Nail art at home

Nail art at home

Once in the life of any woman, there comes a moment when you want to do a manicure not at the salon master, but at home and on your own. Today we will tell you step by step about the performance of universal nail art at home.

For an exquisite manicure, it is not at all necessary to use a large number of jewelry or learn new complex technologies. Sometimes what seems simple is much more attractive than fancy patterns or intricate designs.

Universal nail art

We bring to your attention a universal nail art, amazingly suitable for any occasion.

To create it you will need:

• white varnish or paint;
• transparent base coat;
• fixer;
• thin brush;
• dots or any improvised means (a toothpick, for example).

Cooking pens

Handles are prepared for manicure in a standard way. And, as always, we start with getting rid of the cuticle.

To do this, we can offer you the following options

1. Make a bath to steam your hands well. Manicure step by stepA bath can be done using a decoction of chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory properties. From steamed handles, the cuticle is easily removed with an orange stick.

Manicure step by step2. You can pre-purchase a special cuticle softener. Apply it and wait one minute. Now you can remove the cuticle skin with a spatula, orange stick or nippers.

Manicure step by step3. The third option is hardware. If you have a manicure machine, this method will suit you better. There is no need to “wield” wire cutters or apply emollients to the cuticle area. The skin of the cuticle in this case is polished with a special nozzle and then grows back much more slowly.

This is due to the fact that the skin does not experience aggression in the form of cutting and does not respond to removal by rapid growth, which cannot be said about the use of nippers.

Create the shape of the nail

You can begin to create the shape of the nail. In our case, a rectangular one is better, the design we propose will look better on it. Do not forget that the length of the nail must be made the same everywhere. At the end of the preparatory work, we clean the nails with a brush to remove all the particles that could remain on them.

You can process the handles in the style of the so-called European manicure. In the main points, he repeats all of the above, but there is one distinctive point. With such a manicure, the cuticle is simply pushed back with a spatula or an orange stick towards the base of the nail, and then removed with a cotton pad.

Getting Started with Design

You can start designing. Apply base coat to all nails and let dry. Alternatively, cover your nails with a light beige varnish, if you prefer.

Manicure design

Now we need white varnish, but you can replace it with acrylic paint of the same color. With a thin brush, draw vertical stripes. We start from the free edge of the nail. It is desirable that the stripes be wider at the edge and narrower towards the middle of the nail. So the nails will look much neater.

Manicure step by step

Then dip the tip of a toothpick or dots into the same white varnish or paint. Put a series of dots between the stripes. It is also desirable to start from the edge and move towards the middle. In this case, the paint on the tip of the dots becomes smaller and the dots, respectively, also decrease in size.

Manicure step by step

Manicure step by step

On this, in principle, you can finish. The drawing is already attractive enough.

But for lovers of more sophisticated things, we recommend two options:

1. You can powder the resulting pattern a little with sparkles. Then the stripes will no longer appear to be strict lines, and the dots will visually blend with the sparkles.

2. The second option is simpler, but you need to use it at a time when the white paint of the picture has not yet dried. You need to take a needle and draw very thin lines from the center of each point in different directions. In this case, the pattern will look like lace.

For a more solemn occasion, rhinestones can be added to the original decor.

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