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New Year’s makeup 2019: trends, ideas

What makeup to do for the New Year 2019?

On the eve of the new year, every girl thinks about creating the perfect holiday look. In addition to the wardrobe, careful attention is paid to manicure, hair and, especially, makeup. Creating a competent and effective make-up for the New Year’s party depends on personal preferences, outfit and the main beauty trends of the season.

Top makeup trends for 2019

Gray makeup for the new year

Professional makeup artists claim that in the new 2019, most of the current trends will continue to hold their positions. Their opinions do not differ with regard to New Year’s makeup. To be the most fashionable at the New Year’s party, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the main trends of 2019 in the field of makeup.

The main trends in makeup 2019 based on fashion shows:

  • arrows;
  • Gold;
  • Shine effect;
  • Shimmer;
  • Glitter on the lips;
  • “Retro style.

The main direction of the make-up for the New Year is radiance. Makeup artists recommend adding more shimmery nuances and brilliant accents, not only on the eyes, but also on the lips, cheekbones, and under the eyebrows.

New Year's make-up with kamifibuki

In 2019, it is the golden shade that is the most fashionable and in demand in makeup.

Leading shades in makeup 2019:

  • Golden;
  • Red;
  • Emerald;
  • Purple;
  • Indigo;
  • Metallic.

Complemented with glitter or mother-of-pearl finishes, the listed shades will help create the perfect New Year’s look. Lipsticks with sparkles or kamifibuka are especially relevant. At popular fashion shows, sequins were replaced with special make-up foil, which gave the appearance of the models an extravagant touch, at the same time creating an authentic style.

How to make up for the New Year 2019?

New Year's make-up in gentle colors

Before you start creating a stunning make-up for the New Year, you need to familiarize yourself with the main factors influencing the choice of shades for make-up, and fashionable application techniques.

Popular techniques for New Year’s makeup:

  • with arrows;
  • “Smoky Ice”;
  • “Cat’s eye”;
  • Embossed;
  • With rhinestones;
  • With shimmer.

Shades for makeup are directly dependent on the color of the hair and eyes. However, there are a number of versatile shadows and eyeliners with glitter that can give any look a festive and expressive effect, for example: golden and purple metallic.

New Year’s makeup ideas for brunettes

New Year's makeup for brunettes

The ideal New Year’s makeup technique for girls with dark hair is considered “retro”. Retro style includes bright shades of lipsticks and arrows. At the same time, makeup artists advise not to dwell on the classics, but to experiment and try new elements.

Beautiful combinations of New Year’s make-up for brunettes:

  • Scarlet lips and classic black arrows;
  • Double arrows and mother-of-pearl lipstick;
  • Relief technique and lipstick with a shimmer;
  • Smokey ice and lips in nude tones;
  • Glitter lipstick and shimmer eyeshadows.

For eye makeup, it is recommended to choose shadows and eyeliners that match the shade of the iris. Brunettes with gray eyes are suitable for shades in cold nuances: blue, green and purple shades.

Multi-colored glitter makeup for the new year

Dark-haired girls with blue eyes should prefer more neutral combinations of shadows:

  • purple;
  • Dark grey;
  • Persikov;
  • Corporal;
  • Intense blue.

This eye color also allows you to choose a bright eyeliner in silver, metallic, purple or blue. Eyelashes are best painted over exclusively in black.

Intense make-up for the new year in technology "banana"

For brown eyes and dark hair, there is a huge selection of shadows and techniques that help create a stunning New Year’s look. The ideal option would be shadows in shades:

  • golden;
  • Turquoise;
  • Bronze;
  • sea ​​wave;
  • Plum.

Of the techniques, the most interesting will be: “cat’s eye”, “cut crease”, “smoky ice” and “banana”. It is recommended to perform them in several bright shades with the addition of a black accent at the corners of the eyes.

Makeup ideas for the New Year for blondes

New Year's makeup for blondes

For owners of blond hair, it is especially important to highlight the look in makeup. Therefore, when applying a New Year’s make-up, it is better to focus on the eyes, and emphasize the lips with nude tones with a satin or mother-of-pearl finish:

  • Gold;
  • Beige;
  • Bodily;
  • Caramel;
  • Peach.

When choosing a technique, preference should be given to options that combine several shades from light to dark. Uniformity in makeup is not the best solution for blondes. The best combinations are:

  • Glitter arrows and bright lipstick or lip gloss;
  • Relief make-up technique and satin lipstick;
  • Smokey ice with shimmer and nude lips;
  • Shadows with kamifibuki and nude cream lipstick.

Pink Christmas makeup for blondes

When creating makeup for the New Year, you need to take into account the color of the eyes in order to emphasize their natural beauty. Too dark shades should also be excluded, giving preference to saturated options.

For blue and gray eyes, tones are suitable:

  • Lilac;
  • deep blue;
  • Silver;
  • Chocolate;
  • Champagne.

Owners of green eyes should give preference to cold nuances: lavender with a metallic effect, plum, turquoise in combination with silver, gold and chocolate shades.

Any colorful combinations are suitable for brown-eyed blondes, with the exception of a black shade, which is recommended to be replaced with brown, dark blue, emerald or purple.

Makeup in champagne color

The same combinations are suitable for fair-haired girls as for blondes, however, they can include more dark shades in the New Year’s make-up. In addition to these makeup combinations, they are also recommended to use satin lipsticks with sparkles in shades:

  • Cold red;
  • Golden;
  • Smoky purple;
  • Purple metallic.

Such colors will look especially beautiful and fashionable with nude eye makeup with a transparent shimmer or shiny arrows.

New Year’s make-up for red-haired girls

New Year's makeup for red-haired girls

Red-haired girls for the New Year should give preference to nude makeup with colorful accents. Bright hair color already looks very catchy, so when choosing a New Year’s make-up, you need to refrain from overly saturated options.

Beautiful makeup combinations for the New Year for girls with red hair:

  • Classic arrows, mother-of-pearl nude shadows and creamy lipstick;
  • Relief technique in brown tones and lip gloss;
  • Double glittery winged eyeliner and a slight shimmery lipstick;
  • Smokey ice in golden chocolate shades and taupe lipstick.

Smokey ice with shimmer

For owners of red hair and gray eyes, the Smokey Ice technique, made in gray shades with a bronze shimmer, is perfect.

Against the background of blue eyes, dark blue shadows and black eyeliner will look beautiful. For greens, it is better to use emerald, light green and yellow muted nuances, complemented by silver or golden glitter.

For brown-eyed girls with red hair, it is better to choose a nude make-up for the eyes and a bright rich lipstick, preferably purple and chocolate tones.

New Year’s makeup: step by step

New Year's smokey ice with glitter and arrows

No festival is complete without the popular application technique…

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