects on the baguettes. Because of this, cleaning is significantly delayed.

Reception 2: panoramic windows

Panoramic windows on the balcony
Panoramic windows in the living room

What could be more beautiful than a mesmerizing sunrise that you can watch while lying in your own bed?

Many designers, when creating projects, offer to replace standard window frames with trendy ones up to the floor. Of course, such windows look expensive and attractive! But how much they take strength and patience from housewives during cleaning …

Permanent stains, fingerprints, raindrops – all this can be seen with the naked eye. At such moments, I want the room to have one single window with a window that does not open, which no one will touch.

Technique 3: shelving

Shelving in loft style
Rack in loft style photo

Shelving is the trend of the last two years. They have books, various decor items such as vases, candles, coasters and saucers. All this creates comfort in the room, unlike closed cabinets, although there is a minus – you need to regularly wipe the dust from all objects and shelves.

Technique 4: dark flooring

dark floor
Dark floor in the living room

In order to visually adjust the space, many designers choose dark flooring. Yes, it looks stylish and modern. Gives the room a special charm and comfort.

Of the minuses, such floors have to be washed daily, since a white veil of dust settles on them instantly.

Technique 5: white skin

Light sofa
white sofa for living room

In view of the spread of the trend towards naturalness, many designers propose to introduce elements made from natural materials into the living space. Stone walls, sinks and countertops, wooden floors, fresh flowers – all this creates an eco-friendly environment in the house and does not require special care. But white skin is another matter.

Having chosen a sofa, poufs, chairs with tight white or light leather, you should be prepared for the fact that almost everything will be imprinted on them. The biggest problem is denim, which has recently been of poor quality and tends to leave a piece of itself on any light surface.

Reception 6: openwork plastic chair

plastic chair
Modern plastic chair

Kitchen corners have lost their relevance, giving way to multi-colored plastic chairs with wooden legs. If the seat and back are smooth, there will be no problems. But it is worth choosing an openwork option, as wiping the dust will become an annoying weekly practice.

Technique 7: Rattan Furniture

Rattan swing for home
Rattan swing for a loggia

Rattan furniture today can be found not only in the garden, but also on the balcony. And someone manages to arrange a stylish hanging chair even in the bedroom.

The hassle with a similar piece of furniture is more significant than with an ordinary chair. It is necessary not only to dry-clean the pillow, but also carefully wipe the metal frame from dust.

And what is the most dusty and difficult to clean object in your house?

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