The most fashionable makeup trend this season will be eyeliners of an unusual format.

New makeup trends for 2022

Creating a beautiful image for a woman is directly related to fashion, everyone wants to look extraordinary and spectacular. Makeup trends for 2022 dictate two directions – this is the most natural beauty or brightness on the verge of reasonable. With this fashion, make-up can be changed daily and not repeated for several months, the main thing is to know the measure in the color palette and apply it sparingly.

The most fashionable makeup trend this season will be eyeliners of an unusual format.

What do the trendy novelties of 2022 in makeup offer us?

Bold decisions and “playing” with contrasts are in fashion, as well as natural beauty, which is considered timeless and always relevant. For women who prefer a bright make-up, you can safely buy blisters with multi-colored shadows, eyeliner pencils and rich lipsticks.

The main thing in makeup in 2022 is a harmonious combination of bright colors with nude tones.

Ladies who love naturalness can limit themselves to a little correction, eyebrow coloring and lip gloss, and this will be enough to be in trend. The choice of makeup for 2022, on the one hand, borders on the verge of absurdity, thanks to the brightness, on the other hand, it can create quite a cute and doll-like look, so you should be patient to find a balance between fashion and attractiveness.

Natural beauty will always be in trend, so you can use a minimum of cosmetics in combination with sparkles in makeup.

Face Skin Makeup 2022

A healthy complexion is the basis of any makeup, for this you will have to expand the range of basic care products. And some problem areas will help brighten up foundation and powder. A highlighter will add radiance to the skin, but when applying, you don’t need to get carried away and observe the measure – it should look natural.

Clean and healthy skin is considered a trendsetter at all times.

As for blush, it is better to refuse them or use as close tones as possible to skin color.

A highlighter is used for a light sheen on the face.

Brown and beige shades are best suited for autumn and winter, while in spring and summer it is desirable to use delicate pink tones that will add freshness to the skin of the face.

From blush in 2022, you can completely abandon in favor of bright shadows

Fashion eye makeup trends in 2022

An expressive look has a bewitching effect on others. In the 2022 season, a woman may not use decorative cosmetics, but at the same time look spectacular.

Eyelash extensions will become indispensable in makeup in 2022 to create a feminine look

At the disposal of fashionistas eyelash extensions of any length and format, but at the same time it is necessary to observe the measure, puppet images are more suitable for young ladies, and for older beauties, there are natural sizes.

Both classic makeup colors and bright ones that create a daring look are in fashion.

If natural beauty doesn’t inspire you or you’re planning a party, then you can use all your imagination and use bright colors, including sparkles and unusual patterns on the eyelids.

Bright shadows and lipstick with sparkles are perfect for evening make-up.

Shadows and eyeliners in the same color do not look defiant, but look impressive

  • Eyeliners

Any shape is suitable that can not only emphasize, but also increase the shape of the eyes. The trend is bifurcated eyeliners of different colors, contouring and unusual options.

Classic black eyeliners can transform the look of any woman.

Bright eyeliners with glitter can be worn both in everyday life and at parties

Particularly relevant will be drawings and ornaments, smoothly passing from the upper to the lower eyelid. When creating a painting, you can use two or three colors and complement it with shiny elements.

Double and triple eyeliners are especially relevant in the 2022 season.

Bold drawings are perfect for evening and holiday makeup.

  • Shadows

The most fashionable color is green, which can be used in all available colors. Shadows can cover the entire eyelid or be used as a light shade.

Trending makeup colors in 2022 - all shades of green and blue

If green doesn’t suit you, then consider options for blue, gray and brown, combined with beige.

Brown tones for eye makeup are back in fashion and look amazing

  • glitter

Iridescent elements can be applied to the “naked” eyelid or used as an addition to the shadows. In addition to glitter, for evening makeup, you can attach a few rhinestones or small multi-colored beads in the corners of your eyes, which will look spectacular.

Glitter shadows combined with eyeliners are a great solution for daily makeup.

