Gel polish in a pedicure with golden stripes on the thumbs

Monochromatic Pedicure 2022: The Best Photo Ideas and Techniques

A woman should look well-groomed and stylish at any time of the year. Elegance should be in everything: in clothes, manicure, pedicure. And it does not matter that with the onset of cold weather, everyone switches to shoes with closed toes.

Gel polish in a pedicure with golden stripes on the thumbs

After all, the pedicure service includes comprehensive care for the soles of the feet: treatment of lateral ridges, removal of corns and calluses, and other procedures aimed at healing.

 Comprehensive care for feet and hands with burgundy coating of nail plates

In the cold season, the design of nail plates with a plain varnish coating is a win-win option. Pedicure, made in a classic style, looks equally beautiful in winter and summer. It suits any chosen image, is in harmony with all outfits, if, of course, you choose the right shade correctly.

Pedicure in different shades of light coverage

Coatings with monochromatic gel polishes are among the most popular and will be relevant for more than one season. Compared to conventional varnishes, they do not require frequent renewal, they are able to stay on the surface of the nail plates without visible damage for up to three weeks.

Coating options for a plain pedicure in 2022

The choice of colors in monochrome is very large and varied. With the selection of the best option for a particular season, there will be no difficulties. Fans of bright colors can be advised to apply painting, gold or silver stripes, rhinestones, floral motifs, and modeling to a plain coating.

 Light pedicure with painting on the nail plate of the thumb

Summer version of a pedicure with modeling on a plain background

Burgundy toe pedicure

For those who do not like pathos, we advise you to pay attention to deep burgundy, cherry, blue, green, brown, purple shades. Their monophonic rich tone always remains in fashion at any time of the year.

Pedicure in glossy lilac color

Want to play with contrasts? Designers have developed a large selection of pedicure designs with matte monochromatic nail polishes, decorated with small and large stones. Pedicure came into fashion not only on the play of contrasts, but also on the transitions from a simple and discreet design to coatings with an abundance of decorations.

Matte finish pedicure

Pink pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure with rhinestones on the nail plate of the thumb

Chic pedicure with a play of contrasts

Nail plates with monochromatic varnish, covered with randomly scattered dots, peas, painted with figures of geometric shapes, remain in fashion. The greatest interest in this design attracts young girls in the summer season.

 Summer version of a pedicure with a geometric pattern

Dark pedicure with a geometry pattern on the nail plates of the thumbs

A monophonic pedicure looks charming, painted with stripes of different colors, broken smoothed, sharp and rounded lines. This design is perfectly combined with the design of the nail plates, made in the style of minimalism. If desired, the coating can always be decorated with sparkles, modeling, kamifubuki.

Solid color pedicure in light colors with kamifubuki decoration

A gentle version of a pedicure with kamifubuki

Pedicure with broken lines

Geometric pattern pedicure

Green matte pedicure with an accent on the thumbs

For the style of minimalism, colors of delicate nude shades are mainly used. Bright acid shades are not suitable for a minimalist design.

Nude nail design

The pedicure looks original with a transparent gel polish and a colored pattern, decorated with glitter, kamifubuki, large and small sparkles, holographic rubbing.

Fact about pedicure

For the first time, mass paid pedicure services were offered by David Low, in 1780, in London. He removed calluses and corns, which caused discomfort and prevented normal movement.

 Pedicure with black hearts on a transparent gel polish

Holographic pedicure

Sophistication and sophistication are able to give a monochromatic coating varnishes of different shades of the same or similar colors in the spectrum with the application of barely noticeable neat transitions from one tone to another. This stylistic feature of nail coatings can also be decorated with sparkles and modeling.

Gradient on the nails in a light version

Gradient on the nails in a bright design

pink gradient

Original gradient with painting on the nail plates

The originality of a pedicure with a monochromatic coating can be added by highlighting holes on the nails, a combined jacket, stamping (drawing a picture with a stamp), drawing flowers and landscapes.

Light pedicure with foil decoration

Glitter toe pedicure

Solid color pedicure with thumb prints

 French pink pedicure

French style pedicure with stone pattern on the thumb

Elegant pedicure in a nude tone with a smile with rhinestones

A palette of fashionable shades in 2022 for a plain pedicure

The most popular bright colors in the design of the nail plates of the legs include cheerful bright shades of yellow, orange, lemon and light green shades. Mint, turquoise, purple tones of coatings cheer up.

Mint pedicure design with painting

But the leadership was and remains for red and coral shades. All of them look attractive in monochrome and in addition with a discreet pattern or a modest decoration for special occasions.

Pedicure in bright pink color

For the summer season, images of bananas, ripe juicy watermelons, avocados, strawberries, other fruits, fluttering butterflies and dragonflies, images of marine motifs, plant branches and flowers applied to the coating are relevant. It remains popular nail design, made in the color of marble, but not on a gray background, but on the basis of brighter colors.

Dark marble pedicure

Light marble pedicure

An ideal option for tanned skin of the legs would be a jacket design in soft pink and white shades. You can decorate the jacket with glitter, small rhinestones, a discreet pattern. Sequins and rhinestones can cover all nails, some of them, or just thumbs.

Rhinestones lay out certain figures, design a smile in a moon manicure, the tips of the nail plates in a jacket.

Butterfly pattern pedicure on blue floor

For parties with friends, the nail design can be given a neon color coating that glows in the dark and has a rich bright color during the day.

 Pedicure with neon dark lilac coating

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