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Nettle decoction for hair how to brew

Nettle for hair loss and growth

The miracle of the natural beauty of the hair is not given by nature to everyone. Hair is dry, brittle, falling out profusely, etc. more often. We will show you how to strengthen it, saturate it with the necessary nutrients, moreover, with natural and affordable home remedies.

We will explain how it works, what it affects and how nettle is useful, how to brew it correctly (make a decoction, tincture, how to rinse, etc.) and other points. In conclusion of the publication, we will bring to your attention reviews of skeptics and practitioners, recommendations from experts and photos of users after rinsing.

Nettle – the solution to all hair problems

Most people have been familiar with the stinging properties of nettle since childhood (burning and itching appear when touching live grass). However, not everyone is aware of its exceptional medicinal properties. In folk medicine, it is used to treat and prevent a number of diseases (it is recommended to brew infusions, rinse, etc. methods). With the help of compresses based on it, skin diseases are treated, inflammation is relieved, etc. etc.

The hair is no exception – nettle helps to improve blood circulation, which contributes to oxygen enrichment, saturates the scalp and the curls with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Thanks to this, it helps to get rid of such common and unwanted problems as:

• excessive dryness and, as a consequence, brittle hair/split ends;
• dandruff (for removal);
• removes various inflammatory processes, the decoction helps for the hair, and the tincture is useful for the face and for the whole skin (for the body);
• helps to strengthen and restore the structure (strengthens the roots, restores regenerative processes), against gray hair;
• regulates density by awakening dormant hair follicles (stimulates growth), etc.

It is used as a rinse (brew and rinse). Based on it, masks are made with the addition of additional / auxiliary components. Options such as adding currants (both black and red, but always young), calendula, oak bark, hops, burdock, etc. are very common. Phyto spray / lotion is made at home (with the addition of vodka or alcohol). This dioecious herb is packed with nutrients in its leaves, stems, seeds and root.

Villagers can harvest it themselves, the secrets of harvesting and when it should be collected are passed down through generations. And for the city, there is an alternative to home-made preparations – pharmacy grass. It is sold in dried form (sometimes in packs, sometimes in bags) and its price is affordable for everyone (the cost is from 15 to 25 rubles). It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and use indicated on the package.

Manufacturers of cosmetics for hair care are not far behind. Nettle-based shampoos and balms (usually using an extract) are not uncommon in various TMs: Pure Line, Avon, Palmolive, Belita, etc. Spray, oil, etc. are produced from the extract of this herb.

Nettle for hair – what is useful?


Nettle is very useful for hair:

• a high content of various vitamins (groups A, C, K) – promote healing, add shine, saturate with oxygen and improve metabolic processes;

• contains organic acids – supplement the effect of vitamins, ie. contribute to the improvement of growth, inhibit loss, accelerate metabolic processes;

• beta carotene – stabilizes the sebaceous glands, moisturizes the skin and hair, gives a feeling of freshness, keeping the effect for a long time, very useful for oily hair;

• flavonoids – strengthen the hair follicles, thereby significantly slowing down the loss;
• tannins – stick together small scales, simultaneously making them elastic and smooth.

The most common use is for brewing and rinsing.

Nettle hair rinse

After drying (subject to home harvesting), the herb can be used as a decoction, preferably after each shampooing. Nettle preparation technology for hair decoction (recipe for brewing):

• water (boiling water) – 1 liter (you need to fill in the grass);
• nettle – 1 tablespoon of dry grass.

Recommendations for use based on feedback from practitioners: you should insist until cool, then strain and rinse your hair, it is recommended to do this after each shampooing (the answer to the question of how often to rinse). The addition of rosemary, mint, chamomile, burdock, celandine, etc. to the composition helps well. The composition can be combined in any form, i.e. use all the ingredients at the same time or add a new component each time.

According to doctors, the therapeutic effect is better fixed if, in parallel with rinsing, an infusion of nettle is taken orally. You can prepare a solution from a dry or fresh plant.

Nettle mask against hair loss, for hair growth and strengthening

Based on user reviews and recommendations from experts, we recommend using fresh dioecious grass or juice for the mask (in this option, 50 grams is enough). To do this, take 100 grams of leaves (a glass) and grind in any convenient way (with a blender, pass through a meat grinder or simply grind to a homogeneous consistency in a mortar), add 1 tbsp. l. salt (preferably sea, but table salt is also suitable) and mix the composition thoroughly. Apply it in a standard way by rubbing it on each strand and roots, let it stand for half an hour or an hour. This procedure helps to strengthen the root, enhances growth, prevents loss. According to practitioners, rinsing with a decoction of the same name improves the effect of the mask.

Nettle for hair – reviews

As promised, we bring to your attention “nettle for hair” (rinsing) – reviews practitioners:

Natalia Nikonova from Tula writes: “The doctor, after a series of analyzes and tests, advised to brew a decoction and rinse after washing with nettle infusion, explained how useful it is. This simple method helped not only to solve the painful problem, but also, as a bonus, it received silkiness and elasticity, growth increased, the curls became thicker and more magnificent. In a word, I advise everyone!”

Irina Povazhnaya from Kazan: “My grandmother advised me to use nettle for rinsing after my hair began to fall out intensively after dyeing (it will be especially useful to listen to these tips for blondes). She explained how and why it is useful and gave recommendations on how to properly brew and rinse it. After applying a decoction of nettle (alternating with vinegar) and rubbing (making masks), the hair became thicker, whole shreds no longer remain on the comb, as it was until recently. Shine appeared, each curl became lush and beautiful. All in all, I recommend it to everyone.”

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