Макияж на Новый год для зеленых глаз

New Year’s makeup for green eyes: step by step photos, ideas

Makeup for the New Year 2021 for green eyes: 25+ cool ideas

New Year is a holiday for which everyone prepares thoroughly. It is important to pay attention not only to the festive table, but also to yourself. The selection of dresses is usually carried out in accordance with the primary colors selected by stylists. But makeup is best done based on your own eye color and facial features – an overhanging eyelid, lowered corners of the eyes, etc.

New Year's eye makeup
Beautiful brown makeup
Arrow makeup
Eye makeup in oriental style

We tell you what makeup is suitable for green-eyed girls for the New Year 2021.

New Year’s makeup for green eyes: features

Festive makeup, especially for the New Year, involves the presence of bright shades of shadows, sparkles and rhinestones. Although such classic options as retro makeup, with an emphasis only on lips, nude ones also have a right to exist.

Beautiful bright makeup

  • Suitable shadows for green eye makeup for the New Year: beige, gold, green, brown, blue, purple, red-brown, plum.
  • A suitable shade of lipstick for green eyes for the New Year is red, scarlet, red-brown, peach-beige, light pink.

Makeup for the new year for green eyes makeup artists recommend doing with an emphasis on them. Apply a neutral matte lipstick or a glossy light shade.

Consider step-by-step instructions for festive makeup for green eyes using different techniques.

New Year’s makeup for green eyes: step by step

Bright makeup with colored bottom arrows

Before proceeding with eye makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin: cleanse, moisturize it. Then apply foundation and concealer under the eyes. Since this is New Year’s makeup, makeup artists recommend using dense textures so that the make-up lasts all night. Read our article on how to choose the right foundation.

with arrows

Makeup for green eyes with an arrow

There are various types of makeup with arrows, but for green eyes for the New Year, the option using a green pencil is ideal.

  • STEP 1: Apply powder shadows, white and yellow, vertically on the mobile eyelid. Blend them out.
  • STEP 2: Draw an arrow along the upper lash line with black eyeliner. Add a golden eyeliner near the inner corner of the eye, and underline the lower eyelid with a green pencil.
  • STEP 3: Cover your lashes with volumizing mascara.

Learn how to make fashionable oriental-style makeup for the New Year.


Makeup for green eyes with brown shadows

New Year’s makeup for green eyes involves the use of shiny shadows. Actual shades are gold, brown, green.

  • STEP 1: Paint over the entire upper eyelid with beige matte shadows.
  • STEP 2: Highlight the moving eyelid in gold, and the crease in orange-brown. Apply dark brown shadow to the lower eyelid and blend it.
  • STEP 3: Draw an arrow with black eyeliner, and draw a tear line and the inner corner of the eye with a pencil.
  • STEP 4: Color your eyelashes.

In the technique of “loop”

banana eye makeup for green eyes

If there is such a problem as an impending eyelid, makeup using the “loop” technique can help out. Shadows are better to use neutral classic shades – beige-brown.

  • STEP 1: Apply beige shadow on the upper eyelid.
  • STEP 2: With a sharp pencil, highlight the upper lash line and the border for dark shadows.
  • STEP 3: Apply brown shadow to the outer corner of the eye and the upper fixed eyelid. Paint over the entire loop area.
  • STEP 4: Under the eyebrow white pearl shade. Mascara on eyelashes.

Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes for the New Year

Beautiful makeup for the New Year will make you feel confident and elegant. Do not miss the opportunity to look chic, even if the holiday is held in the family circle. This is the most magical night of the year, when innermost desires come true, so you need to dream and be beautiful.

smokey ice

Smokey eye makeup
Smokey eye makeup for green eyes

New Year’s makeup this year is fashionable to perform using shiny shadows. But the days of matte make-up are over. The most popular technique is still smoky ice.

Learn the step by step smokey eye makeup technique.

Bright watercolor

Makeup with green shadows
Bright makeup for the summer
green smoky
Girl with blue makeup for green eyes
Black and blue smoky ice
Very nice makeup for the evening

Another trendy option is watercolor technique. In this case, bright colors are worn on the eyes. For such a make-up, creamy texture shadows are mainly used. They give a glossy sheen and shine, which looks especially appropriate on New Year’s Eve.


Oriental evening makeup
Dark makeup for green eyes

Oriental makeup Looks great for New Years too. Its main differences are long arrows and a highlighted inner corner of the eye.

More photo ideas on how to make a stylish make-up in oriental style here.

In light brown colors

Beautiful light make-up for prom
Holiday nude makeup

Nude make-up on a holiday like the New Year, girls with green eyes and blond hair are suitable. Brown-haired women and brunettes should emphasize their eyes so as not to look boring. To do this, use brown eye shadow or a pencil.

Retro makeup with arrows

Retro makeup
Retro makeup for the New Year

Makeup in retro style – another good idea for the New Year. Girls with green eyes are suitable for arrows and bright lips. The color of lipstick is selected depending on the color type. For warm – red-brown hue, and for cold – red-violet.

Wide eyebrows

Light makeup for a green-eyed girl
Makeup for blonde girls with green eyes

Wide eyebrows – Another trend in makeup, which is still relevant. If you focus on them, there is no need to use bright shadows or lipstick. Even without it, the look is expressive.

Red lips

Purple lips makeup for green eyes
Beautiful makeup with red lips and arrows

Red lips and green eyes – a stylish combination for the New Year. This option is suitable for blondes, and brown-haired women, and redheads. It is recommended to complement the image with earrings in the color of the eyes.


Bright eye makeup for the New Year

Makeup for the New Year should be bright and memorable, but you should not turn into a Christmas tree. It is enough to add a small amount of golden shadows, use a highlighter or bronzer to highlight some areas on the face. Bright lips – at will, taking into account the color type of appearance.

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