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One-piece and separate swimwear for pregnant women

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A classic beach holiday helps to recharge your batteries for a long time. Here you can relax and forget about daily worries for a while on the eve of such an important event as the birth of a baby. In addition, it allows you to escape from constant worries and thoughts: “Soon I will be a mother!”

Expecting a child is the most wonderful time, but also a serious test. Before giving birth, girls do not give up an active lifestyle, so the wardrobe must meet all desires. A maternity swimsuit for the pool, aqua aerobics or the beach in this case is also important for every woman, because even during this period you want to look beautiful and attractive. You should choose such styles that will emphasize changes in the body and allow you to look stylish and beautiful.

Beautiful models of swimwear for pregnant women

First of all, a special pattern is used for such swimsuits, which takes into account the growing belly. As a rule, the stock of the abdomen is provided with the help of special darts on the sides and a detachable yoke under the bust. There are also swimsuits that have a special lacing designed for the growth of the abdomen.
Soft underwires in the bra or elastic plate support the bust. Special inserts are placed inside the cups to make the breast look more beautiful. Moreover, the straps should be well regulated. Pregnant women in swimsuits with the right cut will look beautiful and neat.

Swimsuits are one-piece (with a margin on the stomach – closed, piecework) or separate (you can buy simple panties for them after pregnancy and continue to wear them while breastfeeding). You can also purchase a separate swimsuit with a tunic. It is perfect for those expectant mothers who do not want to draw attention to themselves. There are also swimsuits designed for use while breastfeeding. Their bra has a special structure.

Today, manufacturers offer their customers these garments in different colors, with a deep neckline, bikinis, with lace-up shorts for adjusting the allowance for the abdomen, as well as sports models.

How to choose a comfortable and beautiful model for ladies with a rounded tummy

For a short time, when the belly is still completely invisible or it is small, you can buy a regular swimsuit of good quality. The fabric should not dry for a long time, so microfiber is an excellent material for this purpose, so that there is no hypothermia and a cold in the end. But with a big belly, the choice of a swimsuit should be done carefully.

At this time, women need special comfort that no ordinary swimsuit can give. For example, the cups of a swimsuit for pregnant women should have soft bones or an elastic plate. Straps should be wider than usual, soft and adjustable. All this gives the breast a special comfort, as it becomes very sensitive during pregnancy.

If the swimsuit has a one-piece cut, then side recesses or a detachable yoke under the bust should be placed in it. If you are into swimming or water gymnastics, then this model is best suited.

For relaxing on the beach, you can also purchase a separate bikini, which has special panties that support the stomach, but do not put pressure on it. The set of such swimsuits often includes ordinary panties so that they can be worn after childbirth and the swimsuit does not have to be thrown away. There are also models where the top is a tunic or T-shirt so that the stomach is completely covered. If you want to sunbathe, then it is better to do it in an open swimsuit. Reviews showed that then the tan would look more beautiful.

When choosing a new swimsuit, special attention should be paid to the quality of the fabric and seams, do not be afraid to ask to try it on. You can also wear panties over your underwear. Try to advance and understand if you are comfortable and if the movements are constrained. There should not be pressure or rubbing anywhere.
You can buy a swimsuit in a specialized store for pregnant women. The choice there is very large – styles of different colors. You only need to choose the model you like.

One-piece swimsuit for expectant mothers

This is a regular swimsuit that completely covers the front of the body, but it has a special cut, which we talked about above. It is recommended to buy just such, as it supports the chest and abdomen, but at the same time does not squeeze them, as it would be with a simple one. Swimsuit for pregnant women Sportmaster accommodates a belly of any size due to recesses on the sides. The straps are not fixed, but are adjustable, so they can be easily adjusted to fit the chest.

It is worth taking a closer look at the fabric – on the stomach it should stretch and easily return to its reverse shape. This swimsuit will grow as the belly grows. By the way, the muscles of the latter will not stretch so much. When you feel the support of the swimsuit all over your body, you will not want to take it off.

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Beautiful and fashionable two-piece swimwear

As for separate swimsuits, they are divided into two types – tankini and bikini. The former combines panties and a tank top, while the bikini is a regular set of panties.

The only difference between the latter and a simple swimsuit is that the panties have a special cut. They follow the curves of the stomach exactly, have a low fit in the front, but they cover everything perfectly in the back.

The tankini has the material of an ordinary swimsuit, but the tailoring is made taking into account the roundness of the abdomen. The straps are also adjustable, but you can wear them as you like – crosswise, tied around the neck or worn on the shoulders.
You can choose a tight top or tankini with a loose bottom type so you don’t have to buy a new one in the future. It is better to give preference to such tops that are tied on the side so that they can be tightened or relaxed.

When choosing a bra, remember that it must hold the chest, otherwise ugly stretch marks may appear later.

If you go to the beach, it is better to wear a do-it-yourself crocheted dress or a knitted top with a skirt over your swimsuit. Beachwear should have UV protection and at the same time it should not be too hot. You can sew a striped pareo, for example, or use capes.

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