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Our young artists who specifically try to look outside the box

Our young artists who specifically try to look outside the box

A few years ago, our stage was filled with the same faces and images.

It was difficult to understand: who was standing on the stage, because the image of long-legged beauties with plump lips and voluminous hair flashed everywhere. Star men also at some point became too similar: neat fade haircut with perfect stubble or a bald head and a huge beard. The outfits weren’t creative either. As a result, young artists who were striving to win over the audience merged with those who had already fallen in love with the audience and could not compete with them.

Ivleeva and Niletto

But several years passed and the youth understood what was happening. Today, it is the young artists who set the trends, and the “oldies” try to keep up with them, experimenting, and sometimes shocking the public with new images.

We tell which of the young artists is the most daring and sets the fashion that the rest only pick up.


What does the singer Niletto look like photo

The guy who did not even manage to get into the team of one of the mentors on the show “Songs” on TNT, very quickly declared himself and became one of the favorites not only among young people, but also among adult women.

A nice and well-mannered guy Danil Prytkov from Yekaterinburg today sets trends not only in music, but also in fashion. Niletto dresses unusuallychooses unconventional hairstyles, and now wears braces, when most artists have always taken a shortcut to a perfect smile: veneers.

The style of the singer Niletto consists mainly of sports items. He prefers oversized clothes in bright colors. The main feature of the artist is different sneakers, a huge “snowflake” tattoo on his neck and a hairstyle with an emphasis on bangs.

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Morgenstern face tattoo photo

Perhaps the most controversial character in Russian show business today is Alisher Tagirovich Morgenstern.

Morgenstern photo in suit

The author of the hit Cadillac, unlike Niletto, chooses not only sportswear, but also classic ones. Alisher can often be seen in a suit, though the lack of a shirt will be the highlight. To stand out even more, the artist got tattoos on his face, paints his nails, curls his hair and brought into fashion such a hairstyle as curly fade, which Timati and Yegor Creed are now choosing. By the way, they were not included among the young and progressive, since the guys have long ceased to be pioneers. They are now among those catching up and imitating.

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Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva

If you include the first series of “Eagle and Tails”, in the filming of which Nastya Ivleeva took part, it may seem that the girl there looked much nicer and more attractive. There were no strange long nails, bleached hair, makeup that resembles Halloween makeup. But in terms of hype and attracting attention, the blogger is now doing everything right.

Ivleeva and Klava Koka

Ivleeva is not to be confused with anyone. Her images border on the weird and trendy. She follows the latest, gives preference to global brands in clothing. Yes, she is often compared to the British singer Dua Lipa, but this is not the same as copying one of ours.

Klava Koka

Klava Koka in a yellow coat photo

Another bright girl on our stage is a singer Klava Koka. When they didn’t take her to Golos, the narrator, she doesn’t stand out in any way, and today every Russian artist wants to sing a duet with her.

Klava Koka and Niletto

Klava noticeably worked on her image. She abandoned the image of a cute and natural girl, choosing a hype and trendy style. The singer often experiments with the shade of her hair, prefers bright colors in clothes and is not afraid to combine prints with each other. By the way, about how to do it right, they told in detail IN THIS ARTICLE.

Danya Milokhin

Danya Milokhin bald photo

Tiktoker Danya Milokhin recently bought a car for 10 million rubles. Not a bad achievement for someone who grew up in an orphanage and two years ago was a simple unknown guy, right?

Danya Milokhin with a pink pony

Danya quickly realized that popularity needed to be fueled with something other than his own talent and creative thinking, so he began to please fans with experiments with appearance. At the beginning there was black paint, then he said goodbye to part of the hair, choosing a stylish undercut haircut, and later shaved baldly. He also paints his nails and eyes. Here’s a men’s fashion…

Christine Asmus

Christine Asmus

The former wife of the resident of the Comedy Club, Christina Asmus, overnight became “very fashionable”, but before her images looked very mediocre and boring.

In the beginning, she decided on a radical change of hairstyle, then she discovered bright eye makeup, and now she sets trends in clothes, trying on not the most advertised images, but those that cause mixed feelings. Apparently, someone suggested to the artist that today the trend is eccentricity, not sophistication.


Today, to stand out you need to be unusual. The fashion for ideal people, as from the cover of a glossy magazine, is gradually disappearing. And the publications themselves have ceased to give preference to staged shots. They increasingly choose unusual angles, refuse makeup for heroes. Uniqueness is valued more and more.

If you have ideas that will help you stand out, apply them before someone more daring, younger and more daring implements them first.

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