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Our celebrities who became TV presenters

Our young celebrities who tried themselves as hosts and did it

Many girls dream of being a TV presenter. And if before, in order to get on television, you had to be a professional in this matter: graduate from a university, come to practice and prove yourself. Today it is enough to be a famous person.

The times when exclusively professional presenters became the hosts of TV shows, festive concerts and shows have passed. Today, any famous person can be called to this role. Someone does not cope with the task and does not appear in the frame anymore, while others get used to the role so masterfully that they become an integral part of domestic TV and even change their profession.

We decided to tell about the most successful examples among our celebrities.

Laysan Utyasheva

Laysan Utyasheva

The famous gymnast, speaking at competitions, hardly thought that after completing her sports career she would become a popular TV presenter. But by chance, she ended up on the show “Dancing” and fell in love with the audience from the first minute.

Laysan has been called the most open presenter more than once. It was to her that many participants in the show trusted their innermost secrets and experiences.

Julia Baranovskaya

Baranovskaya photo

Yulia Baranovskaya is a vivid example of a strong and purposeful woman.

Once she was the wife of a famous football player, whom they spoke about only in such a context. Today Julia is a secular lady and an experienced TV presenter. She worked long and hard to earn her image and reputation as a professional.

Nastya Ivleeva


Popular blogger Nastya Ivleeva once filled out an application to participate in the Eagle and Tails travel show and was invited to shoot. Having traveled half the world with her travel partner, Nastya decided to organize her own show and even got Tefi for it. The award was given to her as the best host of a prime-time entertainment show in 2019.

Olga Buzova


The girl from “Dom-2” once could not even dream of what she has now. Olga is a true example of hard work. Being the host of a reality show, Olga did not immediately cope with the task. There was a lot of criticism and hurtful words. But, she did not stop, but continued to develop in order to stay on television and become a really good TV presenter. And then the singer, although that’s another story …

Alena Vodonaeva


Alena Vodonaeva, even on the television project Dom-2, realized that she wanted to become a TV presenter. Immediately after leaving the show, she got on television and managed to prove herself well.

At various times, Vodonaeva was the host of such shows as: the Internet reality reality “Reality Girl”, “Naked Ten” on REN TV, “Vacation in Mexico”, “Order Table” on RU TV, etc.

Catherine Barnabas

Barnabas and Khrustalev

Ekaterina Varnava has been on television for a long time, but she has recently become the host of a separate show “Secret”. Prior to that, she performed as part of a humorous women’s program, often hosted various music awards.

Marina Kravets

Marina Kravets

The only girl who is a resident of the popular Comedy Club show tried herself in a new role a few years ago. She became the host of several programs at once: “Big Breakfast” on TNT, “League of Amazing People” on the Russia channel. And it was Marina who was the host of the romantic reality show, whose heroes were Olga Buzova and Timur Batrudinov.

Anastasia Reshetova


And finally, about a girl who has not yet managed to prove herself as a TV presenter, but has already received this status. Nastya Reshetova will become the new host of the fashion show “You are a top model.”

How do you think it will work?

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