Девушка с нюдовым макияжем

Nude makeup step by step for beginners; ideas for blue, gray, brown eyes

Gamma nude: nuances when choosing cosmetics for different hair colors

Of course, any rules can be broken! But if you are still a beauty beginner, it is better to follow the recommendations of makeup artists.



• Owners of light curls should be especially careful in choosing shades: they must be in harmony with both skin color and hair color.

• It is better to refuse dark tones: chocolate lipstick can be replaced with peach, and black mascara with brown.

• Eyebrows should not be darkened either. If you want to be in the ultra-trend – on the contrary, brighten them up!

• To prevent your face from looking flat, make light contouring with powder or foundation 1-2 shades darker than usual.

• Place shining accents with a highlighter and apply a thin layer of blush. For blondes, any shades are suitable.


• Use your color type as a guide: no one has canceled the rule of cold / warm shades.

• Among the must-have shades for brunettes is delicate pink. It can be applied to the eyelids, cheeks and lips – you get a trendy mono-makeup.

• Dark shades should not be afraid either, especially in the nude evening make-up. Make your favorite smokey eye in brown or bronze tones, and make up your lips with a tinted balm or gloss.

Brown-haired women

• Use brown kajal, pencil or liner. If you want to highlight your eyes, apply light shadows (peach, beige, champagne) as a base, and then bring the ciliary edge with a thin line.

• Lipstick can be used with both matte and delicate satin finish – the choice is yours, although the second option looks more natural.

• Another unusual idea for brown-haired women – freckles! Draw them with a brown pencil and lightly powder, and add a blush to the cheeks. A mischievous spring look is ready!


• “Brown” is a loose concept, so be guided by the shade of hair.

• If it is dark – work on the eyebrows and paint the eyelashes with brown mascara.

• And if light – stick to pastel shades.

Features of everyday nude makeup for different skin tones

With shades of hair, everything is clear, but what about skin tone?

If you have fair skin

Girl on a yellow background


Pastel shades are ideal (you can use different types: both cream and crumbly). How to apply them correctly? The outer corner of the eye can be slightly darkened, and a little highlighter can be added to the inner and under the eyebrow. Another beauty hack: if your task is to make your eye makeup more voluminous, apply a drop of shining shadows or a highlighter to the central part of the moving eyelid.


The perfect choice – a classic! Peach or pink powder is not suitable for draping, but it will create the effect of a delicate natural blush.


For a make-up for every day, a tint balm is enough, and for the evening, you can apply a matte lipstick. It looks like it will always be in trend!

If you have dark or tanned skin

Girl on a pink background


Golden, bronze and other warm shades of shadows are in perfect harmony with dark skin. To highlight the eyes, it is enough to shade them over the entire eyelid and bring the ciliary contour with a brown pencil or kajal.


Light contouring can be done with bronzing powder and highlighter.


It is better not to use a lipstick that is lighter than the natural shade of your lips or skin. This will create an unnatural contrast.

Gentle nude makeup ideas for different eye colors

Get inspired by our ideas and choose a nude make-up to match the color of your eyes!

Nude makeup for blue eyes

girl with blue eyes

TOP 3 shades of shadows that are definitely worth trying are peach, beige and sandy (they will emphasize the color of the eyes). The ideal company for such shadows is a highlighter and a delicate pink lip gloss.

Nude makeup for brown eyes

girl with brown eyes

Make a make-up in chocolate shades. Use matte shadows for brown eyes to create a dramatic haze.

Nude makeup for gray eyes

If the perfect beauty couple exists, then it is gray + pink. Darken the outer corners of the eyes with taupe or gray shadows and make up the eyelashes, pulling the brush to the temples – you get a light version of the cat eye. Apply lipstick with patting movements to create the effect of kissed lips.

Nude makeup for green eyes

Girl with green eyes

Green eyes go with any shade with a reddish undertone, especially bronze and peach. Try Mono Makeup! Use one shade for lips, eyes and face.

The main mistakes when applying light nude makeup

In the classic version of the nude, there should not be matte textures, but this is exactly the rule that can be broken. Which, in this case, is impossible?

Dense tone

Spot correction will help hide individual skin imperfections and avoid the “mask” effect.

Careless shading

Spots of blush or a noticeable border of applying shadows will negate all your efforts. Use clean dry brushes for blending!

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