Как правильно нанести макияж в стиле нюд?

Nude makeup: application rules, step by step photo

How to do nude makeup?

Nude makeup is barely noticeable makeup on the face. Its peculiarity lies in the thin application of layers of cosmetics on the skin of a woman’s face in order to preserve its naturalness. This type of makeup is suitable for everyday activities and attending parties.

Nude makeup cosmetics

Before applying nude makeup, you should carefully consider the choice of cosmetics. Each skin type has its own shades.

For owners fair skin light shades of the palette are used. To emphasize the eyes, shimmery shadows in peach or taupe color are applied to the eyelid. The champagne highlighter will highlight the brows. Blush of honey and apricot color is applied to the cheeks. Beige-pink lip balm is perfect for blondes with fair skin.

Nude makeup for fair skin

To emphasize the eyes of women with dark skin golden and bronze shades are used. They will accentuate the tone of the face and make-up will not look too bright. Purple-pink lipstick will give the lips a rich color, and brown-pink blush will highlight the cheekbones and dimples on the woman’s cheeks.

Nude makeup for dark skin

For owners dark skin shades of golden brown are suitable. They are applied to the moving eyelid, lower eyelashes and crease. Bronze-golden lipstick is used to give expression to the lips. Bronze highlighter is used to highlight the cheekbones in women with dark hair.

Nude makeup for dark skinned women

For nude makeup, you will need the following cosmetics:

  • Nude palette of eyeshadows (you can also use regular ones);
  • White pencil (used to emphasize the mucosa);
  • Makeup base;
  • Blush;
  • Powder (preferably loose)
  • Tone cream;
  • Concealer or proofreader;
  • Lip gloss.

Next, we list the main cosmetics that makeup artists give their preference to when creating nude makeup.

Foundation Giorgio Armani for nude makeup is a favorite among makeup artists. Its texture is liquid. You can apply foundation with your fingers or with a brush. Suitable for any skin type.

Foundation Giorgio Armani for nude makeup

Yves Rocher Nude Eyeshadow Palette includes 10 shades. Suitable for all skin types of women. Before applying them, it is recommended to first use the base under the shadows.

Yves Rocher Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Lip Gloss has a dense and helium texture. It moisturizes the lips and gives them a natural look.

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Lip Gloss

Based on the latest fashion trends, makeup artists do not use mascara when creating Nude makeup. When applying evening make-up, false eyelashes are used, and for daytime, natural eyelashes are tinted in one layer to emphasize the natural beauty of a woman.

When choosing cosmetics for applying nude makeup, you should give preference to soft and delicate shades.

Features of nude makeup depending on eye color

When applying nude makeup, it is necessary to take into account such a feature of appearance as eye color. Each color has its own palette. Let’s take a closer look at the secrets of natural eye makeup.

Owners brown eyes considered lucky. When applying nude makeup, they can use all the shades of the eyeshadow palette. To make makeup more expressive, brown, green, purple and blue shades are used. To emphasize the depth of the look, dark blue colors are applied.

Nude makeup for brown eyes

A pencil to emphasize brown eyes is used in purple and black. Owners of brown eyes are suitable for such mascara colors as: green, emerald, bronze, gray. Her shade is matched to the color of the hair. For example, blondes can use brown or silver mascara.

A black pencil is used to give expressiveness to the eyes.

Applying nude makeup for owners blue eyes contains a number of rules:

  • Eyeshadows are chosen in warm tones – peach or sand.
  • The use of bright colors by blondes will give the makeup a vulgar look.
  • To avoid the effect of red and puffy eyes, it is not recommended to use red shadows.
  • If a woman has gray-blue eyes, then the shades of the palette are selected a tone or two darker so that they do not seem lifeless and sad.

Nude makeup for gray-blue eyes

When applying nude makeup to the owners green eyes, shades of pink, brown and orange are used. To give the image of a woman of mystery, green colors are used, but opposite to the color of the eyes.

When applying evening makeup, you can draw light arrows over the golden eye. This technique visually enlarges the eyes. The color of the ink used is brown.

Nude makeup for green eyes

Owners of bright green eyes can use warm tones to create an image, and if there is a gray tint, cold ones.

Owners of green eyes are not recommended to use blue eye shadow in the palette.

Green eyes attract attention in and of themselves. When applying makeup, you can eliminate shadows, and emphasize the desired image with mascara and eyebrow shaping.

How to do daytime nude eye makeup?

The perfect daytime nude makeup will add mystery to any girl and emphasize her beauty. How to make it? Follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be fine!

Step 1. Skin preparation. Refresh your face with a tonic (it should not contain alcohol, as it dries). After moisturizing the skin with cream. It is applied to the face, eyelids and lips. Wait until everything is absorbed and you can start makeup.

Before applying makeup, the face is moisturized with cream

Step 2 Apply foundation. For nude makeup look for a foundation that blends easily into the skin. It is applied with a sponge or fingertips.

Applying foundation - the second stage of nude makeup

Step 3. Alignment of the face. Corrector is applied in a thin layer. To give the effect of naturalness, it is shaded with fingertips.

Applying corrector under the lower eyelid

Step 4. Apply blush. They are applied to the cheeks, sides of the forehead and the bridge of the nose. The color of the blush should be refreshing. A highlighter is used to give the skin an inner glow.

Applying blush for nude makeup

Step 5. Drawing eyes and eyebrows. For daytime nude makeup, light shades of shadows (peach or light brown) are used. Eyebrows are combed and fixed with a transparent gel. They can also be colored with a pencil or powder shades.

Eye drawing

Step 6. Coloring eyelashes. Black or brown mascara is used in 1-2 layers. At the same stage, the contour of the face is emphasized with the help of a bronzer and blush is applied to the cheekbones.

Applying mascara is one of the last steps in nude makeup.

Step 7. Applying gloss to the lips. The final stage of nude makeup. Its shade should be light (soft pink, for example).

The last stage of makeup - applying gloss

Nude daily make-up completed!

Evening nude makeup: step by step

Day makeup in nude style gives the image of a woman / girl lightness and ease. But if she wants to look elegant and elegant, then evening makeup will suit her.

Evening nude makeup

Step 1. Apply foundation or make-up base. Despite the fact that it is evening, decorative…

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