Nail care at home

Professional nail care at home

Going to a beauty salon every day is expensive, and there is not enough time, which is why nail care at home is so popular.

A chic manicure can be easily done at home.

Each of us has recipes: baths, masks and creams, the creation of which does not require too much time and money. Some girls admit that they grew their nails only thanks to such things. Below are their tips and tricks.


Without top dressing from the inside, the nails will not grow and grow stronger, no matter what they are smeared with. Therefore, do not forget about calcium and vitamins. Those who do not like milk can eat dairy products: in some types of pickled cheese there is so much calcium that even milk is not needed. The effectiveness of calcium tablets is a controversial issue: some argue that for the daily norm you need to eat a whole vial of them per day. This is not entirely true, but the tablets can be taken as a supplement to milk.

Vitamins. Vitamins for pregnant women are also popular, thanks to which nails and hair grow intensively, as well as vitamins for hair growth. Chitosan also feeds nails nicely.
Another must-have remedy for nails is fish oil.

Sea salt


    • The simplest one is sea salt and water. Add a tablespoon of salt to a glass of warm water and soak your nails for 20 minutes. If there is no sea salt, iodine comes to the rescue. He needs a teaspoon.


    • Celandine. Pour two tablespoons of dried celandine with hot water, insist and add salt: a couple of tablespoons per glass of water.


    • In the same way, prepare a bath of orange juice (1/3 cup), water and salt (2 tbsp)


    • Oil bath. Heat the castor oil slightly and place your hands in it for 20 minutes. You can add some lemon juice. All this will nourish the nails well and will not allow them to exfoliate or break.


    • Gelatin. It perfectly seals all small damage to the nail plate. Dissolve half a tablespoon of this substance in a glass of water (boiling) and wait until it cools down. We lower our hands and wait 15 minutes. This bath is done twice a week.



Strengthen and whiten nails.

    • The most basic nail mask consists of a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of fine salt. They made it in a saucer and applied it to the nail plates for about 20 minutes.


    • For the hardness of nails, you need natural wax (melt in a water bath), hard-boiled egg yolk and peach oil, a few drops. The mask is applied every evening.


    • Berry mask. In the summer, it is quite possible not to look for wax and oils, but to use the possibilities of your dacha. Currant or cranberry juice can also be rubbed into the nails as a mask.


    • 25 g of olive oil are heated in a water bath and half a teaspoon of lemon juice is added. Lubricate all nails and put on cotton gloves. Leave for one night.


    • Oil mask. It requires coconut oil and cocoa butter in the same amount. You can melt them without a water bath. Apply to nails and hands and go to bed. The main thing is that there is no varnish on the nails. This mask is good for the skin of the hands, especially too dry.


    • Paraffin masks can also be done outside the salon. Cosmetic paraffin should not be hot. We lower our hands for a minute and do not rinse. Put on gloves on top. You can sleep in this armor.


    • As a scrub for nails and hands, you can use the same sea salt, only very fine and mixed with fatty sour cream.


    • Maca for nail growth is also well known. Mix a fat hand cream with a spoonful of red pepper and apply briefly on the nails.


    • For brittle nails, a compress is also suitable. It is made from glycerin (25 g), water (70 ml) and 5 g of alum. Apply daily for about two weeks.


How to make wax for nails with your own hands?

Hand mask

This remedy is not always available, but you can find beeswax on the market. It is placed in a jar, heated in a microwave oven, a spoonful (a teaspoon!) of paraffin and the same amount of coconut oil are added. Paraffin melts even more slowly than wax, so it will take about ten minutes.
Then add a little bit of castor oil, almond, peach, argan and avocado oil, as well as vitamin A. For flavor – lemon oil.

The mixture is applied to the nail plate and rubbed. The effect lasts even after you have washed your hands, nails are always moisturized and protected. Over time, they get stronger and grow better.

If you melt the wax again and add a little more oils, you can make a more liquid product that is also suitable for cuticles.

A few more tips

Never use metal nail files for manicure. Not only glass nail files are suitable, but also cardboard ones, as well as rubber-based ones. It is also harmful to grind nails too often and use iron pushers. Why, if there are plastic and wooden sticks?
Don’t scratch the varnish.

The hand cream is also suitable for nails. The tool is not targeted, but nourishes the nails.

The voice of the people

One girl shared the secret of her long nails on the forum:
“I don’t use nail masks, but before every shampoo I put an oil mask on my hair. Of course, by hand. Not so long ago I began to rub the same oils into my nails, and in a month they grew and got stronger. So olive and castor oil will help you.” Alyona.

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