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Nuances due to which hairstyles do not work

The nuances that make it impossible to do your hair

To make yourself a beautiful hairstyle with collected hair, you do not need to have a special talent. The main thing is to follow the sequence of actions and listen to the recommendations of specialists.

We collected the main nuances, because of which beautiful bunches at home may not work.

Why can’t you do your own hair?

Cool wedding hairstyle step by step

There are a number of rules, the observance of which guarantees success when creating hairstyles at home. Hair length, color and structure do not really matter. But the preparation of the correct subsequent actions decide everything.

By following these rules, you can learn how to do your own evening and festive hairstyle in just 15-20 minutes. And this is not only savings on visits to the salon, but also the opportunity to always look special.

Let’s talk about the details…

Head is not clean

Smooth hairstyle with parting

All hairstyles, including those with collected hair, must be done on clean hair. Only at fashion shows, stylists can miss the moment to wash their hair due to lack of time. They use a lot of dry shampoo and hair fixatives, which greatly worsens the condition of the hair. Therefore, at home, do not be lazy: before you start your hair, be sure to wash your hair.

Using a leave-in mask

Wet hairstyle with side parting

When deciding to create a hairstyle, especially from curls, you do not need to apply indelible products to your hair. Under normal conditions, such masks and sprays are necessary to make the strands smooth. But when creating a hairstyle, perfectly smooth hair will be difficult to fix, as it will fall apart.

Together with keratin-based products, it is better to use a special structuring cream or foam for curls.

No frame

Hairstyle in the Greek style: in stages

Any hairstyle will look more voluminous if you collect it in a row. To do this, you need to collect a rhombus in the place where the tail or bun will be, and stab the rest of the hair with separate invisible ones.

Corrugation all over the head

Beautiful hairstyle Buzova

Fine corrugation helps to add volume. However, not all hair needs to be crimped. It is important to skip the top strands so that the hairstyle remains smooth and does not look like it was gathered after the braids.

Invisibles out of color

Photo wedding styling with stealth

It is extremely important to remember the rule: black invisible hair for dark hair, gold and silver for light hair. Of course, this does not guarantee that no one will see them, but still, a hairstyle with matching hairpins will look neater.

Do your hair and then get dressed

wedding hairstyle idea

It would seem, what a trifle, but it is she who in most cases spoils everything. It is important to remember that before proceeding with the hairstyle, you need to put on a dress. Now you can safely twist the curls and collect them in your hair. she is no longer in danger.

Studs instead of stealth

Easy hairstyle

In childhood, we all collected bunches with the help of hairpins. However, this is not the best idea. It is much more correct to fasten the strands with invisibility. They are more reliable, and the studs are a decorative element. They can decorate the finished hairstyle by choosing with pearls, flowers or stones.

Now it has become clearer what nuances should be taken into account in order to get a hairstyle?

For inspiration, we show the current options for bundles that you can assemble yourself with a pair of hairpins and pre-rolled hair. By the way, they told about why to make curls if we plan to collect hair. HERE.

Beautiful wedding hairstyle with pearls
Unusual wedding hairstyle with pearls
Delicate bun - wedding hairstyle with pearls
Low bun for the bride - fashionable hairstyle
Original hairstyle for the bride - idea
Hairstyle bun with pearl beads photo
Hairstyle with ribbon
beautiful bun hairstyle
Elegant wedding hairstyle
Side ponytail - hairstyle
Hairstyle on one side of the tail photo
simple bridal braid hairstyle
half-length hair hairstyle
Delicate hairstyle with a braid for the bride
Hairstyle on the side with invisibility
Side braid hairstyle
Neat smooth bun
Low fluffy bun
Half bun and loose hair
A bunch of flagella for a wedding
Wedding bun with pearls
Bundle with a handkerchief
Bundle for sparse hair
Hairstyle - low bun
Neat bun of hair
Hairstyle "bun"
beautiful beam
Bun and bangs
low ponytail hairstyle
beautiful tail

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