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Our famous men who often change their hairstyle

Our famous men who often change their hairstyle

Many men are conservative when it comes to hair. Representatives of the stronger sex can change their haircut or, moreover, hair color for the sake of a desired role in a movie or if necessary. For example, baldness is one of the reasons why celebrities abandon their usual hairstyles and switch to sports options like boxing, half-boxing, hedgehog. (Read more: Examples of men’s sports hairstyles)

But not everyone is so boring, there are lovers of experiments in our show business and cinema, although there are not many of them. We tell you who recently most often subjected their own hair to experiments and changed almost beyond recognition.

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The king of Russian pop music has long proved that being in one image is boring and unfashionable. Philip Bedrosovich changes for the sake of clips, red carpets, participation in shows and even holidays. Over the past year, the maestro has changed a lot of images, we are talking about the most memorable ones.

Kirkorov brunette photo 2020
Kirkorov with pigtails

Gorgeous brunette with a caret at the beginning of the year. Then youth pigtails for the video for the song “Rolex”, with which Philip did not part for a long time.

During the holidays, the gray hair had grown noticeably, but this did not bother the king at all. He mastered a thousand and one headdresses to hide it.

Kirkorov on vacation
Kirkorov became blond

After braids, Philip Bedrosovich decided to give up coloring and become a natural blond, which greatly surprised his colleagues on the Mask show. Now fans are wondering how long the star will remain in the form of a gray-haired man.


Now the former young man of Olga Buzova is a noble fashionista. David Manukyan not only dresses stylishly and modernly, but also often visits the stylist.

Dava with dreadlocks
Dava blond

The blogger for two years of relationship with Buzova changed her hair on a par with the star chosen one. At the beginning, he had dreadlocks. Then the blogger decided to part with the pigtails, leaving bleached strands.

During quarantine, Dava got into a dispute with bloggers, and one of the tasks was a haircut. I must admit: a person of athletic build should not be afraid of short haircuts – it always looks brutal.

Dava bald
Dava brunet

After the hair grew back, Manukyan chose one of the most relevant haircuts in barbershops – fade.

Egor Creed

The former artist of the Black Star label at the beginning of his career was remembered by everyone as a cute boy with blond hair. But every year, not only the lyrics of the artist’s songs, but also his appearance became more daring.

Creed with a broken finger
creed blond photo

In the beginning, he got rid of the length at the temples. Then I decided to stop at the semi-box option. After that, he lightened the bangs, becoming a real blond.

Creed did not come up with anything better than getting rid of the blonde with a typewriter.

Creed with a short haircut
Creed with curls

After the curls of the industry, the singer returned to the usual fade and went with him for quite some time. But in the spring of 2020, I decided to try something new and curled my curls. Now the artist has wavy bangs, a shaved parting and very short temples. It looks youthful, especially in combination with a manicure.


Timur Yunusov is a noble fashionista, otherwise his clothing collections would not be so popular. The artist also owns a chain of barbershops, where he visits regularly to keep his own hair in perfect order.

Timati with a chic hairstyle
Timati bald

Over the past year, Timati has had three moods – the perfect fade, bald head and curls on top. It seems that the musician liked the last option the most, because he has not parted with him for more than six months.

Timati with curls
Timati with a friend

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan can rightly be considered the main experimenter of Russian show business. It seems that the singer decided to surpass Philip Bedrosovich himself, because his images are more and more extravagant each time.

Over the past six months, Bilan managed to dye his hair red, crimson, blue, blond. Then he cut everything off, and now he is in a natural appearance with natural gray hair.

Dima Bilan with red hair photo
Dima Bilan with red hair and glasses photo
Bilan with blue hair
Bilan with short hair

Do you think it’s worth it for men to experiment with their own appearance so often, or is it better to leave visiting salons to your soul mates?

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