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Our celebrities who have chosen an unusual sport

Our celebrities who inspire unusual sports

Many people refuse sports or cannot make friends with them in any way because they perceive them as something difficult and obligatory. But it’s enough to find something to your liking in order to look great and feel great.

In addition to the standard training in the gym, which oppresses many, there are other options that allow you to keep yourself in good shape. We talk about the hobbies of our celebrities, who chose something more interesting instead of a barbell with dumbbells. And now they not only look amazing, but also motivate others to take care of themselves.

Valeria practices fitness at home

Valeria in a swimsuit
Valeria in a swimsuit photo

Singer Valeria recently became a grandmother. But if you don’t know this fact of the star’s biography and see her somewhere with her granddaughter in her arms, it’s quite possible to decide that she is a young mother, because Valeria looks amazing.

Every day, fans ask the singer how she manages to look so amazing and what she does for this. The answer is extremely simple: “Valeria practices fitness at home and eats healthy.”

Our celebrities who inspire unusual sports

The celebrity admits that she does not have time to visit the gym regularly. And in order not to miss training, she acquired the necessary equipment and trains at home. For this, as the star assures, you don’t need a lot of money, because you need a rug, dumbbells, elastic bands, a hoop. And everything takes up to 30 minutes.

As a result, the mood is excellent, travel time to the fitness center and back is saved, and the body says thank you every day, because elasticity is health.

Timati is seriously surfing

Timati in the Maldives photoDelete post image

Who would have thought 5-6 years ago that Timur Yunusov would be seriously interested in such a complex and unusual sport for our country as surfing. After all, he was a frequenter of clubs and parties, and spent his free time in the gym, pulling dumbbells.

In the beginning, according to the artist, it all looked more like child’s play. Then the excitement and desire to conquer the big wave grew. So a hobby appeared, which was later adopted by both the daughter and the ex-wife Nastya Reshetova.

Timati with daughter

Today, Timati not only rides himself, but also tries to attract friends to the sport. The rapper organizes real surf tours to the Maldives. A really large company of fans of this active sport is gathering. Young boys and girls break through the waves, share exciting videos and photos on social networks, increasing interest in water sports in our country.

Larisa Verbitskaya – Nordic walking

Larisa Verbitskaya Nordic walking
Larisa Verbitskaya Nordic walking photo

One of the most unusual and interesting hobbies is practiced by Larisa Verbitskaya. The TV presenter has been Nordic walking for many years. In one of the old interviews, she spoke from the origins of her hobby. It turns out that she took up Nordic walking to support her mother, who was recommended this sport by experts.

Later, the TV presenter was so carried away by Nordic walking that she began not only to tell subscribers about it, but also to conduct real master classes, sharing the intricacies and nuances of this sport.

Nastya Kamensky – morning jogging

Nastya Kamensky run
Nastya Kamensky with a dog

Some time ago, few people associated Nastya Kamensky with sports, because the girl looked rather dense. But this is all because of laziness, as Kamensky assures.

At some point, she realized that she wanted to change and began to do this from her own daily routine. For several years now, she gets up at 6 in the morning and goes for a run, regardless of the season, city or country where she is.

Kamenskikh says that starting the day as early as possible and with sports is really a great solution, because it gives a charge of positive, a feeling of lightness and freedom. A beautiful figure reflected in the mirror is a great bonus.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova practices yoga with her husband

Natalya Ionova yoga
Natalya Ionova yoga on the sea

Singer Glucose gave birth to two daughters, but looks like she herself is no more than 25 years old. Yoga is to blame, as the singer assures.

Natalya preferred yoga to boring workouts in the gym, and not ordinary, but steam room. A celebrity practices complex asanas in tandem with her husband. They masterfully perform the most difficult lifts and do not forget about yoga even while on vacation.

Natalya Ionova yoga with her husband

Today, having a beautiful body is simply necessary for both women and men. Excuses in the form of bad heredity, children, lack of free time do not work for a long time.

Sport has long ceased to be associated exclusively with the profession. Physical activity should be present in the life of every person, because it is not only a beautiful body, but also health, which we all need so much.

Take care of yourself and enjoy sports!

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