Fashionable winter pedicure

New pedicure in winter 2022: fashion trends, top 10 trending nail design options with photos

In winter, our feet are hidden from view with socks and shoes. However, this is not at all a reason to refuse a beautiful pedicure, because the feeling of impeccable grooming raises self-esteem, inspires confidence and good mood. So, what can you treat your feet to in the winter of 2022?

Fashionable winter pedicure

Winter pedicure 2022 using the gossamer technique

And let’s start with the novelties of nail design, one of which is the gossamer gel. This is a very dense consistency, with which you can apply narrow convex lines to the surface of the nail.


It is impossible to paint or cover the entire nail with this gel, it is only suitable for creating geometric patterns. The classic colors of this gel are black, white, silver and gold. They are used most often, although there are also colored options. To create a pedicure in this technique, you will need:

These nails look very unusual.

  • gel polish;
  • gel-cobweb of a contrasting color;
  • fine brush or dots brush;
  • sponge;
  • degreaser (you can use alcohol);
  • topcoat gels.

Instead of a brush, you can use an orange stick to apply the pattern.

Gossamer gel

After applying the main coating with a stick or brush, the cobweb is picked up and pulled up. A thin thread is formed. Next, you need to bring the nail and lay the thread in the right direction. With a sharp movement, tear off the brush or stick.

Spider web pedicure

Unavoidable excess gel that has fallen on the skin is removed with a sponge dipped in a degreasing solution. Of course, such a pedicure requires skill, and only the master in the salon can accurately perform it. The technique allows you to get very neat stylish nails.

Pedicure for winter 2022 using the Liquid Metal technique

Another innovation that has appeared recently is “liquid metal”. It would seem that what is common between metallurgy and the beauty industry? However, the metallic sheen with its iridescence has an attractive power and inspires designers and stylists to new ideas. This is how the “liquid metal” technique on nails appeared.

liquid metal design on nails

This effect is created using transfer foil. It looks especially impressive on matte varnish. The glossy finish reduces the shine of the foil. Choosing the right shade of foil for the chosen varnish is not at all difficult. Holographic foil is suitable for any coating, silver is better to use for cold tones: blue, blue, purple.

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Gold foil will look better on gel polish in warm shades: red, yellow, orange. Even a novice master will cope with the application technology, and such a decor lasts 2-3 weeks.

So you can decorate one finger or everything, this design is suitable for everyday wear and for festive occasions.

Animal design relevant for winter pedicure 2022

Animalistic and “predatory” motifs on nails are still popular. This is a leopard or snake pattern, zebra stripes. And they will look great both in the French pedicure technique and in combination with holes, inscriptions, rhinestones, rubbing and foil. And it can look completely different: it can be gentle and sweet or bold and intriguing.

Animal design in pedicure is always interesting

A leopard nail surrounded by fingers made in the traditional manner of French design will look fresh. The combination of an animalistic pattern with transparent areas on the nails “negative space” will make the pedicure more elegant. An absolutely amazing effect will be obtained if you combine a predatory print with the “spider line” technique, which was described above.

It always looks unexpected, especially if you add a gradient background here.

Intriguing and daring leopard pedicure

The “predatory” design goes well with a matte pedicure. Velvet matte nails with a tiger or leopard pattern will look very noble. A predatory design in combination with inscriptions, in a nude version, will look unexpected and original.

Technique “Splashes of paints” in a pedicure in the winter of 2022

“Paint splashes”, “quail egg”, “black crumb” – all this is the name of the same technique that will be very popular in the winter 2022 season. It looks very unusual and gentle and is very simple to perform. A similar effect is given by the “brush strokes” technique, iridescent pedicure.


Fact about pedicure

Removing corns on the feet is a responsible procedure that requires knowledge and skill. Each type of corns requires a special approach and tools, preparations.

Winter pedicure 2022 using color-block technique

A bright nail design using the color-block technique is very popular this season. With this technique, the nail is divided into cells, which are painted in different colors. It turns out a very bright design. The pattern can be strictly geometric or arbitrary, blocks of bright or pastel colors.

Color-block technique, always bright and interesting

This technique can be combined with foil, rhinestones, sequins. Masters masterfully perform this pedicure not only on the thumb, but also on the rest of the fingers, where the nail area is very small. Cheerful bright nail design in the color block style will perfectly complete the festive New Year’s look.

Flock pedicure for winter 2022

A great idea for a winter nail design is a flock pedicure. How do you like fluffy nails? Flock is an upholstery material. Flock for nails is a velvet powder made of viscose, cotton, polyamide or wool. Sold in jars.

Flock pedicure

It is also called powder pollen, velvet powder or pile powder. The shorter the flock fibers, the neater it looks and the longer it stays on the nails. It should be selected tone-on-tone to the varnish so that bald spots do not protrude.

Flock on nails - amazing effect

The flock stays on the nails from three to 10 days, then it has to be corrected or replaced with a new one. The specialists in the salon have all the necessary skills, materials and tools to make this trendy pedicure for your brightest holiday evening.

The procedure takes no more than half an hour, if all the nuances are observed. We will not dwell on the details of the technology here, our masters are well aware of it. And we will talk about some more fashion trends this winter.

Fashionable in 2022 winter pedicure design

Pedicure with drawings is always interesting and relevant. The theme can be very different: flowers, fruits, ornaments, geometry.

Winter theme in pedicure

Winter theme – snowflakes, stars. Draw a Snow Maiden or Santa Claus, a Christmas tree. This nail art will definitely cheer you up. French pedicure, pedicure with rhinestones, with foil, with rubbing do not give up their positions.

Beautiful pedicure with a pattern

Ombre pedicure is still relevant.

Relevant for 2022 shades of winter pedicure

In conclusion, let’s talk about the most fashionable shades of pedicure this winter. Here is a rather long list of them, there is plenty to choose from: turquoise, peach, pink, red, blue, lilac, orange, mint, olive, lemon, sky blue, beige, powdery, white, burgundy, black, emerald, pistachio, lavender, light green .

Current pedicure options for the 2021-2022 season

The trend of the season is combined techniques that will give your nails a completely exclusive look. But monochromatic options do not go out of fashion. Experiment. And to make it easier for you, we offer a selection of photos of a fashionable stylish pedicure.

Pedicure bright jacket with sparkles

Pedicure with rhinestones

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