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Our famous men who dress strangely

Our famous men whose style is not popular

In our country, there are many fashionistas among famous men. Some prefer the classics and are always dressed with a needle, others sometimes experiment with images, and still others dress unusually for the majority. We decided to discuss the outfits of those who really stand out, however, for some reason others are not inspired.

The style of our celebrities can be conditionally divided into three categories: classic or close to it, rap artists and outrageous images.

The first option is most common, as well-known men prefer to be dressed attractively and elegantly. In most cases, they prefer classic and casual looks. Rap artists, as befits artists of this genre, prefer large shiny jewelry, black and white things and oversized style.

But the most interesting ones are those that are not massive, but demonstrate their own vision of fashion. There are few artists who look different than everyone else. Let’s talk about them.

Philip Kirkorov

Kirkorov with LV
Kirkorov in a flamingo shirt

Philip Bedrosovich is a noble fashionista, and the style of the artist changes quite often. Now he is in feathers, then in rhinestones, and lately he prefers outfits with toys.

Kirkorov in a blue suit
Kirkorov in a fashionable image photo

Fans are delighted with how the idol looks, but they are in no hurry to imitate him. Nobody buys things with sewn on teddy bears, flamingos and pandas.

Alexander Rogov

Alexander Rogov in a hat
Alexander Rogov in pants with flowers

The well-known Russian stylist and creator of the ROGOV clothing brand, Alexander Rogov, knows exactly what is in trend and what is hopelessly outdated. True, Alexander himself looks quite outrageous.

Rogov in a red jacket
Horns in a strange way photo

Many fans, far from the world of fashion, leave not the most flattering comments to the fashion connoisseur under the next demonstration of the bow. Indeed, the images of Rogov are not clear to the average man. Even popular artists rarely decide on such experiments, choosing classic outfits. And Rogov continues to wear shorts with jackets, a straw hat with a women’s bag, and sneakers with pajama pants. It looks fresh and bright, but there are few imitators of this style on the streets of the capital.

Alexander Gudkov

Gudkov in Gucci
Gudkov in a Gucci vest

Russian TV presenter, showman, screenwriter and actor – Alexander Gudkov is a favorite of women. Many note his openness and sincerity, admire his works and ideas, even praise his images, but for some reason they are not inspired by them.

Gudkov in a suit with a floral print
Gudkov photo in full growth

It is simply impossible to meet a second Gudkov in Russian show business or on the streets of the city. The artist dresses brightly and shockingly, prefers brands and looks like models during shows. But others are not inspired by their example to wear stylish tank tops or huge Bermuda shorts. Apparently, we are just not ready for such outfits yet.

Max Barskikh

Max Barskikh in a leather suit
Max Barskikh in leather pants

Max Barskikh is not only a singer, composer, songwriter, but a stylish man. The images of the artist are distinguished by a daring mood, extravagance, and brightness. He skillfully combines several animal prints in one outfit, while other famous men of our show business do not recognize anything but black.

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