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Natural makeup for every day

How to make natural makeup for every day?

Natural makeup is also known as natural, neutral and nude. Its main task is invisibility. The face with the applied make-up should look as natural as possible. At the same time, if possible, makeup should reveal the beauty of a woman and hide the natural defects of her appearance.

Natural makeup rules

natural look

The main task of natural make-up for every day is to make the face look fresh, but expressive. In daylight, the abuse of foundation, powder, shadows and correctors will turn makeup into a vulgar mask. The girl should try to find a variant of a natural image, in which you will need to use a small amount of cosmetics. However, do not forget that even professional makeup will not hide flaws if you do not take care of daily facial skin care. Do not neglect regular cleansing, moisturizing the skin with special cosmetics.

The main rules of natural makeup:

  • Perfect face tone. To achieve this effect, use foundation, powder and corrector. It is also important to consider that the foundation is not too dark, even if you want to create a light tan effect. The corrector should be lighter than the base by no more than one tone;
  • Thick and well-groomed eyebrows. In a natural way, eyebrows are of great importance. The color of the eyebrow pencil or shadow should match the color of the hairs. Shades of light brown or ashy shades are suitable for blondes, dark colors of the palette are suitable for brunettes;
  • Emphasis on the eyes. Line your eyes with light brown pencils or shades of a brown palette, and then blend the lines. Regardless of the color of the eyes, shadows of the most neutral shades are applied to the eyelids. At the end, be sure to swipe mascara over the eyelashes in one layer;
  • Natural rouge of the face. A suitable shade for natural makeup is a palette of beige-pink shades. Makeup artists recommend applying them with a large, soft brush. Golden rule: blush should not be applied to those places that protrude when smiling;
  • Expressive lips. In everyday makeup, be sure to emphasize the shape of the lips. Lipstick choose warm shades. Can be applied with fingertips for a more natural look.

You can classify a natural look for every day according to different criteria – the color of the eyes and hair, the intensity of the use of cosmetics, and so on. However, the species differ radically by age category. After all, what will look quite natural on teenagers will not suit 40-year-old women in any way.

In natural everyday makeup, teenagers use slightly different cosmeticsthan mature women. After all, teenage skin requires special cleansing due to rashes. After washing, the inflamed areas of the skin are treated with a therapeutic agent, and only after complete drying can a teenager use a concealer. Shadows are used in natural shades, and the outer corner of the eye should always be slightly darker than the inner. This rule does not apply to adult women. It is also recommended to take mascara in a brown shade and apply a very small amount. And the lips are accentuated with a glossy neutral color.

Makeup for teenagers
An example of natural makeup for a teenager

Natural makeup for women over 40 requires a completely different approach. It is mandatory to use a tonal base, it helps to hide the appearance of age spots. The gamma of the base should be warm shades. However, it should be remembered that the layer should be thin, as a dense one will only emphasize skin imperfections. Eyes need to be tinted in such a way as to visually remove overhanging eyelids, hide fine wrinkles and lift the corners of the eyes, which will give a fresh look.

Natural look for women over 40
An example of natural makeup for a more mature age

Shadows are chosen in a calm range, and you must also adhere to the following rule: the outer corners are highlighted with a warm shade. Eyebrows should have a clear shape, unexpressed eyebrows will create the effect of a “blurred” face. Lipsticks are selected warm, but in darker shades.

What is needed for natural makeup?

Cosmetics for a natural look

The natural image involves the exclusion of bright colors. Palettes of pale brown shades are predominantly used without excessive gloss and oiliness. You can also use muted pink, taupe, chocolate taupe, and soft olive to accentuate lips or a natural blush.

Cosmetics for natural makeup:

  • foundation, the texture of which is selected depending on the season;
  • corrector;
  • powder;
  • highlighter or mono-shadow with a metallic sheen;
  • blush;
  • matte shadows;
  • mascara for volume;
  • lipstick and pencil in soothing pastel shades.

When choosing the main color scheme, consider the color of the hair and eyes. After all, the goal of a natural make-up is to create a delicate pattern and soft lines. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that the colors used in makeup do not contrast with the color of the hair and eyes.

Natural makeup for brunettes. Girls with dark hair can complement their look with black eyeliner. To do this, draw a thin arrow along the ciliary edge. And on the lips, lipstick of a translucent cherry shade will look great. Use pearlescent shadows, the inner corners of the eyes can be emphasized with a white pencil.

Natural makeup for brunettes

Natural makeup for blondes. To emphasize their natural beauty, fair-haired girls should use delicate shades in makeup – calm pink or peach. Lips should be emphasized with pink lipstick with a slight sheen. Shades of light brown and beige shades are best for blondes.

Natural makeup for blondes

Natural makeup for redheads. Red-haired girls should avoid using shades of blue and purple shades. Makeup artists recommend giving preference to a gold and pastel palette. To complete the natural look, you can use lipstick in warm and beige-pink shades.

natural makeup for redheads

Steps for applying natural makeup

As a rule, before proceeding with the application of make-up, the skin of the face is prepared with a light tonic or micellar water with low-active surfactants. When cleansing the skin with a gel or foam, a slight irritation will appear on the face.

In addition, this procedure contributes to the violation of the acid-base balance of the skin. Therefore, if you choose to cleanse your skin with a foam or gel, then use an alcohol-free toner anyway to help restore balance. The main stages of applying natural makeup will be described in detail below. To do this, prepare a standard set …

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