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Off-the-shoulder dress with elasticated ruffles

Dress with bare shoulders photo 2018

This year, off-the-shoulder dresses are at the peak of popularity. Fashionistas from all over the world have given preference to such chic outfits, which are considered very sexy and modest.

Dress with bare shoulders – photos of fashionistas from around the world

The summer season 2018 pleases with open, airy and revealing outfits. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas from all over the world opt for off-the-shoulder dresses, focusing on a graceful neck, beautiful posture and playful mood. Cavalli, Gucci, mass market, or do-it-yourself crocheted model – today it is the “highlight” of any beauty’s wardrobe.

Dress with bare shoulders and flounces

Femininity, lightness, airiness, carelessness – these are the associations that come to mind when a beauty in a fashionable look with open shoulders floats by.

Romantic natures, who are characterized by a carefree life and a passion for fashionable novelties, are easy to stay in trend this year. A dress with bare shoulders and flounces is just a hit of the season! Regardless of what was decided to complement the image – sandals, wedges, ballet flats or crocs – admiring glances and compliments are provided.

Wavy elements in an outfit are not only elegant, but also relevant for those who want to hide minor figure flaws. Dresses with flounces are chosen from thin, flowing fabrics, such as chintz or chiffon. Models must be selected according to the figure, or one size larger. The dress should give flirtatiousness, but not sit in a bag, do not bulge in the sides, and do not squeeze the shoulders with an elastic band, which is the basis for creating a flounce.

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Stylish long models to the floor

From the point of view of men, a seductive dress is a mini in all versions. But, you don’t always want to attract, charm and look sexy, sometimes you plan to just go shopping. In this case, a dress with bare shoulders to the floor will be a convenient and stylish option. The loose fit makes it extremely comfortable. In such a dress, you do not need to be ashamed of your imaginary enemies – a wide waist, thick knees and unshaven legs.

In the summer months, a long dress with bare shoulders will be a salvation for pregnant ladies. Firstly, the loose fit allows you to emphasize the round tummy and full breasts. Not all future mothers emphasize their interesting position in clothes, and exposing a growing belly, according to some people, is considered a sign of bad taste and a way to bring on the evil eye or damage. Therefore, the most superstitious girls, who avoid fitted styles during the waiting period, prefer open shoulders, heel-length, free cut and an abundance of flounces.

The desire to hide the tummy does not carry any additional restrictions when choosing colors and accessories. Here fantasy and personal preferences come to the fore: cotton or knitwear, blue or light blue, striped or polka dot, with cups for the chest or just with supporting straps.

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Dress-peasant in the style of “A la Rus”

In the wake of various trainings and courses to gain femininity and attractiveness, outfits in the style of noble ladies of the nobility and simple peasant motifs “A la Rus” returned to fashion. If the former assume a complex cut of expensive dense fabrics with a closed neck and shoulders, then the latter are light airy outfits that are affordable both in price and in the choice of style for almost every woman. Over the past year, “Russian style” has taken a leading place at social events. No one else needs to be convinced that Russian silhouettes are feminine and romantic. Therefore, this season, along with floor-length open dresses, the “peasant dress” style has taken the leading position in sales and self-tailoring.

This style has distinctive details that remain unchanged: an open neck, shoulders and chest, an accentuated waist and a fluffy sun skirt. Dresses in this style are sewn mainly from simple fabrics, such as cotton or dense viscose. The color scheme is more often monochromatic, less often – ethnic Slavic motifs are used, for example, a bright floral print. The main emphasis in the “lady-peasant woman” style is on the waist, which is distinguished by a belt, drawstring or belt. To dilute the image and add a bit of modernity to it, you can choose a belt from the collection of the current year.

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Evening dress with bare shoulders

For an evening out dress with bare shoulders is perfect. You just need to choose the appropriate style for a particular event. For example, it can be a classic black cocktail sheath dress just below the knees, or an elegant red floor-length dress made of flowing silk fabric that completely covers the chest, but exposes the shoulders and back. This season, models with a corset base and a fluffy mid-length skirt with falling shoulders are very popular. Following fashion protocol, off-the-shoulder evening gowns are worn without a bra. It should fit well on the figure, be not too tight and defiantly short. In other words, the evening dress is designed to add elegance to the female image, so that even in a bar with friends she imagines herself to be the queen of the podium.

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Off-the-shoulder white wedding dress

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are an absolute classic of the genre. The most popular models of recent years are the mermaid silhouette, sheath (to the knee), and, of course, the princess dress with a flounced skirt, which is available in any bridal salon in different variations and all kinds of colors.

Historically, marriage is a stage of transition, a change from one social role to another. A kind of farewell to girlish carelessness, teenage pigtails and open dresses. After the wedding, at all times, women preferred floor-length dresses with a closed neck in moderate colors. Therefore, the wedding ceremony is an excellent occasion to sparkle with graceful fragile shoulders to this day.

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Ideas for obese women

It is believed that dresses with bare shoulders look elegant only on fragile girls with an hourglass figure and protruding collarbones, because it makes the upper part of the silhouette visually wider. But it is not. Only massive shoulders that draw all attention to themselves can serve as a stop signal.
On the owners of appetizing forms, the models of the V-shaped version look most seductive. It is better to choose the size of the neckline in moderation so that the neckline is not flashy and does not distract from the image as a whole.

A supporting bra is a must, otherwise even the most chic outfit made of quality material will look ridiculous. A good solution would be a dress with a high waist, which will cover the stomach and other figure flaws.

Another image in which a full lady will look luxurious and bold is an elongated…

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