Sequins can be worn both in everyday life and on holidays.

A bright image can also be created on the basis of

  • ink

For everyday makeup, you should give preference to the classic black color, and for the evening look, a shade under the shadow. Eyelashes when applying mascara should not look too voluminous, it is better to use bright eyeliners.

In everyday life 2022, it is better to give preference to natural makeup

The natural look of the hairs is in trend, so you do not need to bother your eyes with a thick layer of decor. That is why in 2022 the classic eyelash extension service will be very popular, then you won’t have to use mascara either.

A large amount of mascara on the cilia is no longer fashionable, we prefer natural makeup

Eyebrow makeup trends for 2022

The shape and color may be different, the basis should be accuracy.

Eyebrows of normal thickness and color are the best solution for any look.

When contacting the master for eyebrow correction, you can limit yourself to minimal hair removal, but this should look harmonious on the face, so the type of appearance must also be taken into account. And with the help of fashion trends we achieve brightness and originality of the image.

  • Eyebrow tinting

The main focus should not be color, but grooming. The ideal shape can be transformed with light shadows in the color of the hair or even a couple of tones lighter.

Eyebrows should look more natural, and the color can always be corrected with a pencil or shadows.

If you use eyebrow coloring for care, then dark formats are no longer in fashion, it is better to limit yourself to natural shades, and for those who need it, do lightening.

Raised eyebrow hairs are considered the main trend of the season 2022

  • Wet eyebrows

The glossy radiance that can be achieved with a gel will undoubtedly be reflected in the appearance of the skin. If it accompanies constant fatigue and dark circles under the eyes, then it is better to refuse the wet effect, it will only increase the traces of lack of sleep.

 With the help of makeup gel, you can achieve any effect on the eyebrows.

Therefore, you need to stock up on a good mood and a blooming appearance in order to wear wet eyebrows on your face and delight those around you with your beauty.

The effect of

  • bleached eyebrows

A bold decision is not suitable for all women, but it is in trend. It is not necessary to change the image drastically, you can use the composition two or three shades lighter when coloring the eyebrows, which will be quite enough to keep up with fashion.

Eyebrow lightening has long been popular with women, and it has become a trend.

And if you need to make the image more expressive, a correction pencil will come to the rescue.

The best solution for women to keep up with fashion is the natural shape and color of the eyebrows.

Trendy lip makeup in 2022

Bright lipsticks and shining lip glosses are gradually but surely returning to fashion. But this does not mean that you need to throw out matte formats, they are still in trend, but they are already losing their positions.

Lips in 2022 can be both bright and shiny, and matte nude

Do not forget about permanent lip makeup, taking into account the fashion, do not gloss – it will look spectacular. During the procedure, you can create an ideal contour and increase the volume within natural limits, which will be an adornment for any woman.

  • Red color

Juicy cherry or wine tones are considered out of fashion and will be relevant in any season.

For a bright look and freshness to the skin of the face, you can use carrot color for makeup.

In addition to the rich red color, which is not suitable for every woman, you can use shades of carrot or orange, which, combined with a slight sheen, will make the image bright and memorable.

  • Pink color

The delicate shade on the lips is considered a classic and can be used in combination with both bright eye makeup and without it. If the pink color does not inspire, then the fuchsia tone will look quite impressive.

Pink color for makeup can be varied, you can choose any shade

When choosing a lipstick, you can consider matte or glossy options, the main thing is that the one who wears them likes them.

Fuchsia for makeup also belongs to pink tones, but at the same time it is bright and saturated.

  • nude color

Creamy lipstick or gloss will be in trend all 2022.

Nude tones in lip makeup are not only in trend, but also very beautiful.

Nude tones are especially relevant for women who prefer delicate images with a minimum amount of decorative cosmetics on their faces, then lips can become the most attractive and beautiful element in the image.

Lipstick in nude tones for lip makeup can be both matte and shiny

  • Transparent

Another great solution for maintaining natural beauty. Transparent colors with a slight sheen on the lips will suit…

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