Preparation for eyebrow correction

Modern sable eyebrow fashion: with photo examples of 2022

Choosing the ideal shape of the eyebrows for your type of face, you must first of all build on their natural bend, width and length given by nature. With the help of the shape and other parameters of the eyebrows, you can visually reduce or increase the upper part of the face in the forehead area, change the expression, give the look a greater openness or, on the contrary, closeness by the appearance of lowering the eyes.

Preparation for eyebrow correction

Choosing the right eyebrow correction can give the face softness or rigidity, surprise, melancholy, mystery, bitchiness. But when choosing a shape, first of all, it is worth starting from the individual shape of the face of each woman, its oval.

 Types of face ovals

Any eyebrow correction is primarily aimed at bringing them as close as possible to the natural features of the face, making the duet perfect. Often this is preceded by doing a rather complicated job, where we pluck out the hairs with tweezers alone and you can’t get by with coloring them.

Eyebrow correction with tweezers

A whole range of procedures is required for coloring not only the hairs, but also the skin under them, the use of manual tattooing, strengthening the follicles, and further supporting procedures.

Eyebrow correction with wax strips

Eyebrow Architecture Methods Relevant for 2022

Stylists increasingly agree that the correct shape of the eyebrows is given to a person by nature. And only by returning to the form that the girls had in adolescence, when they had not yet begun to experiment with their appearance, you can choose the ideal shape for your face type.

Face Shape Options

Of course, there are exceptions when the genes of relatives can not manifest themselves in the best way, and eyebrows of an unnatural strange shape will appear on the face, completely inappropriate for the specific type of face. Then you can’t do without a radical eyebrow architecture. Given the structure and complexion of the face, it is possible to visually change not only the oval of the face, but also its expression, the severity and expressiveness of the look.

Eyebrow architecture

In building the correct shape of the eyebrows, attention is paid to:

  • Plucking hairs with tweezers, tweezers, natural threads, which is a rather painstaking and lengthy procedure.
  • To remove excess hairs, we apply hot wax or wax strips. The procedure is quite painful, but with a lasting effect.
  • By inserting a thin needle into the bulbs, through which a weak charge of electrical energy is passed. Electric hair removal has a destructive effect on the bulb, the hairs lose their ability to grow back. The procedure is painful, but with a very lasting effect.
 Hair removal with hot wax

There are other ways that are less painful.


  • Photoepilation – a quick, painless procedure with a lasting result and some contraindications, such as chronic diseases, pregnancy, skin features. The action of the photo epilator is aimed at disrupting the nutrition of the roots by heating melanin pigments with rays. Hair devoid of nutrition, begin to fall out and after several procedures stop growing back.
Eyebrows before and after photoepilation

  • Laser hair removal painless with preservation of the result up to 7 years. But it cannot be used by people with diabetes mellitus, infectious, immune, dermatological, venous diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.
Eyebrow laser hair removal

Eyebrow preparation for correction

Before proceeding to give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, it is worth examining the condition of the eyebrows, wait until they grow back and the paint comes off them. At this time, try not to pull out even individual hairs, since each of them can have its effect in the overall picture of building a new image.

Eyebrows after correction

During regrowth, they can be painted on with a pencil or repainted with means to mask the skin. At this time, lamination can be applied to the eyebrows, which will make the eyebrows look well-groomed and thicker. The ingredients included in the composition will strengthen and improve the structure of the hairs, create protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

Fact about eyebrows

According to research, since the middle of the last century, fashionable forms of female eyebrows have actively evolved. Today, low-lying, slightly curved “male” forms are in fashion.

Eyebrows before and after lamination

Special serums and oils accelerate the growth of their hair. But for those who want to quickly restore their natural eyebrow shape, we advise you to turn to Botox. The action of the innovative procedure is based on the supply of nutrients to the hair roots, improving their appearance and internal condition.

Eyebrow restoration with oil

Botox components penetrate the cuticle, moisturize, smooth and restore the hair structure, protect against harmful environmental influences, and accelerate growth. But it is worth considering that Botox is contraindicated for people with skin diseases, an allergic reaction to any of the components, hormonal imbalances, and some eye diseases.

The use of Botox for eyebrow correction

What is the sable eyebrow shape in 2022

Eyebrow fashion changes every decade. Now fashionistas have stopped making thin, slightly curved threads with eyebrows, preferring the natural width of sable-shaped eyebrows.

Sable eyebrow shape

  • They are distinguished from previous forms by density and width., reminiscent of sable fur. The shape emphasizes the shape of the eyes as much as possible, giving them expressiveness. Despite their parameters, sable eyebrows look very natural and do not spoil the facial expression. When coloring, the color of the hair on the head is taken into account. They should not differ by more than a couple of tones.
Sable eyebrows give expression to the look

  • When creating a sable form, the main emphasis done in a bend. It plays an important role in shaping the emotional appearance of the face. For example, at present, at the peak of popularity, the face with the effect of slight surprise, achieved by a slight visual elevation of the superciliary arches.
The color of the eyebrows and hair on the head should not differ too much

But here you should not overdo it. The bend line should not go against the facial proportions. Excessive angle of refraction can give the facial expression excessive aggressiveness. But leaving the line straight is also not worth it.

A look from under sable brows

The bend should be barely noticeable and correspond to the facial oval. Regarding the tips of the eyebrows, they are made thinner in relation to the main part, tapering towards the end.

Beautiful eyebrow shape

What face types are sable eyebrows suitable for?

  • Heart face characterized by a broad forehead, pointed chin and prominent cheekbones. Girls with such a face look pretty and childishly naive. Men find this type of face very attractive. But for heart-shaped faces, it is better to abandon sable eyebrows, as they will further weight the already massive forehead.
Girl with a heart-shaped face

  • oval faces characterized by smoothed contours of the face, they do not have protrusions. The widest line is considered to be passing along the lower edge of the eye. Towards the middle of the forehead, it narrows somewhat, in the region of the lips – even narrower. For girls with this type of face, it is better to abandon sable eyebrows. They are more suitable for an elongated shape, rather than an extended one.
Elongated oval face

But for an oval type of face without excessive elongation, the sable shape of the eyebrows will even be very appropriate.

 Moderate oval face type

  • Diamond shaped…

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