Summer pink and blue pedicure with negative space

New in the design of summer pedicure 2022: top pedicure trends for the summer with photo examples

As soon as the sun warms up, the representatives of the fair sex unanimously change their shoes into open sandals and sandals, remove boring tights and stockings to the far shelves. Not surprisingly, in the summer-spring season, special attention is paid to the beauty of the legs.

Summer pink and blue pedicure with negative space

To look not only well-groomed and charming, but also fashionable, ladies follow the latest trends in the beauty industry with interest. About what techniques and designs will be the most popular in the 2022 season, we will tell in this article.

Summer emerald design with floral stamping

Fashionable multi-colored pedicure for the summer

The most popular summer pedicure ideas in 2022

Looking for creative ideas for a beautiful pedicure? Colorful photos with nails that came out from under the hands of the best nail designers will help you choose the right option.

Gorgeous floristry and sunny yellow gel polish for a summer pedicure

Charming summer nail art with insects

Butterfly pedicure

These graceful, magnificent creations of nature are strongly associated with carefree childhood, happy emotions. That is why butterflies of all colors and sizes, drawn and applied with stickers, lined with rhinestones or strictly laconic, have become a symbol of the coming season.

Delightful summer French pedicure with a butterfly and rhinestones

Bright design with a butterfly pattern in pink and white

Multi-colored stains on the nails

Abstract textures look unusual, make it easy to choose the right combination of color shades. It can be: light, charming pastel, or catchy neon colors.

Bright watercolor stains on the big toes

Catchy bright scarlet pedicure with black and white stains

Floristry on nails

In summer, it is impossible to ignore the floral and plant themes. Delicate unopened buds and lush flowers, creepers and luxurious tropical greenery – all this is actively used to create unique nail designs.

Summer pedicure with lush bouquets of flowers

Light floral pedicure with rhinestones

Fruit decor on a pedicure

Bright, refreshing berries and fruit slices on the nails are a popular trend that has been holding its own for the third year. Drawings are perfectly combined with transparent drops, rhinestones and glitter, images of cocktails, beach umbrellas.

Juicy summer pedicure with watermelon pattern on thumbs

Universal strips – royal pedicure for summer 2022

Geometry is not so popular in summer, but stripes are beyond competition! They go great with the nautical theme. And the decor, applied with silver or gold metallic ribbons, looks regally brilliant.

Luxury design with gold stripes and accent nails


Beautiful stripes with floral print and inlaid with multi-colored rhinestones

Solar pedicure colors for the summer season 2022

Yellow shades are one of the most sought after in the summer season. They can be creatively combined with any other colors, complemented with glitter and accessories, fashionable textures.

Elegant, warm bright yellow pedicure with colored stones

Trendy black dots on a lemon yellow background

Pink splendor of nails – a universal pedicure for summer holidays

The widest range of pink shades makes it possible to implement the most daring ideas. Pink can be airy-light or luxuriously elegant, easily combined with romantic and floral themes.

Romantic pink heart nail design

Bright pink nail design with a matte finish and a hole lined with rhinestones

White summer pedicure

Feminine, most noble summer shade. To complement the monochrome with an unusual “zest”, sliders, stones, and other types of jewelry are used.

Monochrome white glitter nail design

White finish with transfer foil decoration

Decoration with sequins and rhinestones for summer pedicure 2022

Do you want to shine and catch admiring glances? Decorating with sequins, rhinestones and kamifubuki is the easiest and most elegant way to turn an ordinary pedicure into a festive masterpiece.

Bright turquoise pedicure with ombre and glitter decor

Fashionable shade of coffee with milk and inlay with rhinestones and pearls

Summer flowers and rhinestones on a pastel yellow background

Rubbing on summer nails is a growing trend in 2022 in pedicure

Fact about pedicure

Toenails are tougher than fingernails. That is why pedicure requires special tools with very sharp edges. Or – a high-quality milling cutter with a set of nozzles.

Mirror pigments of various shades are an uptrend of the current and future seasons. Rubbing does not need additional decor, being an ornament in itself.

Gorgeous mirror finish

Atmospheric nail art in a pedicure – for creative people for the summer of 2022

Original images and inscriptions are the best way to express yourself. In 2022, funny or hinting pictures are in fashion, vividly reflecting the opinion and hobbies of the hostess.

Unusual white and yellow pedicure with a funny cat

Flying cartoon unicorn on a light beige background

Summer pedicure in French design

Despite its long history, French technology never goes out of style. Next summer, bright colors and unusual combinations are in trend.

Bright jacket with a multi-colored background and white

Stamping on nails – fashionable summer with a beautiful pedicure

With this simple technique, you can easily and quickly apply the most beautiful, multi-colored patterns to a monochromatic coating.

Original stamping on big toes

Foil and gossamer on a summer pedicure

Pieces of foil and thick, viscous gossamer gel paints serve as great additional elements for delicate or bright summer pedicure designs.

Impressive, colorful foil pedicure

Summer design with fruits and inscriptions and white and black gossamer

Pedicure for summer 2022 in foam technique

Charming novelty bubble nails, with a coating on soap suds, remains relevant next summer.

Unusual foam pedicure on a deep blue background combined with

Marine theme pedicure – for summer holidays 2022

To create a wonderful holiday mood, painting, modeling or decorating in a marine style is great.

Bright holiday pedicure that creates mood

Summer pedicure with gradient or ombre

The delightful technique of color transitions has been holding the lead for several seasons. In summer, bright, neon colors with a matte top, or gently romantic notes are in demand.

Delicate summer pedicure with ombre, in sunny peach tones

Animal print pedicure for summer 2022

Interest in drawings in the style of leopard skin does not fade away. In 2022, you can use gold glitter and foil, unusual color combinations instead of the standard colors.

Shiny leopard print

And, in conclusion, expert advice: choosing your own style, image, do not be afraid to experiment!

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