Marine pedicure design in alternating white and blue stripes

New in summer pedicure design 2022: top 20 pedicure trends for summer with 50+ photos

With the onset of heat, the girls begin to think about relaxing on the clean sea coast, meeting with gentle waves, bright rays of the sun, and snow-white sand. The question immediately arises of what to take with you on vacation from the wardrobe in order to look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable. But, when packing a suitcase, do not forget about the appearance of your fingers and toes.

 Marine pedicure design in alternating white and blue stripes

The general appearance of a woman should always be on top: at home, at work, on vacation.

Pedicure with decoration on the thumb nail

Summer pedicure option

Features of summer marine pedicure in 2022

In the summer, when they switch to open shoes, special attention should be paid to the pedicure of their feet. When going on vacation in the summer, you should pay attention to an interesting, bright coating of nail plates with a sea theme.

Pedicure with the image of the sea and palm trees

Fashionable pedicure with a marine theme

On vacation, a pedicure made in this style is one of the most popular and creative options. His style is conducive to creating a bright sunny design with many options. On the cover of the nails, you can depict sea waves, yachts, anchors, various inhabitants of the sea.

Starfish Pedicure

Nautical pedicure theme with lifebuoy and anchor

The most popular during the summer holiday season are white, azure, blue, yellow, blue, turquoise, beige shades. To apply an image of one of the marine inhabitants for the background, you can choose any of the listed colors. Add a coating with a pattern with sparkles, rhinestones, glitter, foil decorations.

 Pedicure with the image of sea water and pearl shells

But paying tribute to the marine theme, do not forget that decorating nails with seascapes is suitable for relaxation, and not for business meetings with a strict dress code. In extreme cases, the coating can be hidden from prying eyes by changing open sandals to fashionable closed shoes.

 Summer version of a pedicure in blue tone

But for a party with friends or a romantic dinner, open shoes will only emphasize the beauty of graceful, well-groomed legs with a bright marine-themed pedicure.

 Pedicure with stars in the depths of the sea

Fashion is very changeable. In each new season, designers come up with new ideas for creating summer looks. But the design of nail plates in a marine style has not lost its relevance for many years.

 Summer pedicure in bright sunny colors

Pedicure with large rhinestones

 Seaside pedicure

The marine-themed design embodies the freshness of the sea breeze, the brightness of the summer sun. With such a pedicure, you feel free, forever young, ready for adventure.

 Sea coast pedicure

Multi-colored pedicure for a trip to the sea

Pedicure decoration options at sea for the summer season 2022

The modern design of the pedicure can be attributed to a real work of art.

Bright pedicure with different shades of blue

In summer, the nail plates are decorated with an image resembling the vests of sailors, sea waves, fish, shells, starfish, and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

Pedicure with the image of a dolphin, a turtle on a sky blue background

On a white or blue background, ships, lifeguard circles, the sea coast with sand, pebbles, growing palm trees are often depicted. The design of a vest can consist not only of alternating white and blue colors. Instead of blue, bright yellows and reds can be used.

Vest in red and white image

It is not difficult to apply a striped pattern with special thin brushes for manicure. The dark shades of varnishes (blue, light blue) are mainly taken as the basis for the pattern of the marine vest. After the base has dried, white and golden stripes are applied to it.

Summer pedicure with golden stripes

The background is ideal for a nautical theme with tropical islands, waters, the beach, the sea, exotic plants and animals. The main place of creativity on the legs is the nail plate of the thumb.

White-blue tone with rhinestone decoration

Rhinestones of different shapes and sizes can decorate one, several or all toenails. Their extraordinary brilliance under the rays of sunlight will give the legs of young beauties sophistication and originality. Rhinestones can be applied to the entire nail plate or laid out of them with a pattern related to summer and the marine theme.

Fact about pedicure

In 1868, Eduard Gerlach from Germany created a special foot ointment. She effectively relieved fatigue after hiking, working on her feet. This is how the eponymous line of pedicure products was born.

Rhinestones laid out on the thumb in the shape of an anchor

In addition to rhinestones, nails can be decorated with stickers, modeling, kamifubuki. But the most fashionable for several seasons is the coloring in the ombre style, in which a smooth transition from one color to another is performed. The shades seem to flow into each other.

Bright summer pedicure using ombre technique

Beginners who encounter this technique for the first time can simply apply different shades of the same color in a certain order, starting with dark tones and ending with light ones, or change the order (from light to dark).

Gradient in bright shades of summer

Ombre can be applied horizontally and vertically, in discreet and bright colors, in a shiny and matte finish.

Blue pedicure with kamifubuki

In addition to the vertical gradient, the progenitor of technology, and the horizontal one, which arose on the basis of the first, there are options with painting, interesting original drawings, microscopic villi of natural fabric materials, giving the coating a velvety effect.

Pink to yellow ombre pedicure

Nail plates with kamifubuki, reflecting the sun’s rays and artificial light, will only emphasize the beauty of the gradient with their overflow.

Summer pedicure with kamifubuki

Pedicure with a reflection of the summer starry sky

Summer pedicure with sparkles is able to decorate any theme, including the sea. Glitter can be used to diversify both a monophonic varnish coating of nail plates, and a colored one.

Blue glitter pedicure

Multicolored glitter pedicure

But the most relevant in the summer season is still a pedicure with the image of sea shells, stars, anchors. For the image of an anchor, the alternation of white and blue stripes in the form of a marine vest is more suitable.

Anchor on the background of a lilac striped vest

Against the background of turquoise, coral, sky-blue shades, such bottom animals as starfish, the image of dolphins look original.

Dolphin pedicure

Marine themed pedicure

Both anchors and stars can be drawn over the main background with a manicure brush, glued on an image, laid out with sparkles, rhinestones, stucco.

Thumbnail Anchor Sticker

Pedicure in bright summer colors with the image of palm trees

Pedicure with the image of sea waves

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