Bright multi-colored pedicure and manicure

Multi-colored summer pedicure 2022: photos of the best ideas, new season for 200 photos

In the warm season, you especially want a fun and bright transformation. More positive and colors in the image. This mood is perfectly matched by a multi-colored pedicure, which pressed the monochromatic coatings. This is where the conversation will go.

Bright multi-colored pedicure and manicure

A few preliminary tips for a summer multi-colored pedicure

But, before you decide on such daring experiments with your feet, take into account the advice of experienced stylists, otherwise, instead of a bright festive pedicure, you will get a tasteless mishmash.


  • Do not overload the pedicure with either the number of shades or decorative decorations. You will need good taste and a sense of proportion.
  • If your toenails are too short, grow them. This pedicure requires medium length nails.
  • Pedicure and manicure should be from the same palette
  • Keep your nails in perfect order, because a bright pedicure will immediately reveal their unkemptness.
  • The wardrobe should also match your nails. Choose accessories in the same range, and clothes and shoes – plain, without flashy decorations.

Well, now you can start creating.

Multi-colored pedicure with drawings for the summer of 2022

Rainbow pedicure with flowers is the most summery design. Daisies, cornflowers, dandelions on the large nail plate and an iridescent gradient on the rest of the nails. Juicy fruits and berries are also suitable here.

Bright summer nail art

Cheerful prints with strawberries, lemon or orange slices at a glance at the legs create high spirits. Palm trees, the sea and the sun on your nails and in cloudy weather will invigorate and make you smile.

The marine theme is generally very close to the summer season. Drawings of fish, shells, anchors, boats on the nails will surely attract attention and cheer you up. And such a pedicure will be good for walking around the city, and for going to the beach, and for a party.

Bright flowers on a black background

With the help of bright varnishes, you can create a beautiful geometric design. Geometric patterns on the legs are still in trend and are unlikely to go out of fashion quickly. They attract with their originality and diversity.

The color-block technique, a combination of contrasting colors will surely attract attention. There are a lot of options, and they never get bored. Usually, a geometric design is applied only to the thumb, the rest are covered with a plain varnish.

Do not be afraid to experiment, embody your bright ideas, but do not overdo it. Do not make the pattern too pretentious. Remember restraint.

Cheerful summer motives

A stained glass pedicure will make your feet absolutely irresistible. Stained glass gel polishes allow you to create fantastically beautiful compositions stylized as crystal or mosaic glass. These varnishes have some features that you need to know about:

stained glass pedicure

  • They do not require base coats to level the nail.
  • They do not weigh down the nail.
  • They have no restrictions on the shape and length of the nails.
  • Before use, thoroughly mix the stained glass gel polish to lift the coloring pigments from the bottom, then it will lie on the nail in an even layer, without bald spots and bubbles.
  • Use special brushes with fine bristles and be sure to rinse them well after use.

And here’s another interesting idea: a sharp gradient, when the boundaries between different colors are either blurry or not visible at all.

Colored summer pedicure with rhinestones – the current chic of 2022

The actual decor of this season is magnificent rhinestones. They have been popular for a long time and are not going to give up their positions. With the help of rhinestones, you can create any image – delicate and sophisticated or bright and memorable.

Pedicure with rhinestones - always irresistible

It depends on what stones were used – these can be:

  • Swarovski crystals.
  • Crystals.
  • Crystal crumb.
  • Beads.

The size, color, shape of the pebbles can also vary, and this allows you to create very different patterns. Rhinestones are perfectly combined with any varnish and with any technique, making your nails absolutely irresistible.

Elegant pedicure with kamifubuki

Kamifubuki can be a great addition to rhinestones. Colored plates of different shapes and colors can be placed on the nails in a chaotic manner, or you can lay out patterns. Bright kamifubuki on black nails will look especially impressive. Kamifubuki with sequins, gold and silver shades against the background of multi-colored varnishes are very beautiful. They always create a festive mood.

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Rome, pedicures were performed not only for beauty, but also for the health of the feet. The Romans noticed that the treatment of the feet eliminates fungi, calluses. And their massage normalizes the work of the whole organism.

French multi-colored pedicure – a classic for summer 2022

The French pedicure is always on-trend and irresistible, and this season it will look a little different than we are used to. The tips of the nails are painted in different colors, and the plate remains completely transparent.

Multi-colored french pedicure

Such a nude base makes the pedicure very gentle and at the same time original and memorable.

The combination of colors relevant for the summer of 2022 in a pedicure

Since we have abandoned the monochromatic coating, we need to know what colors are in fashion now and how to combine them correctly. Favorite red palette – for women who like to be in the spotlight, because such a pedicure is impossible not to notice.

Multi-colored nails - the trend of the season

  • Shades of red are in fashion: scarlet, ruby, burgundy, wine. For an unforgettable effect, combine them with yellow, white or wine color.
gradient transitions

  • In fashion – saturated shades of yellow – lemon, which can be combined with purple, green and red. Some combinations may seem too bold and incompatible. But what is completely unsuitable for interior design will look provocatively on our nails.
  • Crimson and fuchsia also on the crest of a wave. Saturated purple gamut looks very aristocratic and noble.
Legs and arms should be in the same style

  • Blue tones elegant in both matte and glossy finishes. Combine them with red, white, yellow and black.
  • Shades of green are trendy, from dark to light. These are emerald, light green, mint, lime colors. Especially popular is the gradient with the transition from saturated green to white. Dilute this palette with pink.
rainbow pedicure

If you want something calmer, the pastel palette will also be relevant.

  • Delicate shades of lilac and pink create a wonderful sophisticated ensemble. Add peach, lavender and amethyst varnishes here.
  • Noble gray and beigeth color is suitable for those who do not like a defiantly bright pedicure. Elegance is always in fashion.
  • Add to this range shades of white or milky – it will turn out fresh and elegant. Turquoise lacquer is perfect for a summer pedicure. Combine it with lilac, yellow, blue.
mustard shade

  • Favorite of the season – mustard yellow-orange shade. It goes well with all bright varnishes and gives them a non-trivial sound.

Great photo ideas for a bright multi-colored pedicure for the summer of 2022

Cheerful bright pedicure

Summer motifs on nails

rainbow nails

Bright pedicure

Animal design is not losing ground

Turquoise Glitter Pedicure

Inscriptions on the nails - the trend of the season

Pedicure with kamifubuki

Marine theme in pedicure

It may sound like this

These legs are sure to grab attention.

hot summer theme

Pedicure with colorful stripes

Multicolored summer pedicure

Summer french pedicure

Nude multi-colored french pedicure

Bright pedicure with rhinestones

Multicolored pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure with drawings

Multicolored summer pedicure with rhinestones

Fantasy is inexhaustible

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