Fashionable dark orange pedicure with sparkles and kamifubuki

Orange pedicure 2022: options for trend ideas, features, tips, photos

An orange palette is the best choice for creating a bright, memorable look. With the help of modern varnishes and accessories, fashionable nail design techniques, you can achieve incredible results. However, do not think that such varnishes are suitable only for discos or beach holidays.

Fashionable dark orange pedicure with sparkles and kamifubuki

Yes, orange, acid shades are relevant for young girls and active, self-confident lovers of outrageous images. But soft pastel, muted or deep, noble-saturated tones give the female appearance airiness, elegance and aristocracy.

Catchy carrot pedicure with gold

You just need to choose the right color shades, combinations with other colors and decorative elements. How to do it? Our experts will tell.

Delicate white-peach pedicure with rhinestones

Original blue-orange painted pedicure

Features of orange pedicure

Tangerine, soft peach tones are filled with positive energy. They are associated with children’s New Year’s parties, the rays of the setting sun, delicious fruit juices. The orange palette generously shares warmth, gives physical strength and gives a positive attitude.

Elegant light orange pedicure with acrylic sand

It perfectly relieves stressful conditions, extinguishes irritation, and helps to see the solution to problems and improve oneself, develop. Not surprisingly, bright orange tones are so loved by self-confident, purposeful people. But the orange palette will also help timid girls to gain strength for new deeds and achievements.

Beautiful summer pedicure with flowers

To create an unforgettable masterpiece on your toes, you should familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends in the field of pedicure.

  • The trend is both monophonic options with different types of tops and coatings, as well as multi-color ones, using completely unexpected colors.
  • For summer images, it is recommended to pay attention to the magnificent ombre overflows, as well as all types of painting and ready-made pictures – comic, atmospheric, gently romantic, catchy.
  • Matting coatings, sprinkling with velvet sand are still in vogue. They are perfectly combined with patterns, magnetic varnishes and foils.
Laconic light orange pedicure with stripes

In order not to overdo it, decorative elements, painting are applied only to the nails of the big toes. The rest of the fingers are made plain or colored, of your choice.

What colors are better to combine orange varnishes in a pedicure in 2022

Monochromatic coatings are often diversified with other colors. Although orange itself is an accent, it is quite “friendly” to most popular shades.

Beautiful autumn pedicure with leaves

It can be combined with:

  • neutral white, black, gray and beige;
  • pale pink and reddish peach, coral;
  • silver and gold sparkles, foil;
  • warm chocolate, juicy greens;
  • blue and blue, yellow.
Stylish pedicure in orange and pink tones

When mixing different colors, you need to remember a simple rule: the shades must match in terms of brightness. The exceptions are neutral colors and negative space.

Elegant white and orange pedicure with stripes

Original pedicure

Summer yellow-orange pedicure with rhinestones

Fashionable summer pedicure with heart and ombre

Fashion Designs and Photo Ideas 2022 for Orange Pedicure

Leading nail designers offer a lot of ideas for any occasion. We list the most popular techniques in combination this season.

Beautiful spring-summer pedicure with gold and rhinestones

Laconic light orange pedicure for every day

Bright orange pedicure with glitter decor

Multicolored orange ombre pedicure

With orange paints, it is proposed to mix cream, black, burgundy and brown tones, lilac and bluish shades. Combinations with green, yellow and red look interesting.

Beautiful autumn-winter pedicure in orange-brown tones

Ombre pedicure for every day

Thematic drawings on an orange pedicure, relevant for 2022

Here the choice is limited only by the imagination of the designer and practical necessity. Used as hand-painted, and various stickers, stamping.

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Greece, the pedicure procedure necessarily included therapy with natural essential oils. In addition, the feet were completely stained with organic dyes.

Beautiful pedicure with butterflies and sparkles

Bright orange sunflower pedicure

Dark Orange Holiday Patterned Pedicure

Summer floral pedicure

Juicy summer pedicure with orange

Fashionable white and orange painted pedicure

Exquisite abstract pedicure

Geometric shapes, dots and lines in orange pedicure 2022

Geometry is a recognized favorite of recent years. Depending on the choice of decor, it can be laconic-casual or festive-brilliant.

Stylish restrained orange pedicure with geometry

Luxurious geometric pedicure

Fashionable white and orange pedicure with geometry

Decorating an orange pedicure with rubs

Pigments are a quick and easy way to turn a solid color into a delightful holiday pedicure.

Red-orange pedicure with rubbing

Fashionable autumn pedicure with rhinestones

Shiny decorations for orange pedicure – luxury trend 2022

And, of course, one cannot ignore a variety of crystals, kamifubuki, broths. Even a small amount of rhinestones gives the pedicure a special, bewitching look.

Bright summer pedicure with foil and painting

Beautiful orange and white pedicure with inlay

Festive pedicure with gold sequins

Matting coatings of orange pedicure

Matte tops, shiny acrylic sand steadfastly hold positions in the popularity rating. Velvety textures look elegant and appropriate in any situation.

Carrot pedicure with matte top and rhinestones

Neon orange matte nail hole glitter pedicure

Pedicure in orange tones gives warmth and high spirits. Even in closed shoes, beautiful ladies continue to feel the bright, benevolent energy of this amazing color. Well, in the summer season you can show off from the heart with an unusual, attractive pedicure in open shoes or sandals, barefoot on the beach.

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